Play Online Slot Machines for Real Money in Canada 2019

Nothing is better than being able to play on a fruit machine, just at home, from your lazy chair. Nothing! Playing online on real money slots does not differ much from playing in a real casino. Playing online at a casino with real money is very easy, because you do not have to leave the door anymore to be able to win a tour at one of the casino games. The online casino is always open 24 hours a day and offers plenty of options and games where you could win by playing real money games. At an online casino you will always find a wide range of games, among other things because no physical space is needed to put the games down. The payouts that you can get at an online casino are also many times greater. A physical game must be maintained and the building of the casino must normally also be paid. With an online casino there are so much less costs, so that more money remains to pay when you play online for money.

Online Casino Games for Money

In addition to the possibilities that you have when you are going to play online casino for real money, it is also nice that there are several possibilities to take advantage of extra money bonuses. There are many reliable online casinos that use a lot of bonus schemes and promotions. So you can always count on a welcome bonus with every online casino when making a first deposit. For this you must always have created an account before you can claim a bonus. In addition to the welcome bonuses, when you play with real money you will always find more promotions. Through weekly e-mails and loyalty bonuses you can always get more free play money to bet on one of the online casino games.

Online Slot Machines where You can Win a Lot of Money

A special category are of course the online slot machines. There are literally hundreds in the online casinos. This is because the reliable online casinos use the best online slots from the software developers. There are about 10 very good developers who have made the most beautiful and best paid online slots. The online casinos make use of different providers, making the offer really huge. We especially love the online slots with spectacular bonus games. Because if you get such a bonus game, you can really get huge profits. Below are some of our favorite online slots:

  • Bonanza: with a unique bonus game that can pay out enormously
  • White Rabbit: a fun thematic online slot game with a white rabbit
  • Book of Dead: a popular game where some players have won their stake more than 1000 times
  • Starburst: the most played online slot machine, often used for the free spins you can get

Play Slots for Real Money & Win Real Money Jackpots

For some it is nice to play online slot machines that it can also be free, without commitment. Indeed, you can have a lot of fun with mini-games and bonus rounds, just like when you play for real money. The big difference is however; You do not stand a chance on those big cash amounts of the jackpots. Of course, such a jackpot is not guaranteed when you play with real money. For most of us it is often a profit of a dollar here and a few cents there and sometimes that one KLAPPER of $ 35. But still, when you play for real money, you take a chance on that one cash prize that will really change your life.

Just think of Georgios M. from Greece who won 8.62 million with the Mega Moolah in 2009. The previous year someone won 5.5 million on the same machine. The chance of the jackpot is more than a million against 1. So the chance of the jackpot is indeed not that big. But if you do not play for real money, the chance is at least 0.00. Do you really want to miss that opportunity to win hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars? So choose a real money casino from our list and have a chance to win that life changing jackpot today.

Bonuses When You Register for Real Money

Bonuses are standard and widespread at many of the online casinos. And very popular with the players, because they only increase the chance of winning extra money. There are just as many different bonuses for slot machines as for all other games in the online casino. One of them is the registration bonus, which you get when you register for real money for the slot machines. The amount of the bonus varies from casino to casino and they are meant to attract new players. Sometimes they are equal to the first deposit amount and sometimes they are completely separate from this deposit amount.

There are the standard fruit machine bonuses, you get a bonus for whatever reason. Occasionally there are also periodic or seasonal bonuses, which you get for a certain time of the year or a public holiday. When these bonuses are hard to say in advance. As a player you simply have to look for new offers. The standard fruit machine bonuses can also be offered at any time and are often of limited validity.

The reload bonus is usually a fraction of the amount deposited and its payment is made dependent on subsequent deposits that follow. It is a strategy to let players come back to the same casino to play for money again. There are also recommendation bonuses, this is when you receive a bonus when you bring a new player to the casino. The payment of these recommendation bonuses are often subject to rules and it is important to see exactly what these rules are, because if you do not meet one of these rules, you will not be paid, even if your friend has already been registered, has deposited money and has played.

Many Different Bonuses when You Play for Real Money

Are you convinced that you want to play in a reliable online casino, then the choice is quite big. Our online casinos are all good and reliable. But the nice thing is that there are many different welcome bonuses. You can try different ones, so you can get a good feeling at your chosen online casino. There is also a difference between welcome bonuses where you get free spins or bonus money without deposit. But you can also choose from a deposit bonus, so you first have to deposit money. These welcome bonuses are very big, the choice is yours! Because there are so many choices we have all the welcome bonuses that belong together below:

  • No deposit bonus: this is the welcome bonus where you do not have to deposit money, registration is sufficient and you immediately receive money to play with or free spins
  • Free spins bonus: a bonus where you get free spins, this can be directly at the registration, but can also be at first deposit where you get a lot of free spins
  • First deposit bonus: the first time you deposit money in an online casino, you can receive a very nice bonus, for example your deposited amount will be doubled
  • High Roller bonuses: if you want to deposit a very large amount you can use these usually very large welcome bonuses
  • 500 dollar bonus: you get bonus money up to 500 dollar, a percentage of your deposited amount that you can receive as a maximum
  • 1000 dollar bonus: the same as the 500 dollar bonus, but with this you can receive no less than 1000 dollar extra, for this you often have to deposit a higher amount

Online Real Money Slot Machines

One of the nicest online casino games for when you want to gamble with real money are video slots. That is a term that you may not know yet, but it actually comes down to the same as slot machines and video slots. You have roles that you can fix with symbols that can give you a profit in certain combinations. With the traditional slot machine as we know it from the pub, that is probably also the highest possible, but because of the innovative technology of large online casino software developers such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and Betsoft, the video slot has become the symbol why online casinos are so much nicer than “regular” offline casinos. With such slots, which are often designed in the theme of a movie, series, superhero or music band, you can play the most extensive versions of slot machines, with bonus rounds, extra roles and other adventures. In addition, many online casinos offer progressive jackpots, which means that online slots are connected to a network of video slots where part of the bet or the full commitment of the online gambler who participates in the game goes to a jackpot continues to rise until someone takes the top prize, which often runs in the millions.

How Does It Work? – Deposit / Withdraw Money

The minimum amount for deposits is often lower than in a real casino and you do not spend extra money on admission or drinks. So you have more value for money online. The winnings will be credited to your player account and if your winnings have exceeded the minimum payout amount, you can withdraw the money in the same ways that you can deposit money.

How do You get Real Money on Your Online Casino Balance?

If you want to play for real money in an online casino you have to deposit money to your casino account. In a landbased casino you walk to the checkout and buy your chips, this can be done with cash or via your debit card. With an online casino that does not differ that much. Of course you do not have to buy chips because your balance is just visible every time you open a game. But you can deposit money on your balance in different ways. Our best and reliable online casinos have all arranged this important part very well. A first condition is of course that you can pay safely. At our online casinos all ways of paying are safe. There are sometimes 10 different ways of paying. Because they obviously want the payment method that the player likes. Two other important aspects are the costs of payments and the speed. Many payments are free of charge for the players, this of course is our preference. If you make a payment with the known and secure payment methods then you immediately have your money on your casino account. This still differs per payment system for payment. Our top 10 casinos all accept the following good payment methods:

  • Skrill: an easy way of paying where the privacy of the player is guaranteed
  • Neteller: a worldly accepted way of paying, the use seems to pay with Paypal
  • Paysafecard: a debit card that allows you to monitor your casino budget very well
  • Credit cards: the well-known cards such as Visa and Mastercard can be used anywhere
  • Internet banking: the most used and fastest ways of paying and receiving money

How do You get a Profit Back on Your Bank Account?

If you take a nice profit then you suddenly have a lot of real money that you want to get back. This is no problem at all casinos that you can find here. You can have the money paid out to the method with which you have deposited. Deposit with Skrill you will also have to pay to your Skrill account and Neteller counts that too. Payouts to these ewallets are often processed within a few hours and on your account. Let your payment to your bank account please note that this takes a day or 3 for the money. This also has to do with your bank. You will also often have to verify your account for a first payment. This often takes a day or 2 and can be done simply by sending in some data. There are also online casinos that provide very fast payouts. Contact customer service and ask them to process the payment immediately. Then you often have the same or the next day your money in your bank account.

Frequently asked Questions about Real Money Games

Are these slot machines safe? Are these games fair or punched out? The software used by the casino for slot machines affects the safety of the fruit machine. As long as you play at a reliable casino that uses stable and proven software, safety is not something you need to worry about. The slot machines in these casinos are equipped with a random generator, making the outcome of every turn random, honest, impartial and unpredictable. This random generator or RNG is also regularly tested by an independent supervisory body to ensure that all games are fair.

Who can I contact if I need Help?

Online casinos have better customer service than an ordinary casino. The online slot machines are equipped with a contact button with the service team, so you always have a personal and one-on-one assistance, whether it concerns questions about the game credit or the features of a certain machine. You will also be kept informed of any changes, new games and offers by means of an e-mail service and notifications. When something needs to be solved quickly, there is also a live chat and a telephone service.


There you can win money online by gambling on the most beautiful games, designed by the best software developers with the most attractive bonuses. Yet not everyone is always comfortable that gambling with money is a good idea. After all, it is your own money that you bet online on an account without knowing whether you can actually withdraw your winnings. On this website you will find the most reliable, and only legal, online casinos where you can gamble for real money. And anyone who bets for real money can also win real money!