Discover the Best Live Casinos in Canada 2019

What exactly is a live casino? And at which casino can you play the best? On this website you will find everything about playing in a live casino. Discover the basics: what steps you need to take before you can join a live table, to how a live casino works. A Live Casino is part of an online casino. Here you can play live, in real time, against a live dealer. You see a webcam connection on your mobile or PC screen, as if you were in a real casino!

What is a Live Casino

A live casino is an environment where you are connected in real time to a live webcam environment that is streamed to you by the online casino via image. The moment you log in and enter the live casino, everything you see is live. So nothing is recorded, everything is real. This way you can simply play at home or when you are traveling with real dealers for real money. Playing live casino is exciting and very popular in Canada. Many people put in a lot, and the tension that the ball is not spun by a computer but by human hands, or the blackjack cards are shared by a real gentleman, is very nice and a bit addictive! Live casinos are always a part of an online casino.

What does the Term ‘Live Casino’ mean?

Live casino games have arisen due to players’ high demand for a more lifelike casino experience. There is a big difference between playing in a real casino and playing in an online casino. So you play mostly private online and you do not have any interaction with other players or casino staff. Everything is automated and you actually determine the speed of the game. Although one player finds this a relief, there are also players who are looking for a little more fun and a real casino atmosphere. For these players, the ‘live casino’ is therefore ideal. A live casino is still just an online casino, but you still play with real dealers behind the tables. You can watch a real casino via webcam images. The only difference between this casino and a real casino is that you only have empty tables with a dealer behind it. Once you have chosen a game, the relevant table comes into view and the dealer welcomes you. She also often greets other players and / or congratulates players who have just won the round. You can bet on the familiar online casino way. The only difference now is that it is time-bound. You must therefore bet within a certain time and will therefore have to wait every now and then. After the dealer has indicated that the time to bet is over, the game really starts. In roulette, for example, you can see the ball going around in a real roulette wheel. And real cards are shared with blackjack.

The Benefits of Live Casino

The most important advantage is the speed of action of dealers. You often have to wait less, especially at roulette. With blackjack, the waiting time depends on how many players are sitting at the table, but here too, online is often faster. Another advantage is that live casino players often have more influence on game play. With slots you can only press the button and hope, while at live casino you can really apply a strategy or live casino system. This makes the variation bigger! Can you compare playing with playing in a real casino? Actually, and actually not again. We are happy to explain it to you. Comparable is the game offer. Where you can play roulette and blackjack with real dealers in a landbased Casino, that is also true in the live casino. In fact, at a Canadian Casino you can also play caribbean stud while this is often not available in the live casino.

The Disadvantages of Live Casino

The word ‘disadvantages’ might be a bit negative. We prefer to speak of negatives. Most casinos nowadays are equipped with beautiful HD quality, great dealers and they have a good connection. If your internet connection via WIFI or 4G is not good, then of course it might go wrong. The connection is of great importance in the proper functioning of the webcam image. This is sometimes a disadvantage.

Which Live Casino Games are there?

The most famous games are of course live roulette and live blackjack. You can also play live baccarat and sometimes live caribbean stud, although most online casinos do not have this game yet. There are often different providers such as Netent and Evolution. As a result, the tables and other games can sometimes differ. There are also variants of live roulette and blackjack. For example, roulette offers the variants of car roulette, American roulette, VIP Roulette and fast roulette or immersive roulette. With live blackjack we distinguish HD Blackjack, VIP Blackjack and Multi Hand blackjack.

Popular Live Casino Games

There are several live casino games available in most online casinos. In addition, you will also find different forms of poker in the live casino, depending on which casino you visit. For example, live casino hold’em. Finally, we tell you something about a category of games that you do not actually find in the real ‘live’ casino, but of which there is a lot to play in the ‘regular’ online casino: the live slots.

The Ultimate Online Live Casino Experience

The live casino is often seen as the ultimate online casino experience. Why? Well, think of … the sound of a real casino. You sit at the table with several players, who play with you on their PC or tablet. In the real casino you even see casino players who are gambling in a physical casino. And let’s not forget this part: you sit at the table with a charming live croupier. These things make the live casino so fun. Chat cozy with the croupiers and fellow players and in the meantime win live blackjack, live roulette or one of the many other live casino games.

Live Croupiers

Not only can you enjoy the fun live croupiers, there is also a wide range of games available in the live casinos. You can find many variations of games such as live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker and dream catcher. During the game you will be assisted by a croupier who will lead the game in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. It is possible to ask questions or just chat through the chat. The croupier will answer your questions via a microphone. Because of this you get the feeling you are going to a real casino, without having to leave your living room.

It does not stop there; You can now just keep on playing on your mobile phone or tablet in the live casino. So if you are often on the road for work or your studies, you can continue playing in the train or in the traffic jam. Make sure that you do not play while driving as this can cause dangerous situations. In all other cases; enjoy your favorite games on the road.

The live casinos are a new phenomenon; they have only existed for a number of years. In the better casinos, including online casino and online casino, you have a lot of variation in games. There are also special tables for VIP players and high rollers. So if you want to bet a little more, you can go to the VIP tables. In some cases you first have to be part of the VIP program before you can enter the table. No wonder that many players prefer the live casino to the regular online casino. Although it is customary that players use both options. Who does not like slot machines? Indeed, we too. A combination of both brings, in our opinion, the best casino experience.

High Bonuses

The great thing about playing live is that dealers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can therefore board and play at any time. Because some dealers work at night there is always enough opportunity to, for example, after a step-evening to live gambling. That is the advantage of 24/7 online live play. Especially at large live casinos such as Mr Green or Dunder there is always a lot of availability of tables. There are often no special bonuses for these casinos too. It is true that at an online casino, where the live part is part, you receive a bonus that you can also use in the live casino. Please note, however, bonuses are often fixed on bonuses. One of those conditions tells you, for example, that you can only play a bonus on games that have, for example, a greater house advantage, such as slot machines.

Live Casino on Your Mobile

If you sign up for an online casino, you can also log in using a mobile application or via a separate app. This differs per casino. Live casino apps are not available, but you can play in the live casino via the casino app or mobile casino application. In this case you simply log in and you will find slots, live games and standard casino games.

A Very Reliable Game Environment

This has everything to do with the fact that you are connected live at this casino and can see the game environment with your own eyes. Behind slot machines is a world of code and software, while live casino a direct camera connection is portrayed which is also designed by human hands (the live dealer). And that is exactly what gives live players a sense of security, reliability and honesty of play. You can certainly play Fairly and Clearly in Live Casinos!

More about Live Casino Software

Nowadays, online casinos are run by often listed companies, or large companies employ hundreds of employees who have to account for their performance, sometimes publicly and sometimes on the basis of reputation. In addition, online gambling companies, like offline casinos, are checked and accredited on the basis of a number of procedures and guidelines drawn up and executed by independent bodies. For example, slot machines and live casino software are tested against all kinds of ‘fair play’ criteria and ‘play safety requirements’. Yet online consumers remain more reserved when it comes to slot machines than at live casinos.

The Future: Towards a Multiplayer Live Casino Environment

Apart from the direct experience (and proof) of fair play that you get from live games, the live casino is also a wonderful simulated gaming experience. Live in connection with a totally different place, which still appears in your living room, it is something that gives a kick to players. The interaction with a live dealer also increases the fun. It is a wait until interaction with fellow players is also added to this pallet.


An online casino has many advantages. So you can easily and quickly switch between games, enjoy all your games from your lazy chair or on the road and stay anonymous. Yet there are also disadvantages to all this online entertainment. The biggest of these is the lack of interaction. If you play in an online casino, you play against the computer and you do not see the other players. Fortunately, there is a solution for this; the live casino. If you visit the live casino of online casino or online casino, then you will meet the nicest live croupiers and chances are you will never want anything else.