Roulette Online New Zealand 2023

The History of Roulette: If you want to know more about the history of roulette, we can go far back in time. It starts in the seventeenth century in France. But even if we go back to this time, even before that time there were already a number of forms of roulette devised. But the important thing is that it still exists for a lot of profit! The game rules of roulette are very simple. It is just a playing field of 36 numbers with a 0 or a 00 extra and you have to guess at which number the ball will end up. In the past it was not played on a game board, but for example on walls or in the sand, and later a ball was developed and in this way the history of roulette developed further. With us it came as a table game, then it is also offered in the casino and now you can play it yourself online and in the live casino. So you can see that the history of roulette goes far back in time and is still alive today.

Back in Time with the History of Roulette

In the past, the roulette wheels were used in the Paris casinos, they had a single zero for the red numbers and for the black numbers they had a double zero. In order to ensure that confusion could be prevented, the color green was chosen for the zeros around 1800. Then we continue with the creation of the single zero of dollar roulette. In the year 1843, in a German spa in the city of Homburg, the wheel was put forward, the wheel with the single zero. This they have done to compete with the casinos where two zeroes were still working. It has become the dollar roulette as we still know it today. From the 19th century, the roulette game was spread across dollar pa and across the US. There were more and more well-known games on the market.

Gambling Ban

Around 1860 the German government banned gambling, the Blanc family then moved to the legal place for casinos in dollar spawn. They came to Monte Carlo for that. It was also called the gamble mekka of dollar pa and many people came here also because the gambling here was legal. Currently you will find in Monte Carlo the biggest casino of dollar pa, also the best known. Because of this step gambling is spread quickly throughout the dollar. But not to America because the game is often played with two zeros, the 00 and the 0. This is the American roulette. The roulette game with the double zero is often played in the US, Canada and South America.

Roulette from the Past to the Present

The history of roulette goes far back in time, but there are still many aspects of the past that we know today. There are still two variants, with a zero and a variant with two zeros. In the online casinos often both variants are offered because there are always people who want to try both variants. You can now also make use of it and you will also discover what the history of roulette has started with. It is a fun game and is often played.


Nowadays gambling is legal in many countries, much more than in the past. But there are always countries that do not want to participate or that have strict rules. The laws and regulations are strict, casinos also have to adhere to a lot of strict rules, but if they stick to that then you can continue to gamble here. This is also the reason that many people like to use this because the payout percentages are very high. Would you also like to know your options and view the history of roulette with your own eyes? Then you better practice the two different roulette tables so you can see that you have one more chance to win than the other one.

Live Roulette

Currently we can play roulette in the casino, but also in the live casino. You can go online from home for example with your iPad and then enjoy mobile roulette. Live croupiers, you have the idea that you are really at the table, it is all very close, but it can now be realized in the online casino that you can find here. It is now clear where roulette comes from. In the 2000s, roulette became more and more an online game. In the early 2000s, if you wanted to play the single zero roulette variant, you had to go to dollar pa. If you wanted to play double zero Roulette, your best bet was the United States. But that all changed with the introduction of online roulette. No matter where you live in the world, nowadays online casinos give you the opportunity to play all Roulette variations on the internet. We now speak more often of online roulette than roulette funny enough. If we look a step further, mobile roulette is also becoming more and more important. Playing roulette on your mobile is extremely popular. The future of roulette is therefore mainly on the small screens. Meanwhile, there are many variants of the roulette game.

The Five Best Roulette Variants

Recently a lot of new roulette variants have come on the market. Now there are a number of variants every year on The five best roulette variants the popular roulette game and a new roulette game is of course never to play as a roulette enthusiast. But, as with everything, not all variants of the old trusted success model are fun to play and that is the most important when it comes to games and it does not matter if you are talking about gambling or other forms of games. That’s why we thought it would be fun to list the five best (recent) roulette variants for you. We have put our choice in random order.

Lightning Roulette

Let’s start with a roulette variant that at first glance does not really change much in the traditional roulette games. Lightning Roulette was presented at the ICE fair in England at the beginning of this year, where more new variants of roulette and other popular casino games were presented. Despite the fact that Lightning Roulette is a fairly new roulette game, we think that this can be a great success (just like some other variants on this list). What Lightning Roulette does very well in our eyes is offering a traditional roulette game, but with a twist that makes it all a bit different and more exciting. Because sometimes the lightning strikes a number, this number can get a multiplier, so you can suddenly get much more paid. Add to that that this game for the first time a Random Number Generator to a roulette game and you see that this is something special.

Diamond Roulette

Diamond Roulette is also a very new roulette variant that was only presented this year and this version could also be a happy stay. Diamond Roulette also keeps the essence of traditional roulette in its value, but at the same time it does something new. What is immediately noticeable is that more numbers are played, 40 in total. This gives you more different bet options, in addition to the familiar betting options. In addition, the option to play with multiple balls gives you the opportunity to play many more rounds in much shorter time!

Dual Play Roulette

Dual Play Roulette does something that has been around just about since inventing online roulette. With Dual Play Roulette it is for the first time possible to play online at the same table as players who are present in the regular casino. It is the first time that these two worlds come together in one game and that alone is more than enough to give Dual Play Roulette a place in this list.

Roulette 73

As with Diamond Roulette, Roulette 73 is played with more numbers than normal. As you may have guessed, Roulette 73 is played with a total of 73 numbers, one of which is zero. Due to the much larger number of numbers, there are of course many more betting options than with traditional roulette. Great advantage for the players is that this new roulette form not only offers more betting options, but also offers a smaller advantage for the casino and thus more chance for the player to win.

California Roulette

The last roulette variant in this list, California Roulette, we have not placed in this list because this game is so innovative when it comes to the betting options or extra opportunities that are offered, but more because this is a creative solution to still roulette can play despite certain laws and regulations. In addition, this is a nice way to play roulette at home, for example, without needing a roulette wheel. In order to come out under local Californian laws and still be able to offer roulette, a roulette system was conceived that does not use a roulette wheel to determine the outcome, but playing cards are used for that. The game therefore does not introduce any changes in the rules, but purely in the materials that are used to play the game.

Roulette Rules in Short

The game rules of roulette are not difficult at all, but due to the different betting options that are printed on the table, it can sometimes be a little confusing for beginners. That’s why on this page the roulette rules in brief, so you can sit well prepared at the table and enjoy the best casino game there is.

Goal of the Game

Roulette is actually a very simple game. The goal of the game is to determine the correct outcome of the ball in the wheel. You do this by placing a bet on one of the many betting options on the table. If your bet matches the outcome, you win an x ‚Äč‚Äčnumber of times the bet amount; depending on which betting option you used.

Betting Options at Roulette

If you’ve never seen a roulette table before and get to know it for the first time, it may seem a bit confusing and maybe even a bit of a fright. Yet that is not necessary, because the layout of the roulette table is actually very simple and logical. On the table you will find the different betting options, usually printed on green felt, although other colors also occur. By placing chips within the planes of a certain betting option, you determine your bet. It is also possible to use the intersection of certain lines. For example, you can bet on two or four different numbers at the same time. The image below shows which deployment options are available. With every betting option is a letter, these letters correspond to the letters that you will find in the table of payments under the heading of payouts.


The payout at Roulette depends on your bet. The smaller the chance that a certain outcome will become reality, the higher your payout will be. In the table below you can see what each bet yields. The Payout column shows the number of times you receive your winnings, and you also receive your stake back.

Roulette Strategy

Of course you can play roulette blindly, but you can also go for a specific roulette strategy. Roulette is of course primarily a game of chance, but many people find it pleasant to play at least with a fixed strategy. Many different systems have been developed over the years. To give you a look at the different roulette strategies, you will find a number of roulette systems here. Of course you can try it out by playing free roulette in one of the various online casinos. The strategy roulette you can offer, gives you no guarantee of the profit, but brings with it more guidance.

Red Bet

A roulette system that involves relatively little risk is the ‘red bet’ system. You then bet a small amount on red and double this every time the ball does not fall on a red color, until you make a profit. In addition, you always set the minimum amount to black and you double that when the ball falls on ‘0’ (or ’00’). This is the best known variant in roulette systems. The risk is fairly low in this case, but the potential profits also remain fairly limited.


With this roulette strategy you need more money, but you can also win more. You put a certain amount in each round on one of the columns with a payout of 2-1. On the second column you put the double amount and on the third even four times. Each round you double the bets in order to earn back any losses. Within the roulette strategies this is a more risky strategy, but on the other hand it can of course also deliver a lot.

One-touched Wonder

In addition to the roulette strategies where you always increase the bet you can also opt for more stability. You play this roulette strategy by choosing a number and holding on to it in the coming period. In this way you have a chance to win 36x your bet and you only have to win in the 35 innings to at least even play. It is therefore a relatively safe way of playing, which you will not easily cost a lot of money. On the other hand, the roulette system will offer large differences in profits, so that you can earn a lot or very little.


This roulette strategy requires some memory, since every turn you cover all numbers with fishes, except for the last three turns. Unlike other roulette strategies, you assume that the same number is never played, so you can increase the chance of winning. This increases the chance that you will make a profit at the table. As with other roulette systems, it does not guarantee you a profit, but you can put more structure into the game. Roulette tips and strategies will take you a step further.

General Roulette Tips

Before we start treating roulette strategies, it may be wise to give some general roulette tips first. These general tips are for the most part also smart to keep in mind when playing other casino games than roulette.

Online Roulette Tactics

With that last general roulette tip, we automatically come across online roulette tactics and the advantages of online roulette versus roulette at a regular casino. One of the biggest advantages of online roulette games is the wide choice of different roulette variants. Now this is true for almost all casino games, but even more for roulette. This is because the vast majority of regular casinos only offer American roulette. You will have to search long and hard for a French or dollar roulette table in most regular casinos.
At an online casino, however, you have plenty of choice and most roulette variants will simply work with a dollar pool roulette, which is only beneficial for your chances. There are also some other advantages to playing online roulette. The most important ones are:

Bonuses and Actions

This is also a bit of an open door, but something that people sometimes forget. If you play at an online casino you can regularly use bonuses and promotions. This gives you more money to play with and therefore more chance to win with roulette and with the special promotions you also have a chance of winning extra prizes!

Different Variants

As we mentioned earlier, you have a much wider choice of roulette games online. Besides the choice of the three main variants, there are many other variants of the roulette game online. These can provide some extra excitement or variety if you get tired of the traditional roulette games.

Free Play, Learn and Test

However, the most practical thing about online roulette is that you can also play everything for free. This is a perfect way to master the game and the rules, even if you want to try a new variant. But where free play is mainly paying off is when testing a roulette system or roulette strategy that you have found. You can then check without any risk whether the system found is really as easy to use or profitable as indicated.

Best Roulette Strategy and Tactics

Now that we’ve covered the general tips, it’s time to take a look at some roulette systems and how to put them into practice. There are dozens, if not hundreds of roulette systems and roulette tactics devised over the years. It is not possible to list them all here, let alone explain them. That is why we have chosen to cover the best known roulette systems and best roulette strategies that have been proven on this page. Never pay for a roulette tactic! If you have already looked around on the internet for roulette systems, you will know that the offer is very large. Sometimes it is even claimed that they have come up with a system that you never lose. You can skip those systems immediately. Roulette is and remains a game of chance, so a system that always wins simply does not exist. No matter how well they might sell it. Speaking of sales. Never pay or ever pay for a roulette system. The tactics that work have already proven themselves and can all be found for free. When money is asked for such a system, run as fast as possible in the other direction, because the chance that you are being scammed is 100%. Below you will find absolutely free and for free some of the best roulette systems and if there is no where you think you can do something with, then there are enough websites with free systems. In the extreme case you can always purchase a book on this subject. If you googled on strategy roulette and book you will find many.

The Martingale System

We start with the Martingale system. This is probably the best known and most widely used roulette system. Incidentally, this system can be used for all games of chance with an (almost) 50/50 chance. With roulette this means the bets on even / odd, red / black and high / low. You can not use this system for bets with other opportunities. The Martingale system is actually very easy. You agree with a certain commitment with yourself, for example 2 dollars. As long as you keep winning, you keep betting 2 dollars each time. But if you lose, you double your bet until you win. That way you always end up making a good loss. If you win again, you start again with your starting bet and double again if you have lost. Although this roulette system does work and is used by many people, there are some hooks and eyes. So you need a reasonable wallet to continue to double if you are in a losing streak. The second problem is that at a given moment you will reach the betting limit of the table and you can no longer double the bet. But as long as you keep these things in mind, this roulette strategy can certainly help you win. They always keep it small.

The Fibonacci System

The Martingale system has produced many similar systems for 50/50 deployments, including this system based on the Fibonacci series. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who devised the following series: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Each time the previous two numbers are added to get the next number, so after 13 comes 21, because 8 + 13 = 21. Just like with the Martingale system, you bet more every time you lose. In this case, go to the next step in the sequence, multiplying your initial bet with that number. If you win, you will not go back one step, but two steps. Actually, this system is better than the Martingale system, because you have to play less with very large amounts, while keeping your losses small. The disadvantage is that you have to learn the Fibonacci series by heart. But that can be done.

Other Martingale-Like Roulette Systems

In addition to the Fibonacci system, there are many other roulette strategies that are based on the Martingale system. All these systems are based on a 50/50 outcome and can therefore also be used with other games with such a result. We could explain all these systems here for you, but with a bit of searching it should not be difficult to find a good explanation about these systems. Some of the most famous Martingale-like systems are:

  • The 1-3-2-6 system
  • The d’Alembert roulette system
  • The Tier et Tout roulette system

The Pivot System

Roulette is of course more than just the 50/50 bets. All those 50/50 systems might be nice, but that does exclude some of the game. Especially if you prefer to use numbers, you have very few of those systems. That is why we are now dealing with two other systems, starting with the Pivot system. This system requires some preparation before you can actually start playing. Fortunately, these preparations are made easier by the casinos. This roulette system is based on a natural law called the Law of Three. This law stipulates that in a series of 36 numbers, a maximum of 24 different numbers will fall. At every roulette table is now kept track of what the last twisted numbers are. This comes in handy with this system, because before you start you have to keep a record of which numbers have fallen. The moment a number falls for the second time, you choose that number as your pivot number. Then you always spend 36 rounds each time on that same number. According to the Law of Three, this number should fall at least once in those 36 turns and perhaps even more often.

The James Bond System

Let’s close our discussion of roulette systems with the James Bond system. There is actually not really a good reason why this system is named after the British spy, except that in the books and films it can be found regularly at the roulette table. But why it is so hot is not that important at all. What is important is that this is one of the better systems for playing the numbers. With this system you spread the risks over different bets. Let’s take a 20 dollar bet as an example. Of that $ 20 you bet $ 14 on the high numbers, so 19-36. Then you bet 5 dollars on 13-18. The last dollar you leave, you bet on the zero. If a number falls between 19 and 36, you make 8 dollar profit. If the ball comes out at a number between 13 and 18, you have $ 10 wins. And if the zero falls, you’ll even make $ 16 profit. With this roulette system you have a win chance of 65% and that is pretty decent. You could also combine this system with the Martingale system or another 50/50 system for the betting on the high numbers, but that is of course not necessary and can only make things a bit confusing.

Try and Combine

As we wrote before, it is advisable to first try the systems that appeal to you for free a few times. This way you know whether the system works and whether it suits you. Of course you can also think of your own version of a particular system or combine systems with each other. Even then it is smart to test everything first for free. Also do not forget that you will also occasionally lose with every system. The systems are therefore not always to let you win, but to give you profits in the longer term, despite the losses. Also, these systems will not ensure that you will make big hits. These systems are precisely a steady upward trend. If you make a real hit once, it is probably also smart not to continue playing for too long. Grab your winnings at a certain point before you can lose it. But the most important roulette tip is and remains: make sure it stays fun. If you did not enjoy it anymore, it was time to stop a while ago! To say it again: roulette tips are there to help, but they are no guarantee of winning with roulette, only to increase the statistical opportunity.


Now that you’ve read the roulette rules in short, it’s time to practice. There is a wide choice of online casinos where you can play roulette. You’ll even have to do your best to find an online casino where you can not play online roulette in different variants. In addition, live roulette is also offered in many casinos, so plenty of choice. You can play free roulette at most online casinos! Perfect to put into practice the knowledge you have gained here – before you start playing with real money. And if you have the taste, dare a chance for the real profit.