Find New Canadian (Kanuck) Casino’s in 2019

Are you looking for a new online casino 2019? On this page, you will find our list of the best new online Canadian casinos. Every year there are tons of new casinos, some are good, some are of meager quality. Our task is to investigate and evaluate all new online casinos. Of course we do not know how many online casinos there are on the internet, but of course, we can advertise as many high-quality online casinos as possible on our website. For ten years there were only a few big names in the online casino world, but nowadays there are new online casinos almost every month. Of course, not all new casinos are top-notch. There are, of course, less good casinos and we try to highlight it as honestly and objectively as possible. We have to admit, however, that more and more legitimate and proper online casinos are growing. We only post casinos after we have viewed them and are sure they are legally engaged, and that is often seen.

Guiding you through the world of online casinos, we have created a small list of casinos compatible in Canada on our home page. We have carefully reviewed all these casinos and provided reasonably positive reviews. You can consider it as our seal of approval – here you will find only casinos that treat their customers well. Through handy overviews, you can see at a glance which online casinos and live casinos best suit your needs. Whether it is the best bonus, free spins, the best offer of slots, blackjack or roulette; the handy top lists make your search a lot easier!

Also, we do everything we can to select the best Canadian online casinos for you. We do this by playing all offered games, paying with different payment methods, customer service quality testing and much more. Only then can we be sure that this online casino is a safe, reliable and fun option for you. So you can click in with peace of mind and see what happiness today at a online casino in Canada.

Pay Attention when Choosing a New Casino

Decision-fearing happens to us all, and there are so many things that we have to decide about in our lives. What do I want to eat? Which car can I pay? Which of the new casinos on will I choose? We understand, and even if we can not help you with your meal choice, we can help you with your casino choice!

The Latest Online Casino Technologies

New online casinos only use the latest technologies. The software must be modern and suitable for modern computers and smartphones. It helps to improve the user experience and make you more secure. The websites must be ideal for all modern browsers. Many websites are responsive or have mobile versions. That means that thanks to the use of advanced technologies you can play on PC, as well as on your mobile phone or tablet.

Safety First!

The first and most important thing to remember when choosing a new online casino is safety. Since it concerns your personal information and money, it is essential that you choose a casino that is legal and that you treat the players properly. But how do you rate such a thing? There are a few things to watch out for.

MGA – Malta Gaming Authority

At every legitimate casino, you can check the bottom of the front page. There is information about the site and its owners. If there is no information or if very little information is, we often become very sceptical. Most online casinos are now under the supervision of the Malta Gaming Authority, the MGA. If the letters MGA are at the bottom of the page, you know that the casino has a gambling license. With this license, you know right away that the financial part is well organised, that the slot machines are fair and that all data is protected. The MGA works a lot with the European Union and together ensure that the online casinos do business honestly and that the payouts are always correct.

Software Providers

When choosing a new online casino, also look at the game offer. How varied is it? If you find games from big names, you’re probably on the right track. The big software providers like Thunder Kick and Play ‘N Go only work with reputable and legitimate┬áCanadian online casinos. Other significant providers are Microgaming, IGT and Williams Interactive and are often very reliable.

Read the Reviews of a New Canadian Casino.

What do others say about this Canadian casino? Is a general impression you get from the reviews positive or is there a large number of complaints and negative reviews? We obviously want our opinion to be taken seriously, and so we only focus attention on the ethical and legal casinos and only explain those that are good enough to pass our assessments. We will never light a casino that is not legitimate.

What do You Want to Play?

Tastes differ naturally, and therefore different sites have different offers. Some casinos have the classic casino slots, video slots, live casino, poker and sportsbook betting. Others only have the traditional slot machines, but often they have a more extensive selection of slot machines. If you prefer to have some variation and after that video slots have played some blackjack and maybe betting on a game, of course, you have to choose a casino that can offer all of this.
Nowadays, the differences between the casinos are somewhat smaller and more and more casinos have a full range of games. Of course, differences will always remain, otherwise, casinos would have no character, and that would be a shame. That’s why it is always a good idea to view the game offers before you create an account at a new casino.

A Bigger Selection in Canada

New online casinos in Canada have a very varied offer, especially compared to physical casinos and old online casinos. They make optimum use of the possibilities that the technology offers. This makes online casinos more than just an imitation of physical casino games, but an entirely new digital experience. At large software developers focusing on online casinos, continuous teams are busy developing new games and improving the existing ones. Thanks to better infrastructure, these games are available to the consumer very quickly. And a new game often means a game bonus such as free spins.

Several Promotions and Bonuses at New Casino’s

Many players choose an online casino based on the welcome bonus. That is not very surprising, and there are a lot of insanely good welcome bonuses at many online casinos. That is why it is vital that you take a step back and compare different casinos. How exactly is the bonus structured? Is the welcome bonus divided over multiple deposits or just one? Do you get the free spins on registration or deposits? A tip that we can give you is to study and assess the bonuses accurately. “Receive a bonus of $ 500” sounds very good at first glance, but if the percentage requirements and conditions are difficult to achieve it is not a good bonus. Some online casinos do have a good percentage and conditions and of course that are the best combinations. Do not just look at the balance between the two but also think the bonus is perfect enough to satisfy you and convince you. But as mentioned earlier, differences differ, and different players have different preferences. Some prefer a smaller bonus if the percentages are higher. Others prefer a more substantial amount with a lower percentage to be satisfied.

Different Types of Bonuses You can Get at New Online Casino’s

  • The welcome bonus: this is the highest bonus, the lure of the online casinos for new members. The welcome bonus you get on your first deposit, and often consists of free play money (a certain percentage of your deposit) and free spins. This free casino money can go up to hundreds of euros, with up to hundreds of free spins. A boost in bankroll!
  • The no-deposit bonus: This is a bonus that you can get without making a deposit. You have to sign up! The no-deposit bonus often consists of a small amount of money or a small number of free spins. But with this free bonus, you can make real money!
  • The high-roller bonus: You get this bonus if you deposit a lot of money on your online casino account or if you often return and proves to be a loyal player. Through VIP programs you usually save points at the online casinos that lead to extra benefits, such as cash amounts, free spins but also TV’s, cars and fully-arranged trips!
  • The reload bonus: Also called the reload bonus, this bonus works the same as the welcome bonus, but then it applies to your later deposits. So you see: the advantage does not end with the first deposit, also as a permanent casino member there is always an extra benefit!

Online Casino Payment Options

Paying at an Online Casino has never been easier! We are now in an age where every online casino has the interests of the player high. And must distinguish itself by the service. So if you want to pay safely and reliably, you can go to one of the online casinos in our lists with peace of mind and make your payment and withdrawals there. Most online casinos offer Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Neteller and Skrill. In addition to these most common online casino payment options, you can also pay with other e-wallets, credit cards, checks or bank transfers.

How do I Deposit, and Withdraw Money

It is very safe and easy to deposit money at a new online casino, all you need is a credit/ debit card, or e-wallet. It is imperative that you choose a safe casino before you deposit money. All casinos displayed on our website are as safe as possible! So do not worry about depositing money at these online casinos. To withdraw money from an online casino (this depends on the casino where you play) you usually go to the related section of the casino, choose the desired method of recording and follow the necessary steps.

Mobile or Online Gambling

Gambling on your mobile or tablet is well on the rise. At the moment, just under 100 million people around the world sometimes bet on their smartphones. This will probably double in 5 years. In this section, you can read all about the possibilities of online, mobile and social gambling. Do you like to gamble online? And do you also have a mobile/smartphone? Nowadays it is effortless to take a gamble through your mobile in an online casino with real money. Nowadays, smartphones have almost everyone, and they are just small computers. The functionalities have recently been expanded rapidly so that online gambling on your mobile is also becoming more reliable, functional and safer. Every day, games are converted and made compatible for a mobile version. This is growing at a considerable pace since mobile gambling is booming.

Take a Mobile Gamble!

Do you not love to be bored? If you’re on the road in public transport or waiting for someone/ something, you want to have something to do. A book or magazine is fun, but it takes up extra space in your bag, so you do not always have that with you. Fortunately, you can now enjoy yourself with your mobile phone, especially if you have mobile internet! On this site, you will find many online games that you can play very well from the screen of your mobile phone. Where and how do you play mobile the best casino games? Check our home page for the list of casino’s that are all mobile compatible too.


Ultimately the choice is yours, and we hope that you have gained a bit more insight. Now you know that it is safe to choose a new Canadian on our page, there is no need to hold back or worry. Pick one that appeals to you and start playing with ease. Online casino games are a great antidote to boredom, which you can easily play on your telephone with an internet connection. Waiting, in public transport, or on your break, there is always a suitable time to take a gamble. And besides that you do not get bored, you also have a chance of winning big prizes. We wish you Lots of fun!