Online Roulette Games Canada 2019

Roulette is a low-threshold casino game where you bet on the number that is going to win. At roulette, a round disc (the cylinder) turns around with a ball in it. On the disc are the numbers 0 to 36. The number 0 is green, the numbers 1 through 36 are half black and half red. The number that the ball lands on when the disc stops spinning wins. In recent years, online roulette has been on the rise. That is not surprising because online roulette offers a number of advantages.

The most important advantages are:

  • You can claim generous bonuses that you do not get in a live casino
  • You can play online roulette for free or for real money 24/24, 365
  • There is a wide range of different roulette games and variants
  • Play with high limits, or with very low limits
  • Playing online roulette is 100% safe and strictly regulated when playing at the right casinos
  • With online roulette you can play faster and on multiple roulette tables at the same time
  • You can play concentrated on an online roulette table from the peace and security of your own home
  • No tips for croupiers needed

Roulette is a wonderful game. The excitement and sensation that the playing of roulette entails is unique. From the moment that you have determined where, how and how much you will bet, until the moment the ball stops and everyone looks hopeful with hope or the ball has fallen on black, red, even, odd or on the chosen number: we all know it. Waiting and mentally trying to steer the ball. The disappointment when it turns out to be just that number you actually wanted to use, but better still: the excitement when you won and the stack of chips for you is getting bigger and bigger. A wonderful feeling.

The casino versus Online casino

A night at the casino is always exciting. There is always a certain atmosphere of excitement, excitement, sensation and conviviality. The casino is a unique opportunity to earn a lot of money in an easy way and you immediately feel that as soon as you take the first steps in the casino. Not only the real casino is exciting, an online casino also brings the necessary tension with it. Online roulette is of course much faster. That means you can also win money a lot faster. And, perhaps the biggest advantage of online gambling: you are offline and logged out (with profit) within one or two clicks. In the casino you are often with friends and you stay longer than you should, given your bank account.

Roulette is the most popular game in the casino

Roulette is for many people the most fun game in the casino. The rules are relatively easy – contrary to the rules of, for example, blackjack, poker and what to think about Punto Banco – and you can earn money fast. In addition, roulette is perhaps the most exciting game in the casino. The excitement you feel when the ball revolves; you will not find it anywhere else.

Know when to stop playing

The tension of roulette often works on our gambling stance. The adrenaline that roulette entails may well mean that we want more and more. The big trick in roulette is that you know when to stop, because it can sometimes just end. We all know the thoughts that haunt us when we have a profit: “If I lose this round, I will stop. Then I have won enough and I do not want to lose anymore. But if I win, I will continue for a while. “Of course, there is something to be said for both thoughts, but in practice it often appears that these thoughts only stay in our minds and only become reality from time to time. Sometimes we roulette players are wise enough to determine that we stop at our peak. But usually gamblers can not resist the temptation of the next spin. ‘It will probably turn red next time, then I’ll win again.’ Or: ‘What if it turns red the next time? Then I win again. Then I will go home with more money. So be prepared to protect yourself.

Roulette tactic

And that is understandable. Every roulette player has his own tactics and tries to beat the casino with that roulette strategy. We feel very good when our number falls. After all, it is our number and our tactics. Anyone who does not listen to us and does not take part declares you crazy, because ‘it always gets number 36’. And exactly that is the fun of roulette. It will indeed be 36, about as often as it will be 12, 19 or 0. Everyone is right and everyone wins a bit. The triumphantness that that entails in combination with the tension and sensation you feel before, during and after the use and spinning of the ball, is unrivaled.

What do you need to play online?

First you need a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection. All internet connections are suitable nowadays. It is important to realize that you can not play online roulette without internet connection. But rest assured. If the connection fails, the casino will make sure that the money you have used will simply remain on the account. The chips that normally have a casino are now digital and you can use your cursor on the numbers on the table on your screen. It is good to know that you can play for free at all casinos. If you want to play for money, you obviously need money.

Online Roulette Download and No Download

If you want to play online roulette, you can choose between the download or no download version. The obvious difference between these two types is downloading the software or not. With online roulette download you first need to download the software before you can play roulette games. With online roulette no download you can play the roulette games via your internet browser without having to download anything. As long as your computer has an internet connection, you can play no download roulette games whenever you want. For example, it might be useful if you would like to test a game or learn to play online roulette by choosing free no download roulette games. We will go deeper into playing free roulette. To get the best online roulette experience, we encourage you to download the software. Online download roulette games are of a qualitatively better nature and also work much faster. You also do not experience any problems of delay. But of course the choice remains with you.

Deposits and payouts

The prices at online roulette are the same as for example in the Holland Casino. For example, if you use a dollar bill roulette to bet 1 dollar to 1 number and the ball (the ball) falls exactly on that number you win 36 times your bet. That’s 36 dollars. If you bet 1 dollar on the line between two numbers (so on both numbers at the same time) you can win $ 18 if one of the numbers falls. A difference in online roulette and also an advantage is that the minimum bets can be much lower. With online roulette, for example, you can find minimum bets for just 10 cents. An overview of the bets and the corresponding payout can be found on the betting and payouts page.

Ways of bets

Roulette can be used in many different ways. There can be used on one number, but to increase the win-chance you can also use a series of numbers or a specific color. For example, two numbers or four numbers can be used by laying a chip on the line between the numbers on the playing field. Furthermore, three numbers can be used by laying a chip on the left or right of three numbers. There are also fields that correspond to a third of all numbers or all (even) even numbers. When betting on red or black, the chance of winning is almost 50%. Betting on color is therefore the most secure way of betting at roulette. However, the potential payout is highest when a number or series of numbers is put on which there is less chance.

Pay online

Many different payment methods are possible at our online casinos. Whether you want to pay with your phone, credit card or via an e-wallet. Everything is possible. If you want to play online roulette for real money, you can choose from a range of payment options. We have listed some important payment methods:

  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Trustly
  • Credit card: Visa / Mastercard
  • Bitcoin

highest bonuses

It can be interesting to try a different casino every now and then. All casinos regularly have interesting promotions and bonuses. You can win prizes and receive up to 100% of your deposit as a gift. Always pay attention to the conditions set by the casino. In most cases this is a maximum amount in combination with a number of mandatory spins. On roulette you will find special offers for our visitors and if there is a new bonus you will find it directly on our site. To find the online casinos with the best bonuses, keep an eye on our toplist!
Free Roulette and Roulette for real money. The online roulette games that we offer can always be tried online for free. At all online casinos you will find a list of the online games that are offered. You will also find a link under each game such as online roulette, which goes to an Instant Play or a “Demo” version. You can play this free version of online roulette directly in your internet browser, but of course you can not win real money here. You do have the advantages that you can now practice online roulette or test new games or online roulette variants. If you are satisfied with what you see and you want to play online roulette for real money, you must register at an online casino and deposit money into your casino account. If you win, you will receive the money directly into your casino account. Then you can transfer the amount to your bank account or choose to leave it on the casino account and continue playing later. View the different payment methods to find out how to make a deposit or withdrawal.

All Online Roulette Variants

Everyone knows American or French roulette. But do you, for example, also know Immersive roulette? With us all games are covered. In addition, we give a recommendation for each game, so you can easily see who you can best play with. We even produce videos in which we will show these games and strategies on a live platform. In other words, that means you can see for yourself how online roulette playing works exactly.

All Online Roulette Strategies

We list all strategies and tips and tricks. From the popular martingale to very obscure systems. Our regular experts and bloggers give their unseen opinion about this. It is incredible how many different smart ways there are to play roulette.


Online roulette has become extremely popular in the world of online casinos in recent years. This is mainly due to the simple rules and the payout percentage. As a player you only need to know which betting options exist and what the payout percentage is. In short, a game for both the novice and the advanced player.