Online Video Poker Games Canada 2019

People who like to play poker often depend on the availability of others. Poker is usually played at home or for fun at an association. Do you want to play online poker to earn money and not be dependent on other players? Then playing video poker is a good alternative. If you are going to play Online Video poker you must know that you are dealing with a slot machine. Video poker is played with the well-known poker rules, but without you playing against others. You play against the slot machine to win. An advantage of video poker is that you can not only play against the slot machine with one “poker hand”. Would you like to gamble online with multiple hands? Then there are also different types of video poker that you can choose from. So there are even species where you can use up to 100 hands at the same time to go for the profit. How this is possible and what you can count on in terms of rules? We will explain it all to you on this page!

Reliability online video poker

As with many other casino games, you can always play reliable online video poker. The reliability naturally starts at the casino you choose. After all, if a casino has received a license, you can legally gamble for winning prizes. This way you know that you end up in a fair gaming environment and that you are not cheated with your chances of winning. On these chances of winning, the following is mentioned. All video poker types are played against the software. This means that results will be entirely software-based. Forming the results is done by a Random Number Generator. As a result, casinos do not have the power to predetermine results. A reliable gaming environment with fair opportunities for profit is guaranteed in this way.

What types of video poker are there?

When you play video poker at an online casino you can find these kinds of games in your own category. An advantage of online gambling is that you can place your bets on all kinds of video poker. Since there are too many to explain in isolation, we have placed a selection of popular video poker variants below. All equally interesting to play and of course also with the necessary chances of winning.

  • 10’s or Better
  • Kings or Better
  • Joker Wild
  • Double Bonus
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Wild
  • Jackpot Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • All American

Poker History explained

As soon as you start playing on an online casino game, it is of course also nice to know more about its origin. Video poker was conceived at the beginning of the 70s in America. The exact founder is never outdated, but it is known that everything started with a physical slot machine in the arcades. In doing so, literally, cards folded around an axis to indicate whether you had won a winning or not winning hand. Physically, the game was very popular and later on it was also transferred to the online casino. Difference is of course that you can now play online and mobile video poker without restrictions. Furthermore, higher bets are possible, which also benefits the tension today. To popularity, video poker has lost nothing over the years. Players see it as an ideal way to play poker!

Game settings

Also in All American video poker there are a number of game settings that you can adjust yourself. Use the icons on the bottom left of your screen. You can set the following:

  • Sound effects
  • Fast Play
  • Game History (only available if you play for real money)
  • Always play ‘Gamble’
  • Never play ‘Gamble’

Place bets

Before you can gain winnings at a video poker machine you obviously have to place a bet. The bets that can be placed are very wide in terms of limits. This ensures that you can play video poker with a low bet and that you can also play video poker online with a high bet. Depending on the slot machine you choose, you will usually be able to compete for prizes from as little as 0.10 dollar cents per round. Do you prefer to play with a lot of money in order to be able to achieve big profits in one go? Know that also placing high stakes is a piece of cake. This depends on the settings you make with video poker and with how many hands you play. In any case, the maximum bets are quickly on dozens to several hundred dollars.

Rules of video poker

Despite the fact that different types of video poker are available, the basis of the game is often the same. First you determine before a round starts with which bet you want to gamble. This according to the betting limits as we have explained above. As soon as a bet has been placed you can have the cards shared. You will then receive 5 cards for a hand. Your goal is to form the best possible hand with this. You can choose to keep all cards by clicking on them, but you do not have to. When playing video poker, it is possible to exchange cards that you do not select once. As soon as any cards have been changed, your hand will be final. You will then check whether your hand matches a winning hand from the prize table. The prices stated therein will then be paid out. Do you play with multiple hands at the same time? In addition, keep in mind that the secured cards also count for all those hands. Since several additional cards can be shared, your chances of gaining a profit naturally vary.

All American video poker is played with the following poker hands;

  • Royal Straight Flush; A, K, Q, B and the joker
  • Straight Flush; 5 consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Four of a kind; 4 cards with the same value
  • Full House; 3 cards with the same value and two cards with the same value but different from the first
  • Flush; 5 cards of the same suit
  • Street; 5 consecutive cards of different types
  • Three of a kind: three cards with the same value and two other cards of different value
  • Two pairs; 2 x a pair of cards
  • Farmers or higher; a few farmers, Ladies, Gentlemen or Aces.

Poker hands at video poker

The players among us who have played poker before are obviously familiar with the hands. It is important that you know in advance which hands can be achieved when playing video poker. The higher the formed hand with cards, the higher the prize money will be. Below you can see which hands give a price from high to low.

  • Royal Flush
  • Ace, King Woman, Jack and 10 of a like species
  • Straight Flush
  • Five cards of the same suit in order
  • Four of a kind
  • Four cards that have the same value
  • Full House
  • Three cards of equal value + 2 cards of equal value
  • Flush
  • Five cards of the same card type
  • Straight
  • Five cards of a consecutive value
  • Three of a kind
  • Three cards of the same value
  • Two Pair
  • Two cards of equal value + two more cards of equal value
  • One Pair
  • Two cards of equal value

Play free video poker

Never played at a casino poker before or not yet familiar with playing video poker? That is not a problem at all! At the online casino free video poker is also a possibility. How to play free video poker? To begin with, you will first have to choose a casino where you would like to place a bet. Once you have chosen a casino you will not be obliged to log in. After all, without your own account you can still gain anonymous access to the game offer. Within the game you can then click on a video poker type you want to practice, after which you can immediately play a free demo. With the free credit you can use at a casino you will not suffer any loss. Furthermore, it is also advantageous that this is available indefinitely. Practice is therefore possible as long as you deem it necessary. For those who have never played at an online casino before, free play is highly recommended. After all, you can not only get to know the video poker types. Playing further within a casino’s gaming platform to get to know this is also possible. Once you know what a casino has to offer you can always switch to your own account.

Play with money

Before it is possible to play with money at a casino you will have to register yourself. This is possible if you are at least 18 years of age or older. You can create an account via the registration form. You will then receive a confirmation in your mailbox, after which you can log in to start gambling for money. With your own money gambling is of course only possible once you have added a balance. Adding money to an account is safe and with various payment options. So you can easily deposit money with Skrill, Mastercard, VISA, PaySafeCard and Neteller. Electronic deposits are immediately processed in your casino account. Money is therefore immediately available. Play video poker for money? That is possible within just a few clicks! If you are going to gamble with real money, you obviously have to take into account the betting limits that apply to a slot machine. Moreover, after winning money you can also have your video poker winnings paid out at a casino. For most casinos, payouts are possible from € 10. Profits can be turned over to a bank account, credit card account or e-wallet. Depending on the bank, a payment always takes about 3 to 5 business days. Do you let your profits be transferred to Neteller or Skrill? Then money is immediately available in your e-wallet account at the time of transfer.

Payout schedule

At American Poker, it’s all about the poker hands. The pay-out schedule for each poker hand is therefore also shown directly in your screen. The highest possible is the Royal Straight Flush and this can also multiply your winnings to 4000 coins when you play at the highest level.

Use bonuses for video poker

Since we also like to gamble with casino bonuses, we do not want to forget them. For the new players among us it is nice to know that money from the welcome bonus can also be used in video poker. Are you registering as a new player at an online casino and do you receive bonus money on your first deposit? Then the poker hands can bring you a profit there. Another possibility is to win with a deposit bonus. This applies to players who gamble more often at a casino. You will receive extra play money with a deposit, with which you can also play freely on online video poker. Is there a cashback bonus or is money given as a VIP bonus? Even then you can benefit from that while playing the slot machines. You have no shortage of opportunities to win with the bonuses.

Play mobile video poker

It was then not possible right from the beginning but nowadays! We are talking about mobile video poker here. If you would like to play mobile video poker at a casino, you have to use a smartphone or tablet. Logically, this must be connected to the internet, because otherwise you can not access the website of a casino. If you want to play mobile at a casino video poker, you should know that this is possible via the browser. So you do not have to download an app first, but you can also gamble from your smartphone or tablet directly on the full screen. Free video poker can play mobile without the use of an account. Just like online you can practice before you play with money. Do you want to gamble with real money to win? Then logically you can use the same account as online! The accessibility of playing video poker is in our opinion for all players also mobile very good. Have not played before? Be sure to sign up at an online casino, because there are also plenty of opportunities for you to win!


Poker is a fun and exciting game that everyone knows and with the advent of online gaming, the world has conquered by storm. So if you want to practice your poker skills without using a single euro; if you want to occupy your time and mind in moments of idleness. If you want to play a few hands of the popular poker game while you’re on the move then Video Poker is the game for you. You do not have to be a poker player to enjoy this. And take the game to us only gets better when you play with real money at one of our online casinos.