All Free Spins (no deposit) information Canada 2019

Who doesn’t like a free spins bonus? We certainly do. Fortunately, there are more and more good online casinos that offer free spins bonuses for new (and existing) customers. There are many free spins bonuses available for online casino players. Sometimes in the form of a bonus without deposit, sometimes as part of a welcome bonus. A free spins bonus means that you receive a number of free spins (up to 300 free) from the casino at per-set slots.

These free spins are part of the casino bonus. You can use them at the many slot machines that your online casino has available. That means free gambling! Choose your favorite vending machine and get real cash prizes on hold. Every casino has its own choice of games that you can try out, so it is ideal that you can use these no deposit free spins! There is so an incredible amount of online offer and there are also hundreds of different games that you can try. Online gambling has never been more fun!

We list all the ins and outs about free spins bonuses for you:

  • Tips and tricks for playing free spins;
  • The best free spins bonuses in a row;
  • The conditions for unlocking winnings;
  • Our top 2 best free spins bonuses.

What is a free spins bonus?

A free spins bonus consists of a number of free spins on a slot machine. How many turns varies per casino. The slot machine you play them on is generally determined by the casino. You can receive a free spins bonus in several ways:

  • As a bonus without a deposit: register with the casino and receive your free spins bonus immediately.
  • As part of a welcome bonus: make a 1st deposit and you will receive your free spins bonus. Sometimes you also get free spins on follow-up deposits.
  • As part of an interim bonus: these are often temporary offers that you receive over the mail. Often you have to deposit an x ‚Äč‚Äčamount and / or play to receive your free spins.
  • To introduce a new slot machine: when a new title comes out, this is celebrated with free spins.

What can I win with a free spins bonus?

For the sake of clarity: you play for real money, on real slots. The payout percentages are identical to normal spins. So you can just win a lot of money.

What happens to the money that I have won?

Can you freely dispose of it and can you have it paid whenever you want? Most casinos apply rules with regard to unlocking bonus wins. So it may be that you have to play all your won money 35x or 40x before you can freely dispose of it. This is less attractive for a player, but still applies: free is free! Finally, some casinos apply a maximum amount that can be paid out with winnings from free spins. Always read the conditions carefully.

Which casino bonuses are there?

You may not know exactly which casino you are going to choose online and you may be looking for a way to try out whether your choice is the best. It is a good option to search online for online casino reviews, but trying it out on your own still gives the most certainty. You then found the best online casino in no time. We know a number of ways in which you can get free spins for the online casino. All online casinos have their own way in which they compose bonuses, so you get a higher number of free spins than the others, but the idea behind the bonus is the same for every reliable online casino.

Free Spins without deposit (free spins no deposit)

The simplest and free way you can get free spins without deposit. Many online casinos give the option to activate a welcome bonus when creating the account. You get these no deposit free spins simply by logging in and registering a valid payment method. This way, there is no need for a deposit. In order to welcome you as a new customer, a nice number of spins are immediately added to your new account. You can then play with your free spins casino games.

Free Spins with deposit (deposit free spins bonus)

Then we also know the deposit free spins bonus. This second option is not free, but you get a certain number of spins when you make your first deposit. You can pay at almost all online casino ideal. The number of spins that you get online free bonus at this casino depends on how much credit you deposit on your account.

Are Free Spins really free?

The free spins bonuses are a win-win situation. As a (novice) gambler, you have the opportunity to try and choose whether or not you prefer games, if not, then you can also claim the bonus from other online casinos. Have you found a nice casino? Then claim the other bonuses and earn good money with your free spins. You are not attached to anything and can stop playing at any time, this is called free gambling! The online casino naturally wants you as a customer and that is why they offer you this opportunity. Will you keep playing with them? Are they happy too! Although most online casinos where you play are located in America, we also know Canadian online casinos.

Free Spins Casino Bonus

As soon as you start your search for a good online casino, you will be amazed at the huge offer that can be found on the internet. Every website also has its own ways of getting you into the future as a future customer. The idea ‘the better known the website, the better the content’ is also often the case with online casinos. Once you have chosen one to look at, you will see that when you enter all kinds of advertisements immediately appear. The ads are full of offers and specials, including free spins bonuses. This makes the casino attractive to you, the player, and ensure that you choose to play with them. If you play this well, it saves you a lot of money and you can play ‘free’ for a large percentage.

On which slot machines can I play free spins?

Most free spins bonuses are given away on online slots, with Microgaming being by far the most popular. Also free spins on new Microgamin titles are popular. Recently we also see free spins bonuses on Thunderkick slot machines and Microgaming slot machines. And that’s good news. Pack up to 300 free spins. After you have played the free spins you are free to use them on another casino game or slot. With most casinos, you have to use the winnings from the free spins a number of times before they are released, at some casinos this rule does not apply.

5 Free Spins Bonus Tips

  • Tip 1: With a free spins bonus you always get spins with the minimum bet on all paylines. Now this differs per slot machine. Suppose you can choose on which slot you bet the free spins, then always choose the most expensive spins.
  • Tip 2: Always fully fully play out your winnings from free spins before you make a new deposit! If you do not do this, then the play-around obligation will “hang” and of course you do not want to. So, even if you only have 4 cents left, you can completely eliminate it.
  • Tip 3: On Starburst you can also play away pennies by adjusting the number of lines downwards.
  • Tip 4: You are not obliged to bet your winnings on the same slot machine. You are free to choose another title after playing your free spins!
  • Tip 5: The more the better. Some casinos give away 50 free spins on the 1st deposit, some as many as 200. Compare before you choose.

Pay out the winnings

If you have played your free spins, you are free to bet the winning balance on another slot machine or another casino game. Most casinos (but not all!) Do have an obligation to bet on the winnings from the free spins. Always read the conditions carefully to find out what the commitment is. The lower, the better of course. At some casinos, there is also a limit on what you can cash in on winnings from a bonus without deposit.


A free spins bonus is fun, potentially lucrative and above all: free. Many casinos offer very attractive free spins bonuses. Many casinos offer the best variants, but there is also plenty to get from other providers. Make use of it and WIN them.