Locating Reliable Bitcoin casinos in New Zealand

If you go online at one of the Bitcoin casinos this means that you choose a gambling site where the Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method. Favorable, because if you use Bitcoins you do not have to convert other currencies to gamble at these specific casinos. Incidentally, for most casinos accepting Bitcoins also applies that in regular currencies can be played. Do you want to play at one of the Bitcoin casinos, but do not use the Bitcoin payment method? Then you can also simply add your dollars with other known methods and start playing for the winnings.

Bitcoin Casinos Safety

When you make the choice to play at a Bitcoin casino, safety is assured. All casinos with Bitcoins that we have tested have licenses to offer games of chance online. What this entails? The casinos have been approved by legal authorities that are authorized to issue licenses by law. As soon as a Bitcoin casino thus complies with the legislation, such a license is issued and they can put an offer of casino games online. Moreover, they also want to run a mobile casino under the licenses. Would you like mobile gambling at one of the online Bitcoin casinos that we tested? Then that is also possible. Our experience shows that you should never use an app for this, but that you can start immediately without downloads.

Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

Online there are many different casinos that have made gambling possible with Bitcoin. All these casinos also give bonuses and that is very interesting. Welcome bonuses for example if you sign up as a new gambler at one of the Bitcoin casinos. Two examples of welcome bonuses that you can get at Bitcoin casinos are listed below for you.

Cash deposits and Withdrawals with Bitcoin at Online Casinos

To make a deposit, you navigate just like with other payment methods to the payment page of a bitcoin casino. Here you can choose between a money deposit or cash withdrawal. To deposit bitcoins, just follow the steps that follow as you are used to other payment methods. This only takes a few minutes, so you are playing fast in a bitcoin casino. Even if you want to pay, this is no problem. Gel deposits and cash withdrawals happen completely anonymously.

Emergence of Crypto-Currency Bitcoins

With the rise of the crypto-currency bitcoins, this virtual payment method was also accepted in more and more places as a valid way to pay your bill. Online casinos obviously could not be left behind in this. Some existing online casinos accepted bitcoins as a valid payment method, but new online casinos were also created. New online casinos that completely plunged to the players who gamble online with bitcoins! Anyone who wants to take a bet with bitcoins will have to look further and have to look for a reliable bitcoin casino.

Where should you pay Attention to

It is important to be critical when choosing the bitcoin casino where you will take a gamble. In addition to reliable bitcoin casinos, there are unfortunately also unreliable bitcoin casinos where your bitcoins are not safe. Some important points that you should pay attention to:

• does the bitcoin casino have a casino license?
• are the games equipped with a random number generator and has it been independently tested?
• are data collected via a secure and encrypted SSL connection?
• does the bitcoin casino actually pay prizes?

This list of points to check is not complete, but these four points are a good start. If a bitcoin casino meets these four points, it looks good. If a bitcoin casino does not meet these four points, then it is certainly not good. Fortunately, in our Toplist we only offer betable casinos so you do not have to search long for reliable bitcoin casinos. We have checked the licenses for you and tested these bitcoin casinos by pouring bitcoins, making a bet and turning the prize money. This is to test whether the bitcoin casino is reliable.

Even more Advantages of a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos can work very transparently. Thanks to the technology used, they can demonstrate a completely fair course of events. For example, they use algorithms that demonstrably generate fair random numbers. These numbers are in turn shielded from both players and casino by the safest encryption. That way they are impossible to influence. Furthermore, bitcoin casinos have a very low house edge, or the casino’s built-in advantage over players, and a very high return rate, or the amount of money that returns to the players. In addition to the original bitcoin, there is also bitcoin cash from 1 August 2017, which is another coin as the original one.

What are Good and Reliable Bitcoin Casinos

Legislation and regulations are developing in the field of both cryptocurrency and that of online games of chance. Some countries are already leading the way, and here you will find licensed online casinos where you can use your bitcoins. A licensing is of course a good indication of reliability, but because the laws and regulations are slow, you certainly do not have to mistrust casinos without a license. Good examples of reliable online bitcoin casinos, which have been active for years, have a good reputation, and have a license: You can find them in our Toplist on the Homepage.

Why is a Bitcoin Casino different from an Ordinary Casino?

The most important difference between ‘normal’ (online) casinos and bitcoin casinos is working from the blockchain. If you play at a bitcoin casino, you can deposit your won bitcoins directly into your wallet, without the intervention of an extra payment layer and without delay. Furthermore, the blockchain greatly increases your anonymity. However, it does of course require a technical investment from the casino. For a traditional casino, where the ‘normal’ currency is still being paid, the changing laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies also constitute a big stumbling block. Because of this they will not be tackling so quickly for the time being.

Bitcoin, What is it and How is it Genesis

Scientists, specialists in cryptography and students decided at some point to develop a new currency. It was no more than a scientific experiment in the beginning. The participants wanted to investigate whether it was possible to introduce a currency in this way. The basis was that it had to be a system that could be managed and controlled by “everyone”. In fact, bitcoin is nothing more than a computer program that is very ingenious. Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 in an article in a scientific journal. On a forum for cryptographers the software was made available in 200 for the project to actually start. Satoshi Nakamoto became known as the “inventor” of the bitcoin. Who or what is behind this pseudonym is still unknown. It can be one person, but also a group of people. In 2017 there was great excitement because Nakamoto announced to make himself known. But this did not happen at the last minute. The software originally launched in 2009 is now maintained and improved by a large group of experts.

Scientific Experiment

It has never been completely clear what the (most important) reason has been for the development and introduction of the bitcoin. In the initial period from 2009 the inventor Nakamoto was regularly found on discussion forums about the bitcoin. There, he or the representatives of the group indicated that the development of the bitcoin originated solely from an interest and scientific point of view. There has never been a political reason. The software does include hints, such as a hint to a newspaper article from 2009 that talks about a new round of financial support to the banks, to prevent them from falling over as a result of the economic crisis that prevailed at the time. The moment of introduction of the bitcoin certainly does not seem to happen just in this period.

The Bitcoin System

Bitcoin is in fact nothing more than a system where people decide to pay each other with this coin. In fact, that is the same as with any other currency, with the only difference that the bitcoin is not physically available in coins and bills. Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide now deliver their services and products against payment with bitcoins. The big difference with other coins is that bitcoin is not from one person but from everyone who participates. A huge digital ledger is kept up-to-date on the state of the bitcoin via the computer system. All transactions made with bitcoins are recorded by means of the computer system. This makes it possible to pay someone fast, cheap and safe for a product or service. Especially the fact that the bitcoin is everyone’s and therefore independent of a country, bank or political conviction appeals to many people.

The Technique of Bitcoin icm Gambling

Bitcoin exists only on paper. Or rather: in the computer program that is used for the trade in bitcoin. It is in fact a huge digital ledger. Here you can see exactly who owns bitcoins and how much. If Mr. Smith has 2 bitcoins, and Mrs. Reid has 1 bitcoin, that’s what it says in the general ledger. If Mr. Smith then makes a payment to Mrs. Reid of 0.5 bitcoin, then the new stand is 1.5 bitcoin for Mr. Smith and 1.5 bitcoin for Mrs. Reid. The falsification of bitcoins is almost impossible. The computer program always has a back-up of the latest state of affairs. If you want to forge the coin, you would have to be able to adjust the general ledger on a very large number of computers at exactly the same time. This is not or hardly feasible. This makes the bitcoin in its current form very safe. Even the strongest supercomputers will not get this done. The bitcoin network runs on the largest network in the world and can not be cracked. You can view the ledger of bitcoin through the website of BlockChain.

Live Bitcoin Casinos

Although most of us think it’s great to play games in a live casino, it’s not for everyone. We have now found a solution for that! The only thing you need is a smartphone or other device on which you have access to the internet. You can play gambling games from your own living room! The use of Bitcoin makes online gambling safer and easier. Guaranteed a super experience!

Real life Experience

Thanks to the latest inventions in the field of software technology, gamblers from all over the world can come into contact with real people, games and action. This makes for an unrivaled experience! Thanks to the use of webcams you can play the games live so that it feels like you are present at the game. And if the webcams were not enough, each card also contains an RFID chip that allows the game to continue on the device you are playing with.

Use of Bitcoins

The use of Bitcoins as a means of payment in online (live) casinos is becoming increasingly popular. They can play their favorite casino games with the same experience that they would have as they would sit directly in the casino. At AnonymousCasino the best games are offered that are all very easy to operate and have a clear and beautiful design. This ensures an optimal experience.

Benefits of using Bitcoins

The use of Bitcoins or Litcoins provides a safer operating environment. The transactions are better secured and insured and are processed almost immediately. Also, using your anonymity is better guaranteed. No personal data needs to be provided to us. After creating an account and after a first deposit on that account you will receive a bonus of 150% of what you have paid!

Bitcoin is on the Rise

This is reason for many people to find out how this digital currency actually originated. However, this is a question that can not easily be answered. The real reason has never been made known. What is known is that in 2009 software was launched in which one thing and another became clear. For example, it was described that a financial system should be installed that did not suffer from the banking crisis at the time. Moreover, anonymous creators of the digital currency spoke on online forums. This showed a thorough knowledge of the financial world and the bitcoin seemed to be an experiment.

A big problem that many people face is that the bitcoin can not be properly understood. This is the currency that you can not physically control. So you can make payments with something you do not see. This applies not only to bitcoin, but also to other examples of digital coins such as ethereum, ripple and other variants. The fact that even well-known currencies have been going from bank to bank for many years via digital traffic is not a reason for many people to understand the crypto coins as if they were the same. This is also not strange.

Bitcoin is an idea of ​​a group of very smart people who had knowledge of different areas. Since the introduction in 2009, there has also been continuous work on further development. There is also a check that is very strict. As a result, the digital coins of bitcoin can now be traded for so long. Although coins may not be the right word because it really does not concern more than very smart software. The smart thing is that it has never been known who is behind the coin. Only the name of the inventor is known, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows this man, so the question is whether it really is a person.

Security of Bitcoin Casinos

Just like with other payment methods, bitcoin will always work to raise safety to the highest level. The bitcoin is seen as a very safe currency, even more secure than other payment methods. When looking for a secure online bitcoin casino, you should consider the same rules as other payment options. The reliability and safety depends on a number of factors, which you can check for yourself. So you should check whether the online bitcoin casino has a valid license. If this is the case, this online casino will be arranged by an anonymous autonomous authority. With a valid license, you can be sure that you are going to take a gamble at a regulated, secure bitcoin casino. The license can simply be found on the website of the online casino. When an online casino has nothing to hide and fully complies with the rules and controls, you will easily find that license.


Progressive online casinos have already realized that the bitcoin is a convenient payment method and therefore offer this option to their online casino players. This currency is cheap, anonymous and fast and which online casino player does not choose? You save yourself from high transaction costs and unnecessary commissions because no third parties are involved.

You have full control over the bitcoin and choose where and when you pay with it. You can pay with bitcoins via your bitcoin wallet, the place where you stored your bitcoins. And you can also receive money from your online bitcoin casino. This is completely anonymous, so you do not have to worry about whether your identity remains secret. This anonymity not only ensures that you feel more at ease, but you also save a lot of time because you do not have to go through the verification processes.

In fact bitcoin does not differ so much from other payment methods. You will therefore quickly get used to it once you have been able to get hold of it. If you would like to be kept informed of online bitcoin casinos, be sure to stay on our site. Check out our toplist to see which are the best online casinos according to us. We wish you lots of fun!