Online Baccarat Games Canada 2019

Baccarat is a centuries-old gambling game that was initially intended for the elite. Through dark back rooms it was only a small part of the visitors that could join the table game that was thought up in the 15th century. Nowadays it is different. The game is now accessible to everyone, both in the physical, online and live casino. Why this game is so popular with more and more players? Because it is all about happiness. And because the live variant provides a lot of tension and convenience. No wonder that live baccarat is gaining ground. It is a game where you can guess who comes closest to the 9, the player or the bank. This is one of the very old gambling games that is still being played at the moment, and is especially popular with asians. Baccarat is also a score of 0 for the player and / or the bank. If the bank has a score of 0 after drawing the first two cards, this is called “baccarat”. This would have arisen because saying 0 points would be too negative, and this would encourage gamblers to bet less and continue playing.

Online baccarat

Nowadays you can not only play baccarat in a real casino, but also in almost all online casinos. Where in most physical casinos one standardized version of the game is offered, you can choose online for the version that you like the most. The advantage of the winning chances is generally with the players, the reason why this game is so popular with many gambling fans. So if you’re in the mood for an exciting card game where your own chance of winning is higher than with poker or blackjack, then choose baccarat!

How do I play baccarat?

There are many stories about the creation of the card game baccarat. Presumably it was introduced in Europe in the fifteenth century, and probably it came from Italy to France. Thus there are three versions of the game, namely baccarat chermin de fer, baccarat banque and punto banco. The latter version of the game can be found in most Canadian casinos. This article also describes the game explanation of this version.

Live baccarat: play carefree

What makes this game so interesting is that the relative winning is much higher than with other games. This is due to the fact that the player can not influence the game play. Although a part of the participants will not experience this as pleasant, that gives the majority of the players a nice feeling. Once deployed, the player does not have to worry about anything anymore. Betting and leaning back, that’s all. With the live version it will be a little more pleasant as you can just join in from your living room. The live casino uses a physical studio where real cards, gaming tables and dealers are active. The only difference is that the dealer is in the casino and you can participate from anywhere. Talk about carefree playing.

Start with Baccarat

You really do not have to be a mathematician to start with Baccarat. If you have a talent for a card game then this game is definitely yours. Do not be intimidated by the high James Bond content that has been attached to this game since the 007 films. You can simply play Baccarat for beginners in your sweatpants with a beer or wine in your hand. Let the Martini be good for James! To begin with Baccarat you first have to register at an online casino. Once you have an account you can practice for free on the software games at the casino of your choice. If you do a few jars every day, you will see that you are getting through the game quickly.

After you know the game, it’s time to take a seat at the tables of the live baccarat dealers. These are generally very professional professionals who also assist you with your first bets at the live table. Feel free to ask if you do not know that is the advantage of playing against live dealers. Of course it is true that the chat function in the live casino can not function as a regular chat function, so try to restrict the chatting during your game to Baccarat related questions and comments.

Although you are not yet advanced players, it is also necessary at Baccarat for beginners to stick to the “netiquette”. This way you also take into account your fellow players and you promote the hand speed of the game. After all, nothing is more annoying than a player who gets you out of your game or uses the chat for the personal life story.

Play against the bank

As you might have thought, ‘banco’ means bank. “Punto” means player. At punto banco you do not play against other players, like for example Baccarat at poker, but against the bank. Just like the case with blackjack. There is no physical player in front of the bank. The punto banco table contains a plane representing the ‘player’ and a square in front of the bank. The aim of the game is that the player and bank come as close as possible to the nine points or get exactly nine points. You can bet on the bank, on the player or on a draw. Do not play your card yourself, but try to predict the winner of the game by gambling.

Course of the game

You can play Punto banco with the standard deck of cards. The gentleman, wife, farmer and ten are all worth zero points. The ace counts as one point, and the cards two through nine retain their own card value. You can earn a maximum of nine points. This means that when the total number of the cards together exceeds nine, the dozens no longer count. For example, if you get a total of twelve points, the ten do not count and you have gained two points. The croupier indicates when you can place your bet, and when you are no longer allowed to bet. As soon as each participant has placed a bet, the game can start. The croupier draws an open card for the bank and the player up to a total of two cards. It then depends on the point total whether the punto and / or banco gets a third card. The drawing of a third card is done according to a number of fixed rules (‘tirage’). In the case of winnings, you will be paid your wager once on a bet on punto. When you bet on banco, the payout is also once your bet, unless the bank wins with five points. In that case the payout is one against two. If you bet on a draw – a result of the game that does not occur often – you win eight times your bet.

Our Conclusion

The history of baccarat goes back much further, but the game has only really reached the general public for a few years. Thanks to the live baccarat variant, a spectacular sequel has been given to the game that was conceived in the 15th century. The most famous live casino software providers today are Evolution Gaming, MicroGaming, and Playtech. They all have the same goal in offering their live casino games: to bring the baccarat experience to a new high point. That’s baccarat in the 21st century.