Canadian Instadebit Casinos 2019

With the Instadebit casino payment method you transfer money to an online casino in a safe and fast way without the casino having access to your own data. What you need is your own bank account and your Instadebit account, which you can create on the Instadebit website within minutes. Instadebit is an electronic wallet that is suitable for depositing money into the player account in an online casino if the casino naturally provides this deposit method. There are several international casinos that offer this payment method as part of the possibilities to deposit. Originally it is a Canadian online payment system that became available in 2003. Besides that, for example, Canadian poker players use a lot to deposit money to play in a poker room, American online poker players also prefer this method of payment. Nowadays there are also many players who use Instadebit as a deposit method.

Instadebit Casino Payment Method – Safe, Fast and Anonymous

The Instadebit casino payment method is a safe way to transfer money to your online casino. This goes from your own bank account without the casino having access to your personal details and your own bank details. Instadebit is also not a credit card, so your sensitive credit card data also does not have to be over the internet.

Origin of Instadebit

Instadebit is from Canada and has since 2002 occupied a solid position in online transaction processing and risk management. Instadebit offers its advanced payment solutions worldwide and supports all currencies. Customers are protected against the release of their personal data and bank details. To transfer money via Instadebit to an online casino, you must first open an Instadebit account. The only thing you need for this is your own active bank account. The company can be reached 24/7 for business and consumers.

Open Account and Deposit Money

The ease with which money can be deposited via Instadebit is of course a big advantage, but there is another advantage, because the personal details are not revealed when they are used. This can be an advantage if you prefer to play as anonymous as possible in the online casino. To be able to use this payment service, an account must first be opened. That is very easy and can be realized within a few minutes.

Once an account has been created, money can be deposited directly from the bank account into the Instadebit account. There must be an amount on the account to be able to pay with it in an online casino. For example, if there is no balance on the account, it is not possible to use the credit card in combination with this deposit method.

After opening the account, as mentioned, the first step is transferring money from your own bank account to the account with the payment service. This can be done by first logging in and then following the instructions to deposit money via a fast bank transfer or via a real-time bank transfer. The e-wallet can then be used everywhere to make online payments if only an Instadebit logo is displayed.

Deposit Money in Online Casino

To use Instadebit in the online casino is very easy, because before you go to the checkout to see if the payment method is available. If so, this deposit method can simply be selected and the amount you wish to deposit can be entered. Then details of the transactions are shown and you enter the e-mail address and password of the Instadebit account. You also pay, as it were, with your e-mail address in combination with the password.

Once you have done that, instructions will appear on the screen and you can confirm the payment order. The transaction is then completed and you can immediately start gambling for money in the online casino. The online casinos usually do not charge a fee if the choice is made to use this payment method. The type of currency with which the transactions can be made consist of CAD, EUR, USD and GBP. Currently, no other currency can be used.


Then select the Intstadebit payment method at the cash desk of your online casino. You transfer your money directly to the casino via Instadebit with your Instadebit username and password. Your own name and bank account remain completely out of the picture for the online casino. Transactions take place in real time. Safe, fast and (for the casino) anonymous. Profits that you pay through the casino will be returned to your own bank account via your Instadebit account. Keep in mind that after the amount has been received by Instadebit it takes 3 – 5 days before it is back on your own account.


Transferring money directly from your bank account to your casino costs 1 Canadian dollar per transaction, ie about 70 dollar cents. It may be wise to take a (small) amount into the Instadebit account (or leave it at a profit). Payments directly from your Instadebit account to the casino are free of charge.


To protect all data that goes with the online Instadebit casino payment method over the Internet, the company uses secure and highly reliable 128-bit encryption technology.

Mechanism of Instadebit

Getting started with Instadebit you must first visit their website and sign up with them. Once the verification process is complete, your account is set with a valid password and username. The Instadebit identity is used to verify your data. Once you get through this, you are ready to make a payment. The payment and withdrawal can be easily made now and the gaming experience with the casino is all the more convenient with Instadebit.

Transactions in Cash and Supported Currency

The deposits and withdrawals can be made immediately with InstaDebit as the cash transactions are made directly from the user account. All online merchants accept payment via InstaDebit.

Advantages of Instadebit

The transactions that are done via Instadebit are safe and secure via the data encryption technology. All financial transactions made by the bank are considered as labeled as controlling transactions. The third-party sharing concept is not followed by InstaDebit, as it does not share any of your financial information with third parties. The transactions are done through the bank; Hence the credit does not have to be used so nothing jeopardize your security online. The account configuration is free so no sinning amount is required. The InstaDebit customer support is world class giving help when you require.