Locating Reliable Neteller Casinos in New Zealand

Online you can easily gamble at a Neteller casino for winning cash prizes. Neteller is an online payment system that was founded in 1999 in Canada. Since 2004, Neteller’s head office has been in the United Kingdom (specifically the Isle of Man). This also means that Neteller must comply with the rules and system of the United Kingdom with regard to the financial regulations. Neteller is often used for playing at the best online casino websites, also called Neteller Casinos

What is Neteller?

Neteller is not officially a bank, according to the norms, but it does have a clear and transparent system. Neteller is a facility that allows you to pay on the internet, similar to Paypall. In addition, you can choose to pay your purchases online directly, or fill a digital wallet with an x ‚Äč‚Äčamount and from there pay your purchases. You can also choose to apply for a prepaid credit card. According to the laws, they are also obliged to save on deposits of users separately so you always have access to your own money, however amount it goes. The money on your account is therefore not used for interest or to lend to players who need more money. Neteller can repay each user at the same time should that be necessary for whatever reason. Your money is therefore safe.

The Company behind Neteller

The company behind Neteller is the British Paysafe Group Plc. Neteller is mainly used to transfer money for sellers and social networks. In addition, your money on the Net card can be transferred directly to your own bank account. From the Netherlands you can use this payment service worldwide to make purchases or transfer money.

Founder of Neteller

Neteller was founded in 1999. After its establishment in Canada, Neteller moved quickly to the British Isle of Man. Neteller is not a bank but more a sort of locker system. The money you put on Net card is kept separately for you in a game that only you have access to. This ensures that your money is available any time. In exchange for saving your money, you pay an amount to Neteller per transaction. From the start of the company, Neteller is widely used for playing in online casinos and various game sites. Nowadays there are many more (trade) sites where you can deposit or withdraw money via Neteller.


Neteller is a relatively inexpensive way to pay money with the prepaid credit card. For the purchase of the card you pay $ 10, -. The card is not for sale in the store, so it must be requested online. You can deposit money on your card via iDeal and that costs you one percent of the amount to be transferred. If you want to withdraw cash with your card via an ATM, you pay $ 4, – per withdrawal. Paying your purchases online or using the card at a payment machine are free. Creating an account with e-wallet (such as Paypal, without a credit card function is free of charge and you can register via the site

For whom is Neteller to Recommend

Neteller is actually recommended for everyone. As with entering into all agreements, read the conditions and the manual carefully. Because the card is only available online it takes a few days before you have it. The use of the card is furthermore comparable to a regular credit card and Neteller is accepted as a means of payment in many places. Neteller is now accepted in more than 200 countries as a means of payment. For the use of the online payment system you do not have to pay extra costs after registration and opening an account is free. Due to the conditions and the strict control of your money, there is a high level of security within Neteller and you do not have to be afraid to lose your money just like that. The system has various options, both for depositing money and for withdrawing it. And also has one of the highest limits in the world for playing in online casinos

Neteller Account

To use Neteller on, among other things, slot machines at a Neteller Casino, you must be in possession of your own Neteller account and casino account. These can be requested online. You enter the required data, for which an existing email address is required. To place money in your account you can use your own credit card (including Mastercard and Visa Card) You can also top up the credit on your account via most banks and other online payment systems. clearly on the website of Neteller The payments and deposits are executed immediately and this online payment system is equipped with strict security measures to guarantee the reliability of Neteller casinos but also to transfer money anonymously.

Loyalty Programs

Neteller’s regular customers are also rewarded with various loyalty programs. There is a VIP program with personal managers who can help with questions and the height of your limit can be adjusted if necessary. In addition, there is 24-hour support per mail and chat for everyone and the telephone support has a free call-back function. With all the things in a row, you can safely say that Neteller is the best alternative for Paypal.

Pay at a Neteller Casino

Paying with a Neteller gambling account at an online casino is very easy. When you are in possession of an account, you can go to the payment page at the casino of your choice. You choose the E-wallet option there. Here you can make various choices, and for a payment with your Neteller account you select Neteller as an option. You will then receive an input screen and you have to enter your login details (login name and password). Then you choose the amount you want to transfer and in which currency you want to do that. (Please note that this must be the same as the currency with which the casino plays and that you can use with your Neteller account.) Your play money is immediately available after transfer to a Neteller Casino, so you can also start playing right away. transferring the money is free of charge and Neteller also allows you to receive bonuses for gambling, resulting in a welcome bonus for new players and interim bonuses if you are more likely to gamble for winning prizes.

Withdraw Money from a Neteller Casino

If you want to take the profit at the casino, or own it is better to say that you want to deposit the money on your Neteller account, that is easy to realize. In size, this works the same as paying at a Neteller Casino. You now only go to the page for payments / withdrawals. Again you have to fill in the details of your account, so again your login name and password. Fill in the remaining input fields and the money is almost the same on your account. It is true that most casinos only transfer the money to a Neteller account if a payment has already been made via that account.

Which Casinos are a Neteller Casino?

Since Neteller as an online payment system is already recognized by most casinos worldwide, it is also the reason that most casinos can also be considered as a Neteller Casino. At every online casino it is clearly stated which payment systems they accept.

Benefits of using Neteller

The use of the online payment system in a Neteller Casino offers many advantages. Your payments are secure and are encrypted. When transferring money, only your account number is visible, you can not be seen with name and other details. Depositing and withdrawing money is the same, so you do not have to wait for your payout or the moment you can start playing. You can make your payment or withdrawals directly from the online casino of your choice, without being diverted via another digital route.

Disadvantages of the use of Neteller

Although the use of an online account with a Neteller Casino has many advantages, there are also a number of drawbacks. Yet there are not many. Creating an account takes some time. And then with names the part where you have to register for an ID etc. This is fortunately a one-off. For some parts of the online payment system an extra payment has to be made. This is all clearly stated in the conditions. There is a limit to the use of Neteller. You can play to a certain amount per day.

Why should You gamble in a Neteller Casino?

If you are still not completely convinced why you should gamble in a Neteller Casino, we have put the advantages here in a row.

1 Experience

As mentioned earlier, Netja was founded in the online gambling world a year after the year 2000, when online payments in online casinos were cumbersome at the time and it often took a long time before money was spent. Neteller was a groundbreaking service, fast and secure, and was therefore embraced by millions of online gamblers. 17 years later, the service has only been further developed. Who says online casinos and payments, says Neteller. Experience that feels nice.

2 Safety

In addition to all the encryption (SSL, 128-bit) that you can expect from an international payment service such as Neteller, Neteller offers you, in addition to the abovementioned guarantee scheme in fraud cases, the cooperation it has had since 2007 with the international credit card company Mastercard. This collaboration makes it easier to pay if you have a Mastercard credit card, but also more secure because two such big brands together have a watertight payment system because of their years of knowledge and experience in the field of online payments.

3 Speed

The big advantage to e-wallets and online casinos is that payments are made with digital money. No more trouble with bank transfers, filling in your details is sufficient. This convenience benefits the speed, especially because having a good internet connection is all you need for a Neteller transaction.

4 Acceptance

As said before, Neteller has been involved in the online gambling world for a long time. That is why it is a challenge to find an online casino, especially when it comes to the larger and more reputable ones, which do not allow payments to be made via Neteller. As long as you ensure that you have a Neteller account, you can assume that every online casino is a Neteller casino.

5 Additional benefits

Credit cards give benefits to customers who have more to spend, and online casinos reward high rollers with extra bonuses or memberships of exclusive VIP clubs. At Neteller, this also works, you can easily spend more money if you want, because you can adjust your limit yourself. A larger spending limit is also rewarded, with advantageous extras.


Free online gambling is fun if you want to try out a new game or have no money in your pocket, but the real excitement and possible prizes will only come when you play for real money. But you do not want to worry about that money, you want it to be fast and safe. With its years of experience, Neteller is the payment service par excellence to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to making payments in online casinos. A few clicks of the button is sufficient to ensure that your casino account is completely refilled and you are ready to play. In addition, Neteller is accepted almost everywhere, the slogan of the company could have been: “Every online casino is a Neteller casino.” To be sure, check the reviews of our Casino Toplist to see if you can use this service, deposit an amount, choose one