Casino Games online New Zealand 2019

The range of casino games differs per casino. Especially the range of video slots, a different name for slot machines, varies per casino. Very different is that for the best-known casino games such as blackjack and roulette. These casino games and the rules of the game are almost the same in every casino. Whoever plays at an online casino will often be overwhelmed by the large selection of casino games. There are different types of games that can also have different themes. This does not make choosing much easier. That is why we explain in this article exactly what types of games there are and how to make a good choice. After all, the most important thing is that you enjoy playing Casino Games. If you can also earn a nice penny with it, then that is, of course, a nice bonus. We can not explain the rules of all casino games in this article. We give a nice overview of all kinds of casino bonus games that the online casino offers nowadays. We can make the main division of the following types of casino games:


Slots are one of the most popular casino games of the moment. These games were originally created as a digital version of the famous slot machines we know from the pub and the restaurant. Although there are now also classic slot machines such as Lucky 8 Line and Jackpot 6000 to play in an online casino, slots are nowadays very modern. Video slots, as the newest kind of playboxes, are also called, often have beautiful graphics. Also, very high payout percentages (especially when we talk about NetEnt slots) and fun animations are part of these casino games: all exciting features and many extras that provide a lot of challenge. Examples of modern video slots with breathtaking graphics are Egg-o-Matic, Aliens and Gonzo’s Quest. The payout percentages of these NetEnt slots are often above 95%. Besides the classic slots and the video slots, there are also Jackpot Slots.

Progressive jackpots at video slots

These games often differ little from the video slots but have an extra element, namely the jackpot. Often this jackpot is progressive, which means that the prize pool continues to grow as long as players keep putting money into this game. A percentage of each deposit is then placed in the jackpot. All players together are therefore responsible for the height of the jackpot. Games like Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights and of course the Wonder Slots (Geisha Wonders, Icy Wonders and Tiki Wonders) have progressive jackpots that can run in the millions. Many slot machines have also been released as mobile versions and can be played on the tablet and smartphone. Slots come in different themes: from classic, cheerful and colourful to horror, adventure and there are also slots based on films and books. In short: choice enough!

Table games

There are hundreds of types of table games, but they are certainly not all equally popular. The absolute number one among the gambling games is of course Poker. A good second place we can entrust to Blackjack and also casino games like Punto Banco, Roulette and Craps are also very popular. There are loads of different types of poker alone but Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Carribean Stud Poker are by far the most played. Also, video poker, where you play poker on a game screen and not at a table, can now also be played anywhere online.


A game that is very simple: you bet on a number, and if the bullet is in the box with that number you will be paid according to a fixed pay table. It only becomes complicated if you start looking at the different betting options. You can bet on multiple numbers at once and on various combinations. How exactly this works can be found on our special page about roulette; here you will find the rules and everything you would want to know about the still most popular casino game.


In our country also known as twenty-one and probably the oldest game, which is played a lot in both traditional casinos and online. One gets two cards, to begin with, and it is the intention of the game to have a total value that is higher than that of the bank and to stay below 22. The bank only stops at a total of at least 17, so it is often wise to request cards up to a total of at least 17. Online Blackjack has various betting options.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Poker is a very popular card games. Poker tournaments are organised all over the world, with substantial cash prizes to be earned. There are players, just like with bridge, who made it their profession. Traditional poker is a game between players. The game we describe here is its casino variant, where the players play against the bank (the casino).


Scratch cards we all know from the supermarket and drug store but these gambling games are also available in digital format. In fact, it works the same but online there is much more money to be gained. The odds are usually also higher compared to the classic scratch cards that you buy at the store. eSports betting has been around for centuries and has come over from the UK. There, too, money is being used for example on horse racing, football matches or tennis tournaments.


Bingo is a fast growing game, especially among the female casino players. It seems that there is still a lot of stretch in the development of different variants.


Keno is a variation on the time-honoured bingo game. Like bingo, it is a 100% game of chance, with which you can participate with modest bets. And just like in the lotto, where you can become a millionaire with a small bet, you can also get very nice prizes at Keno if you have enough songs. There are plenty of casinos that offer it.


Baccarat, it sounds a bit dignified, and that’s how it looks when you enter a random casino. The Baccarat tables are often a little afterwards, and the players are usually tip-top dressed. Online the game is much more popular than offline. That may be because online players can skip all the fuss and get to the core of the game. The game is very easy to play. The best cards are the 8 and the 9, the so-called ‘naturals’. You bet on the player or the dealer. If one of the two gets 8 or 9, it immediately ends of exercise. Otherwise, they will get a card and whoever finishes closest to the nine will be the winner. If an 8 or a 9 has been drawn in online Baccarat, that is seen as a ‘natural’, and the game is over. If no naturals are drawn, the player and dealer will receive another card and the one that comes closest to 9 wins. Alternating your bet between one and the other is good. This is where your intuition can bring money into the drawer. Do not always stick to one of the two!


Craps is a dice game, one of the oldest known game forms. Already in ancient times, there were variants known, although we are not always sure what the commitment was. In any case, it seems that throwing dice has always had two faces: a mystical form and a form of play. If the first form were a bit reliable, it would be a great help to play Craps: you roll with dice to find out if you are going to win when throwing dice. Nonetheless, entire tribes have believed in the results of the stones, to this day!

Betting on sports

Sports bets are available in all types, sizes and you can not think of it as crazy, or there is a bet for closing. Keno is a lottery game that has a lot of similarities with Bingo. The game works as follows. The player receives a card with eighty numbers and chooses 20 with which he or she will play. A bet is placed, the game starts with new numbers always being listed. The more numbers you have chosen correctly, the higher your profits will be. Bingo is a game in which players try to match the numbers on a card with the numbers that roll out of the bingo mill. The gambling game years ago already shaken off the dusty wool socks image. Nowadays it is not only played in community centres and old people’s centres, but the game has become particularly popular online. Bingo rooms at online casinos are often filled to the brim with enthusiastic players from all over the world. Besides, Bingo is also a huge social game and is often chatted by the players during game rounds or after a game.

Live Casino games

Live casino is pretty new. Games like poker used to play online only against the computer. With the arrival of online Live Casinos, that changed. In a Live Casino, you have a choice of different games including Poker or Roulette for example but also Blackjack. Through a webcam, you can see the dealer live at work and follow the game in a real-time setting. So you enjoy a real casino experience with casino games, but with all the “comforts of home”.

Play free casino games

As you have already seen above, different kinds of casino games are available for gambling. Also, you can also bet on sports and even compete against live casino dealers for winning prizes. Do not want to gamble directly for real money, but know what to expect? Then there is a solution for that! The websites of the online casinos offer you the opportunity to play free casino games. What does this mean? That you will be allowed to use the demo balance without the risk of losing a demo. This applies to both slots and gaming tables that can be played online. If you want to play the games at an online casino for free, you do not need to have an account. You only need to load the website of a casino online and click on the game offer. Once in the game offer, you will immediately be able to start with the virtual balance. For this, you have to click on a game that you want to play. For the casino games of most game developers, moreover, you can usually play unlimited. This means that you can practice for as long as you want to venture for money.

Use real money

The website of an online casino can bring a lot of profits. How can you play for the winnings on the casino games? That is very easy to explain. To begin with, you have to choose a casino that you would like to gamble with. At that casino, you choose to create an account via the registration form. Once you are registered, you can add money through various deposit options. Depositing money is safe and trusted. After all, transactions are completed from an SSL connection. For example, you can use credit for example with Skrill, VISA, Neteller, PaySafeCard or Mastercard. When you have money available you can play on all the casino games that are available. Depending on the type of slot you choose, you have to take into account the betting limits that are used. When playing online slots, video slots and jackpot slots is often a minimum bet of $ 0.01 per spin. Important to keep in mind: the fact that this depends on the number of paylines that is activated. After all, with many slots, you can set the number of lines yourself. Do you opt for table games such as roulette, blackjack, punto banco or poker? With these casino games, you can usually place your bets from $ 0.10 per round, unless you opt for the live casino. Within the live casino, software gambling is allowed from $ 1 per bet.

Good mobile availability

Are you also a fan of a large number of games? Then know that mobile casino games are also possible. The casino games have been developed by the software producers so that they can be played both online and mobile. Before you can gamble with a smartphone or tablet, first make sure that it is connected to the internet. After that, you can go and gamble through the browser, and you are therefore not dependent on an app. All you have to do is request the website of a casino. After this, you can find the range of casino games on the full screen. Which game you ultimately play will, of course, determine yourself. Moreover, mobile free play is possible without an account. Players, who want to gamble with real money? They can log in with the same account as online and thus always use the same balance.

Guaranteed safe gambling

Before you choose a casino to go to gambling, just the following. If you choose the casino games at an online casino that we have tested, security is guaranteed. To begin with, we always look first at the presence of casino licenses. If a casino has been approved by games of chance authority such as the UK Gambling Commission, the Belgian Gaming Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, security is guaranteed for all players. After all, the legal requirements for offering casino games are met. This also applies not only to the online gaming environment but also to the mobile gaming platform offered by a casino. In addition to the licenses, the presence of a Random Number Generator is also important. If an RNG is used on the casino games, you have the certainty that results are fair. The Random Number Generator is directly processed in the casino software. Moreover, it is encrypted, so that no casino can oppose your chances of winning. How exactly does the RNG work? At the slots, it ensures that reels randomly come to a standstill with arbitrary symbols on the paylines. Players who opt for a game table always have the certainty that random numbers are chosen for roulette or random playing cards are shared among other things with blackjack or punto banco. Also, the fair odds of winning money will not be lost when playing casino games online and mobile!

Suitable bonuses for casino games

What could be nicer than playing with money from someone else that can still be won? If you choose to play online casino games, it is possible. This is based on the many casino bonuses issued to gamble. Because different bonuses can be received, it seems useful to give a small overview. Below you will find a brief explanation of what you can expect from the most important bonuses.

Welcome bonus

If you are new to a casino and have not had an account before, you can get a welcome bonus. You receive this after your registration and usually based on your first deposit. This often involves a bonus percentage of 100%, which allows you to double your top-up. This quickly concerns up to a few hundred dollars worth of bonus credits to gamble on casino games.

Deposit bonus

Once you have received a welcome bonus at a casino, the principle of the deposit bonus is also easy to understand. This bonus is given as an extra to players who deposit in the interim. During the promotion period, you will receive an extra amount of money based on a percentage. This allows you to gamble freely on the offered casino games. The percentage and the maximum bonus amount are different for each action. For example, you can receive a 30% up to $ 300, and another 50% up to a maximum of $ 200. Everything is of course neatly displayed at the casino.

Free spins bonus

The presence of a free spins bonus at the online casino will not go unnoticed. If you want to receive a free spins bonus, this can be done in different ways. For example, with the welcome bonus, you can often already receive the first session with free spins. Do you play with your account more often? Then you receive extra free spins without deposit or sometimes also with deposit. This depends entirely on the bonus action that is written by the casino.

VIP bonus

The availability of a VIP bonus does not apply to every online casino. There are more and more casinos to be found where the casino games themselves can offer VIP bonuses. If you want to receive a VIP bonus you often have to save points or raise levels higher with your account. Points or levels provide free money or free spins for gambling. Is there a VIP lobby? Then you can often exchange points for gadgets and travel. Advantages enough to find in any case!

Responsible Gaming

Online gambling can be very fun and even very lucrative. However, keep in mind that you can not always win. Sometimes you will also lose, and that is part of it. Be prepared for this and never play above your budget. If you regularly lose money that you should not lose, you feel guilty about your gaming behaviour or notice that your behaviour is changing negatively, then online gambling can become a problem. It can even lead to addiction, which in turn can lead to a loss of perspective in money, time and relationships. It is important that you respond adequately to possible symptoms of gambling addiction so that gambling remains fun and responsible.

Limiting risks

There are various tools to keep the risks to problematic gaming behaviour as small as possible. Perhaps one or more of these tools can also help you to keep online gambling fun and responsible:

Stick to your budget

The most important rule: draw up a realistic budget and stick to it. This requires some discipline (because gambling is and remains very nice) but can very well help to prevent possible problems. Which helps a lot: set a fixed day on which you can play for yourself during a fixed time frame, preferably with a fixed amount of money. An example: every Saturday you deposit 25 dollars. You play from 12.00 – 14.00. If your balance is cleared before 14:00, you will stop earlier. All the balance that you have after 14.00 hours, you immediately deposit back or leave you until the next Saturday. Enjoy this “outing”, whether you win or lose. And do not forget: op = op. Accept your loss and know that there is a new chance next week (or month). All online casinos that we recommend also offer various tools that can help you to play responsibly:

Interim reports

After every game period of usually one hour, a message appears on the screen stating how long you are playing, what your balance is profit or loss over that period and whether you want to continue playing. Use this interim report to check how you stand for it. Have you lost more money than you can afford? Stop immediately. Never try to win your money back by continuing to gamble. Are your profit? Consider also to stop and perhaps withdraw money.

Deposit limit

Determine your maximum deposit limit per period. Use this to prevent you from depositing more money than your budget allows.

Loss limit

At many casinos, it is also possible to set your loss limit. By using this function you determine the amount that you can lose per period. This is especially useful if you have won a large amount and want to avoid losing everything again.

Cooling Down period

By choosing this, you exclude yourself for a relatively short period (usually seven days). During this period you can not log in, donate money and not play (for money) — an ideal tool to come to some reflection and to put some things in order.


An exclusion is a more drastic method and is therefore for a longer period, usually between 6 and 12 months. During this period you can not log in, donate money and not play (for money). Besides, most providers will not send emails with offers and will also not actively approach you when the exclusion period ends. An exclusion period is final for the duration of the period and can therefore not be reversed in the meantime.

Customer service

If you suspect that you have a gambling problem, you can always ask for support via customer service (mail, telephone or chat). They will help you where possible and can refer you to specialised agencies if necessary.

Gambling under 18 years

In most countries, it is forbidden to gamble if you have not yet reached the age of 18. If there are children under the age of 18 who have access to the computer, ensure that usernames, passwords and bank details are stored safely. You can also consider using programs like NetNanny and Cyber ​​Patrol to create a safe environment.

Keep it real

At PokiesPortal we like online gambling. Very much even. But always in perspective and within our budget. So that it also remains fun. And if that does not work, take action. If you find that your gambling behaviour is at the expense of your work, family, relationship or your financial situation, then it is time to take steps. A responsible play before everything.

Our Conclusion

Try the casino for free first before you make your first deposit. Does it play nicely? Can you find your favourite games? How easy can you navigate? Try out a few casinos before you play for real money. Playing only on casino games from trustworthy game providers is essential. Because at an online casino you always play on external servers of the game provider, they must be 100% trustworthy. Reliable game providers include Netent, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Thunderkick, Quickspin and Big Time Gaming. The casino games of these game providers are regularly tested for fairness, independence and payout percentage. This way you can be sure that you have a fair chance to beat the casino.