Casino Games Canada 2023

Read all about playing video slot games here. How do video slots work? What are the main rules, and of course the best game tips? Playing video slots is a good pastime and can also be quite profitable. More and more fans of the online casino are discovering the best video slots. A gamble on online video slots is completely of this time. In the past you had to go to a gaming hall for fun (and a gamble) where only a few different slot machines could be found. Today you can choose from a very wide range of video slots and online slots in the online casino. The video slots are very different and often connected to themes. That means you can choose to play your favorite game, but also that you can bring some more life into the brewery by trying something new every week. This can always be free of charge in the online casinos. This way you discover the game that best suits your playing preferences.

The best video slots

The online offer of video slots is very diverse. Actually you can not think of it as crazy or there is a video slot made about it. Take for example popular (action) films, such as the classics Jurassic Park and Aliens or the somewhat newer movie The Dark Knight: all three stories have also been released in the form of an online video slot.

Choosing your favorite Casino Games

Choosing your favorite casino games can be a big challenge. Most online casinos offer around 400 different casino games! New launches of games are the order of the day. How do you know which game suits you best?

Choose the correct game category

To begin with, you can first choose a game category in the online casino. For example, you can go for classic table games like blackjack or roulette, or maybe you’re more of a type for the trendy video slot, the modern version of the classic slot machine. Are you going for the big prizes? Then choose the jackpot games where the winnings can reach up to millions of euros!

Choose your favorite theme

Once you have chosen the right category, you can start by specifying your choice. A theme is linked to most games. In what kind of spheres do you want to play. Do you go for adventure, shudder or want to go back in time with a game that leads you to the Roman Empire. Finally, determine your strategy and review the rules before you start playing for money.


In addition, there are plenty of other video slots to discover, from slots with ‘sweet’ topics, such as Dolphin Gold, to slots with a dark edge, such as Blood Suckers. What these video slots all have in common is that animations are involved, in addition to colorful (moving) images and cheerful, impressive or exciting music.


The themes of the slot games are also constantly being enriched and of course new slot themes are added every time. This year even an insane trilogy by Netent was released in which a new pop legend always played a central role. This music trilogy made heart beat faster by many fans of the online video slot. Players who enjoy listening to music can thus choose a music slot that focuses on their music hero.

Mobile Casino Games

More and more people are playing casino games on their mobile or tablet. The best online casinos play on this by offering players a mobile casino. Here you can play most games directly on your smartphone or tablet. In a mobile casino you enjoy all the advantages of the online casino, only you play wherever you want. You are therefore not connected to a place in the mobile casino. All you need is an internet connection.

Touch version

Nowadays most of the video slot for the online casino is developed especially for your mobile phone. The ‘touch versions’ of the games adapt precisely to the screen of your phone. Software providers see the importance of developing this game for the phone because players attach more and more value to flexibility and do not want to be bound to a place to play a game. Discover it yourself.

Mobile casino online App

The online casinos that offer you as a player a mobile casino also increasingly have a casino app that is connected to the casino. You can download this app for free on your mobile phone. You can immediately start playing your favorite casino games with such an app. With this app you always have your personalized online casino in your pocket and you can play every moment.

Growing popularity

The best online casinos have all included a large number of video slots in their assortment. That’s because these games are very popular and they also get better. It is really nice to see how the best software providers put everything to keep players from staying ahead. This way, new elements are added over and over again to ensure that your profits increase faster. You can think of extra features such as Wild Symbols, Scatters, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, Bonus games and much more.

Symbols and functions

Wild symbols function in every video slot in the same way. They serve as a kind of joker. When playing a video slot, it is all about creating winning lines. These are sometimes formed from left to right across the playing surface, but sometimes also in all directions such as diagonal or vice versa from right to left. Although every lock is slightly different, the same principle applies to the Wild Symbols; they replace all other symbols on the reels except the Scatters.


What are those Scatters we always hear about? That is a good question, because even the Scatters can often be found on the best video slots. These provide you with free spins for every type of slot game. You can imagine that the more chance you have of running the roles, the more likely it is that you will form a payline at a certain moment. So you see that all extra features such as Wilds and Scatters work together to give your chances a good boost.

Free Spins

In most cases you need a number of 3 scatters to receive a free spin or spin. The free spins are also given away in the form of a bonus. Often, launches of new games for example involve free spins. These are then great opportunities to see if a void lock suits you.


Last but not least, a lot of games have also added extra bonus games that are sometimes randomly activated and sometimes by turning a certain symbol. Also for all video slots, all symbols have a different value. That means that one symbol is more desirable to run on the reels than the other. All of that, of course, ensures that the tension stays in place.


Most video slots offer the possibility to change certain settings. Some players like to be swept up by a nice soundtrack, but other players prefer to play in silence and find the design sufficient to enjoy the game. Below are the game settings that you can use with the online video slots to adapt the game to your game preferences.

  • Sound on and off
  • Intro on or off
  • Play automatically
  • View game history
  • Max Bet

Play free video slots

There are many different types of video slots. Do you want to know which video slot suits you best? View our casino games offer and play free video slots or also called free slots.

Play Jackpot Slots

Do you want to play for the truly spectacular winnings, then the so-called online jackpot slots are something for you. An important element when looking at the different types of video slots is the jackpot. The Mega Fortune Dreams so-called jackpot games are generally extremely popular. With a jackpot video slot we mean a game that is connected to a progressive jackpot. That means that every player who bet on this game makes a small contribution to the jackpot.

Popular Jackpot Slots

Some examples of the most popular jackpot slots of the moment are the aforementioned Hall of Gods, but also Mega Fortune Dreams and Mega Joker. The latter is also counted among the classic online slot machines. There are also other games to which jackpots can be connected. Games that we do not call slot machines or online video slots, but which are a variation on other well-known games of chance. You can think of Keno or Caribbean Poker.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Once that jackpot falls, this high altitude can have reached. A well-known example of a jackpot slot is Mega Fortune Dreams. This game has won not much fame because it won the biggest prize ever in the Guinness Book of Records!

Even bigger profits

Playing video slotsThe level of your winnings depends on your own bet. That’s one of the reasons why playing video slots is so much fun. You can influence your results yourself by playing on Max Bet. You will encounter this feature on all video slots. It enables you to win higher prices with a higher risk. Then there are bonus rounds in which you can achieve even bigger winnings. With both traditional slot machines and jackpots slots, the higher your bet, the greater the chance of winning big prizes. Although the chance of actually winning that coveted jackpot is of course not great, the price attached to it is something to be dreamed of.

Progressive jackpots

What is a progressive jackpot? A progressive jackpot is a prize that keeps growing as more people play the matching game with real money. At each turn that is played, a small percentage of the bet goes to the pot, which becomes larger and bigger until someone wins the jackpot. Playing jackpot slots is of course incredibly exciting, but please note that they usually have high volatility. So it’s good to have a strategy and a predetermined budget because you can quickly spend a lot of money on it. The progressive jackpot of the video slot games increases with every bet of the players. That regularly shoots into the many millions of euros. The very idea that the chance of winning such a life-changing amount is a motivation for many players to opt for a jackpot slot.

Guiness World Record highest online jackpot

Another video slot with multiple progressive jackpots is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. This jackpot slot has four progressive jackpots: a Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpot. In 2015, Mega Moolah received the Guinness Book of Records title for the biggest online video slot jackpot ever. The amount of € 17,879,645 was won on 6 October 2015 by Jon Heywood from the United Kingdom. This record was recently broken. On Friday, September 28 an amount of no less than $ 18,910,668.01 was won.

Important to watch out for when you play online jackpot slots

You can of course play jackpot video slots for one reason and that is because you want to win that jackpot! But if you win it then you want to be able to pay it immediately. That is why it is very important to play at an online casino that does not limit your record (withdrawal) limit.

“Watch the recording limit of the casino where you play!”

Because how F * eh annoying it would be that after winning the jackpot you find out that you can only pay a few thousand dollars a month. Then you can wait a long time before you have the millions in your account. Therefore, ALWAYS read the terms and conditions before you register with a casino. And in this case you have to pay particular attention to your ‘withdrawal limit’ of the casino.

Payout casino games

Most casinos use a payout percentage of 96% to 98% for their slot machines, which is higher than the payout percentage for slot machines in catering establishments. That percentage is usually around 68%. A good reason to gamble on online video slots, instead of a slot machine in an arcade. Another reason to play online slots is of course the fact that you can win money from your own comfortable chair at home (or even on the go with your mobile).

The biggest slot jackpot ever

Above you could already read that the largest online video slot jackpot ever currently stands at almost 18 million euros that was won in 2015. But that was the biggest ever online. Offline in traditional land casinos the record is a bit higher. And how different from that this record is of course located in America. On March 21, 2003, the Megabucks Jackpot, a progressive jackpot slot from IGT, of nearly $ 40 million dollars (more precisely $ 39,713,982.25) was won by a 25-year-old man from Las Angeles. The chance of winning this jackpot that is playing is 1 in 16.7 million. IGT is one of the few game developers to offer progressive jackpot slots distributed across multiple casinos. Unfortunately, all casinos where you can play Megabucks are currently all in the state of Nevada, the state where gambling Walhalla Las vegas is located. They are so proud of their jackpot slots that they even have a dedicated website where you can watch the progress of all progressive jackpot slots live.

Play Classic Slots

You probably know of those classic slot machines that you used to find in the snack bar (and which you can still play in some restaurants and amusement arcades). The online slot machines, as now offered in a casino on the internet, are based on this.

Classic slots: the feeling of the past

The purpose of the classic online slot machines is to get as close as possible to the feeling of the past. The slot machines or classic slots take their inspiration from the slot machines as we know them from time to time, including the appearance and the sounds. As you may know from the vending machines in snack bars or arcades, fruit is often used as symbols that generate certain profits in specific combinations. The classical slots often have this too, although here and there more is varied by using images other than pictures of fruits.

Global design of the slot machines

Classical slots have in many cases three roles, instead of the usually five or more roles that the more modern video slots have. By the way, the classic slots can also prevent the use of multiple roles or even multiple screens, as is the case in Mega Joker and Joker’s Gold. In most cases you can gamble with winnings in order to double your winnings or multiply them. Then you for example predict the next playing card that will be drawn. If you have it well, your winning amount will be multiplied. Compared to modern video slots, the classic slots are more traditional and contain much less (unnecessary) fuss. In video slots more animations are used to indicate when you have won something. There are also more (or more spectacular) bonus games in modern video slots. But if you like simple, the classic online slot machines are better suited.

Some examples of online slot machines

A few well-known online slot machines are the Joker’s Gold and Mega Joker mentioned above. But also Jackpot 6000, with the same well-known Joker symbol, is one. These are the ‘real classics’, who look more old-fashioned in their design than their slightly more modern counterparts. The classic slot Mega Joker is also counted among the online jackpot slots.

Popular table games

The classic table games including video poker can not be overlooked from the online casino. Although these were traditionally played in the land casino, these are still offered by the best online casinos today. Very popular is the possibility of live casino, where the social experience of visiting a real casino is combined with the convenience of playing at home. Timeless and popular table games that you can play in the online casino are roulette and blackjack.

Play Free casino games

If you like casino games like baccarat, it is wise to know what the online casinos all have to offer nowadays. The range of casino games is growing. There are more and more software providers that do everything they can to develop new, exciting and challenging games. You can see that in the range of the best online casinos. In most online casinos you can play free casino games. That is actually a requirement that you have to ask the online casino of your choice. If you want to start preparing for a casino game, then you should certainly first practice what we call the Flash casino. In the Flash casino you discover which casino games you are and which are not. In this way you not only ensure that your chances of winning prizes increase, but also that you experience maximum fun in the online casino.


There is plenty to explore and discover on our website. Since you have to start somewhere we advise you to view our game reviews under the tabs. To see which you prefer and to save you a lot of research time. Were are sure that, anyways, you will find plenty of entertainment.