A Guide to Live Casinos in New Zealand

At an online casino, all games are normally computer-controlled. This means that animated video slots or table games are processed with a so-called Random Number Generator in the software. This RNG ensures that the results of the game are as random as possible. The advantages of computer-controlled games are that they are always available, the outcome is not based on human intervention and that you can play quickly because you do not have to wait for other players or the dealer. However, it is a less personal way of gambling than is the case with a landbased casino.

Live Dealer

An ideal way to play casino games with human contact from your lazy chair is to visit the live casino section of an online casino. Table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat can be found at most live casinos and these games are led by a real croupier. You can see the dealer live via various webcams and microphones. Unlike the computer-controlled games, you play in a live casino with real cards and for example a real roulette wheel. In addition, you can contact the dealer and any other players by means of chatting. This makes playing in a live casino almost as cozy as visiting an offline casino!

However, the advantages of a live casino are that you do not have to travel for it. In New Zealand there are not particularly many casinos where table games are offered under the guidance of a croupier. In addition, you have no costs for parking, for example, and there are no dress codes that you should adhere to. In addition, bonus promotions and promotions from online casinos can give you a lot of extra play money, something that you encounter less often in a landbased casino.

What should you consider if you want to play at a live casino?

A point of attention when you want to play online at a live casino is that malicious online providers are active and that many bad providers are running around on the worldwide web. That is why we have made a checklist here with aspects you need to pay attention to before signing up at a live casino, and certainly before you start playing for money. This way you can avoid ending up with a bad or even illegal or criminal live casino.

  • Is the casino reliable? Good live casinos mention their licenses on the website. You can then easily check on the internet what these licenses contain and in which country they were issued. Moreover, it is advisable to read reviews from other users. If there are real wrongs you are often not the first to kick in.
  • Is the site user-friendly? Since online casinos often earn their money almost exclusively from their website, it is of course a bad sign if the site does not work properly. Often you can try out free games at good online providers. Do this to test how fast the games load and whether all functionalities on the site are good. When you have to download games before you can start gambling, there may be viruses in the files. So be extra careful with this.
  • Is the range of casino games good? Not every live casino has many games available. If you only want to do one type of game, this does not have to be a problem, but if you want variety then choosing a site with a more extensive offer is more convenient. Moreover, it is good to see in which language the games in the live casino are available. You obviously need to understand the language to make gambling fun.
  • How is the depositing of money arranged? With good providers there are many ways to deposit money on your account. Is your favorite method, such as iDeal, credit card or PayPal not in between? Then search for a casino that makes this possible.
  • How does the payment of profit work? See how the payout is arranged. For example, how long does it take before you can have money paid out and is there a minimum amount attached to it?
  • Which bonus actions and promotions are there? Through online promotions and promotions, online casinos sometimes give away dozens or even hundreds of dollars of play money. So choose a casino with good promotions and also read carefully the conditions attached to it. You often have to bet the bonus money a number of times within a certain period of time before you can have it paid out.

When you take these points into consideration when selecting a live casino, you can be sure that you will end up with a provider that meets your needs and also operates honestly and reliably.

Why a Live Casino

We understand that most visitors to this website as soon as possible, want to play in an online Live Casino. Nevertheless, the narrow section of the visitors will also be interested in the question why Live Casinos actually arose and how they ended up on the market. That is what this page is for. For these people, who want to know more about the genesis of Live Casinos and about problems that had to be overcome before these Live Casinos could actually get airborne. We start with three reasons for the emergence of Live Casinos. Then we discuss the difficulties that existed during the development and planing process.


An industry that does not innovate is a dead industry. You lose customers and, as a company, you follow the facts at a given moment. Now innovation is often an interaction between the demand from the market on the one hand and the ideas of a developer or producer on the other. There are only a few examples of product innovations that were so good that they could sell themselves. Think of the iPod or Windows. The rest of the innovations arose from the question, the second reason for the development of these Live Casinos.

The demand from the player market

Players in an online casino only want the very best for their money. That is why it is not surprising that a player who wants to play in the online casino does not just start. He first looks at what is possible. And he combines that knowledge with the possibilities that the internet has to offer in itself. That is why the demand for Live Casinos has also grown considerably: people see that it is technically possible to play against another person (the dealer) via a video connection. Because of this they do not have to play against the computer and that is a big advantage for many people.

The casinos want to give something back

Sometimes casinos feel that they are not trusted by their customers. A little suspicion is also not strange, when you see that all outcomes are determined by the computer and that you have little or no influence on this as a person. This makes you somewhat suspicious: is it okay with my money and is it fair to play? That is something that you have less trouble with when you start playing in an online Live Casino. You immediately see what is happening and thus profit optimally from everything that the internet has to offer.

The difficulty of implementation: part 1

It has not always been easy to develop an online live casino. One of the major problems that had to be resolved was to compress the data that the video traffic of server occupied. It soon became clear that playing a game in a Live Casino and passing this game through a normal connection would cost a lot of bandwidth. So a way had to be found where this could be limited and with which people could play without too much trouble. That finally succeeded, making it technically possible to play.

The difficulty of implementation: part 2

A second problem that developers encountered was making available a good interface with which you could place the bets. The fact is that you have to have a decent way to actually bet on one of the options that are available at the many games in the Live Casino. Ultimately, most developers opted for a solution where the graphical interface of the online casino is used to place the bets on the table. The dealer or croupier will then place these bets for you, so that you do not have to worry about this anymore.

The benefits of the Live Casino

We have now discussed what a Live Casino is, what it is not and what the possibilities are for free to play in a Live Casino. But that is not all: you understand that we want to warm you up for playing in an online live casino. That is why we give you on this page no less than 5 advantages compared to playing in a normal or online casino. We do this to confirm to you that it is not just an option to play in the online Live Casino, no it is a choice. It is a choice that will bring you a lot of fun and also offers the possibility to earn a nice pocket money while you win at the Blackjack table or at the Roulette table. Read on for all the benefits!

Advantage 1: it is fair, you see what happens

Many people still have a bit of a feeling in their underbelly when they start playing in a normal online casino. This is because you play against a computer: you do not actually see what happens to your bet, and you depend on what appears on your screen. This is not a problem with the different slot games: this works in the same way as the traditional slot machine and nobody ever really complained about that. But with live blackjack and with Roulette, it would be nice if you could see exactly what is happening, what is on the table and how that result comes about.

Advantage 2: it is a game against a real dealer

This advantage is closely related to the first advantage of playing in a Live Casino. You play in a Live Casino against a real dealer, one of flesh and blood and you can see while you are playing. That means that you end up in an unprecedented luxury: playing against a real dealer, while you are sitting behind your PC. He turns the cards for you, he spins the roulette and he indicates that you can no longer bet or that you have won a nice amount. Because you play against a real dealer, you are doing incredibly well and enjoy everything that an online casino has to offer.

Advantage 3: you can often use a bonus

Not unimportant: when you play in an online casino, you are often eligible for a bonus. You can also use this bonus for playing the games in a Live Casino. After all, you take your balance that you have collected in the online casino (or that you have transferred) to the Live Casino. Because in many cases you receive a bonus, for example for the first deposit or when you regularly come back to the casino, you have double the fun of your money.

Advantage 4: you do not bump into colleagues or acquaintances

A big advantage of playing in an online casino with a Live element is that you can not run into colleagues or acquaintances. This can cause unpleasant situations (Hey, you here? Goh). Because the Live Casino works with a completely anonymous design, you are sure that you will not meet any acquaintances. This allows you to spend hours in one piece at the Live Casino with peace of mind and thereby try to build up a good balance with your balance.

Advantage 5: you play from behind your PC and do not have to leave the door

Perhaps the biggest advantage of playing in an online Live Casino: you experience a casino the way you want to experience it and in the meantime you just do not have to leave the door. As a result, you know how to optimally control the Internet: as one of the great advantages of the Internet, the fact is often mentioned that the internet is approaching a number of things very practically and therefore provides a big advantage for you. Because you do not have to leave the house and the online casino comes to you instead of having to go to the casino, you enjoy all the peace and quiet you have at home and save the travel time, travel costs and expensive drinks at the casino.


The emphasis on playing in a live casino lies in the fact that it is a casino with live dealers who speak English. It is not that the way of playing is different than at other casinos with live dealers. In addition, it is not the case that because it works with New Zealand employees, the company is by definition established in New Zealand. There are specialized companies that work with a studio in which casino tables are set up and from there the dealers work off their shift daily. By using professional studios, live casinos prevent confusion between players in a real casino and those behind their computers. An additional advantage of working from the best casino studio is the ability to serve several countries at the same time. For example, Evolution gaming is the market leader in live casino exploitation and from the studios they use is broadcast in more than 40 countries in as many languages. So see that playing in a New Zealand live casino says nothing about the location.