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How did Baccarat arise? Baccarat is very popular in Asia but who invented it? But what is the most necessary thing you have to learn and remember about a casino game before you play it and try to win money with it? These are of course the rules of the game, and we are talking about Baccarat, then the answer should be the Baccarat rules. It is also important to know that every casino game has its own history and development. And every professional gambler would tell you that the history of Baccarat is also important to know before you can become a true professional! Let us go directly to the historic door so that you are one step closer to your career as a professional Baccarat player. It is always interesting to learn new things about your favorite card game, right?

History of Baccarat – The Beginning of the Game

The main question of the Baccarat history is; where does the game come from? From France or from Italy? The creator of the game is probably Italian gambler Felix Falguerein, but Baccarat became hugely popular when it ended up among the French soldiers of Charles VIII at the end of the 15th century. It was France where two Baccarat variations were developed, namely Chemin de Fer and Baccarat and Banque. These two variations reached the whole world. When the history of Baccarat was only in Italy it was played as a Tarot game, but later the Tarot game was replaced with a 52-card deck. It is also thought that the middle class had no access to the game, but that is not entirely true because it was probably also played in illegal clubs. The name Baccarat comes from the Italian word “baccara” which means “zero” and results in a loss in the game.

Play Baccarat

It was the end of the 19th century when Baccarat had completed her trip to America thanks to the English and French residents who lived there. But playing Baccarat was not very popular because another card game, Blackjack, was very strong in his shoes. It was the time that Blackjack was hugely popular in America and played almost everywhere. Baccarat therefore had no chance to gain ground. Baccarat came to Cuba and was named Punto Banco and stayed there until the 1950s. Tommy Renzoni, a casino player and writer, brought Baccarat to Las Vegas where the game was born again. The rules and name of the game (Punto Banco) remained the same and the third-popular Baccarat variation, North American Baccarat, was born. Americans loved the game and were very excited to play the game. They started to make their own variations on Baccarat, one of those variants is still very popular today, namely Mini Baccarat. Two original Baccarat games were not forgotten because dollar crowds were in no hurry to accept a new Baccarat game and Chemin de Fer and Baccarat and Banque continued to play in the casinos.

Baccarat as we Know it Today

The history of Baccarat game is not yet fully written; the game continues to evolve and continues to bring a lot of fun to its fans. Just like most card games, there will undoubtedly be new variants of this game on the market in the future. Certainly a card game continues to develop over the centuries. The history of Baccarat will probably have more chapters in it over hundreds of years. Thanks to the internet, a new chapter has already been opened for Baccarat and the players. Today more and more players can play this card game online for both play money and real money. So all online casinos are happy with the different Baccarat games and can easily be offered via the internet. That in combination with nice bonuses and fast access has done the popularity of Baccarat only well.

Baccarat Game Explanation

Baccarat (Punto Banco) is a fairly easy card game to start with. A decision is only made before the game begins, so that no decisions have to be made during the game. This makes it a pleasant and yet exciting game to play! What matters with baccarat is betting on the one with a total number that is closest to 9. You can choose between Punto (the player), Banco (the bank) or Tie at a draw. As with more card games, the ace represents a value of 1. Cards 2 to 9 are worth the value shown on the card and the 10, jack, queen and king have a value of 0. At the start of the game, there are 2 cards for the bank and 2 cards for the player explained. If you have a value higher than 10, the ten will lapse. For example, if you have a 9 and a 5, which is 14, then you have 4 points. A total of more than 9 points is thus made impossible. If 1 of the players has a point total of higher than 8, no more cards will be dealt. If the point total of both players is the same, that is called a ‘tie’. If there are no two occurrences on the first 2 cards, an extra card must be placed.

Baccarat Rules

With every game there is played with 8 packs of cards in the game. The cards with a number, the two to nine, all have their own value. All images, the farmer, wife and lord have no values ​​and represent the 0. And finally the ace counts for one point. A total of fourteen players participate and one dealer. Each new round starts with betting on the one you think comes closest to the nine. There are three options, you bet on a player (this can be yourself), on the dealer or you predict an equal outcome. As a player you receive two cards. The one that comes closest to the nine that wins. If your point total exceeds nine, then only the last digit counts. As an example, with a total number of eighteen points, only the eight counts. Everyone at the table is the dealer in turn, counted clockwise. If you win as a dealer, the turn will stay with you. Otherwise it will move to the player on your left hand. Another version of baccarat is the mini baccarat. Actually this is played with the same rules but the way of sharing is just different. The game is therefore even faster and more dynamic and the proportions for paying out are no different. This involves playing with six packs of cards. There are different variations of the game baccarat where each variation has different rules. The most popular types of baccarat are american baccarat, chemine de fair and baccarat and bank, and each type is different from the others with differences in the rules.

American Baccarat Rules

Rules for playing from American baccarat. American baccarat can be spelled by 14 people maximum. The places of the players are with numbers from 1 to 15 with a total of 13, because it is thought that 13 is an unfortunate number. Each of the players places his stake on the table for himself. There are three sons for stakes for each player, who are different types for stakes, where the possibilities are – “player”, “banker” or “equal”. Each player can put his stake on one, two or all the sons on the table. When you put a stake on a “player”, the player puts a stake on his own cards. When a “banker” is put on strike, the player will win if the hand of the dealer is profitable. When you put “on the right” stake, the player will win if the player and the banker have hands with equal value. When you stop on “banker”, the player will bet if the hand of the dealer is profitable. Baccarat is spelled with 6 to 8 packs of cards, depending on the rules of the casino. In order to calculate the value of each hand, one has to collect the values ​​of the cards, the hand of which is made up, in this way: the cards from 2 to 9 carry the value; 10, boy, lady and gentleman carry value of 0 and the ace brings 1. For example a hand, this is of 6 and 2, has the value 8 (6 + 2 = 8). A hand, that of a lord and is 3, has the value 3 points (0 + 3 = 3). A hand, that of an ace and is 8, has the value 9 (1 + 8 = 9). If the value of your hand is 10 or more, the number of the tithes is not counted. For example, a forward, this is from 7 and 9, has the value 6 (because 7 + 9 = 16, but the number of the tenths is not counted, so the value of the hand is 6). A hand, which is 9 and 2, has the value 1 (9 + 2 = 11 => is 1). In the same way – a hand, this is 7 and 8, the value 5 (7 + 8 = 15 => is 5). If you have a hand with the value 0 (10), then you have baccarat and this is the worst hand possible. For example, a hand, which is 6 and 4, has the value 0 (6 + 4 = 10 => is 0) and is called baccarat. If the value of your hand is 8 or 9, they are called “naturally”.

The game starts with the setting of the stakes and then the dealer (the banker) issues two cards to each player and also two to himself. Then the value of all the hands is calculated. When the calculation is done, there are some ways in which one can continue playing the game:

  • If only one of all hands is natural (with a value of 8 or 9), she is the winning hand
  • If there are two or more national hands, but only one has the value of 9, this hand is winning
  • If there are two natural hands with one and the same value, the game is the same
  • If the case is not as described above, then another card is issued, first to the player and then to the dealer. Then the value of the hands is again calculated and the hand, which is closest to 9, is won. If the values ​​of the hands are equal, the game is also the same.

The third card is issued according to these rules:

  • If the hand of the player has a value of 5 or less, he receives a third card
  • If the hand of the player has a value of 6 or 7, he will not receive a third card
  • If the hand of the dealer (banker) has a value of 7, he will not receive a third card
  • If the dealer has a hand with a value of 6, he receives a third card only in the event that the third card of the player is 6 or 7
  • If the dealer has a card with value 5, he receives a third card in case the third card of the player is 4, 5, 6 or 7
  • If the dealer has 4, he gets a card only in case the third card of the player is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
  • If the dealer has a 3, he gets a third card in all cases with removal of the case, that the third card of the player is 8
  • If the dealer has 0, 1 or 2, he receives a third card in all cases

If the player places his stake in the “player” zone, he will win only if his hand is better than the hand of the dealer. If this happens, the player’s win is 1: 1, which means if, for example, you have deposited $ 50 and you win, you will receive $ 100. If the player places his stake in the “banker” zone, he will win in this case if the hand of the dealer with a higher value is the hand of the player. In this case the payment is still 1: 1, but with 5% commission for the casino. When depositing your stake on “equal” you will win in the event that there is an equal, this means the values ​​in the hands of the dealer and the player are equal. The profit in this case will be 1: 8, which means, that at a $ 50 stake, for example, you can win $ 450. Despite this, the stake on “equal” is the worst stake for you, because it happens very rarely, whatever the cause, that the casino will have an advantage for you of 15.75% if you have such a stake during lay down the game of baccarat.

Chemine de Gerre Baccarat Rules

The other version of baccarat is called “Chemine de ferre” which is the French version of the game. Chemine de ferre means “eizenbaan” in French and the game can be found in a few dollarspeese casinos (jointly Fraans). The aim of the game is the same as with the American baccarat – to get a hand, this has a value, which is as close as possible to 9 (the value of the hands is calculated in the same way as with normal baccarat). In the difference to the American baccarat where the casino plays the role of the banker, in Chemine de ferre each of the players has the possibility of being a banker and the player put a stake among themselves. You can not put a stake on a player or banker, you have to be either one or the other. The bank turns against the hour under the player with each of the players refusing to be a banker and the banker is transferred to the next player. In Chemine de ferre the casino does not participate in the game and its role is only to see if the players follow the rules of the game and the casino gets a commission for it (normally 5%). The other difference between the types of baccarat is that with Chemine de ferre in some cases the player can select whether they will turn a third card or not. If the player has a value of the hand 5, he has the option of turning a third card or not.

Baccarat and Bank Rules

One of the most popular versions of baccarat is called “baccarat and bank”. Baccarat and bank is very different from the American baccarat and is more like Chemine de ferre. The difference between the rules of baccarat and bank and the Chemine de ferre is the number of the packs of cards, which in this case is three (sometimes one can also use 2 or 4, but 3 is usually used) and in the others types of baccarat use 8 packages. The table of baccarat and bank has room for a banker and on the right and left of the banker there can be up to 5 players from each side. He turns a hand from each side and one for himself. Only the banker can play with the banker’s hand, and the players can put a stake on their side or they can put a stake on the hands of the two sides of the table. The players can put a sum as a stake, which is smaller than the sum of the bank. If this sum is reached, no further strike can be made. In baccarat and bank each player can be banker, but if a player wants to be a banker, he has to say “banko” and pay the banker’s stake at this time. If he wins, he will have the right to be a banker until another player wins him. If the player does not win over the banker and does not become a banker for three times, he can no longer call “banko” and challenge the banker. The rules for spins are a bit off the same as with Chemine de ferre but the rules of baccarat and bank can be different in different casinos, so you have to be better, that you know the rules before you start playing.

Ways to Take Advantage

In view of the simple game and the rules it is difficult to speak of strategies to win at baccarat. You just have to play the game and try to win. What is important to know before you start the game is how the distribution is at profit. Everything with profit is paid one-to-one. Only the dealer always receives a percentage of the stake. You can find how high this percentage is with each game. Look at this as a player, it also affects your own profit.

Concepts Baccarat Online

In the baccarat of today you can still find much of the influences of the past. Many Italian and French words are still used. But the American influence can no longer be wiped away. You can see this, among other things, through the concepts that come with the game. Read more about playing baccarat below.

  • Baccarat: The original term for 0, and thus a losing or bad hand.
  • Banker: You can place the bet on this, also called the bank. The banker pays out the bet one by one, but always receives 5 percent commission.
  • Coup: A complete game round is called a coup and consists of the hand and the dealer.
  • Mini baccarat: Another faster version of the original baccarat.
  • Natural: If you already have a total score of eight or nine on the first hand.
  • Player: Betting on a player
  • Run: Suddenly betting on a series of winning hands. This is possible with both players and bank and draw.
  • Standoff: Draw, the dealer and the player have the same number of points.
  • Tie: Place your bet on a tie between the player and the bank. The profit is high, but the commission for the dealer is also high.

Important to know

If you want to play baccarat at online casinos, try the free game version first. This way you learn the site and the game without having to put a real bet. And look at all providers how the payout ratios are and what the commission is for the dealer. This can vary per site, so you can see for yourself where you can get the most benefit. A lot of mini baccarat is played online. If you would like to go further with the game or are looking for more challenge, then you can also check out Chemin de Fer. This is an originally French version of the game. With every game that is played online, you as a player have to think carefully about what you want to bet. Keep an eye on your own budget. There are two options, profit or loss. As long as you reason wisely and keep a close eye on this, baccarat is a fun game to play and certainly offers opportunities for winning. As explained there is option to play Tie. As a player you take big risks that do not always work out for your own benefit. The chance of winning is not big in contrast to the losses that come with it. Therefore think carefully before you choose this option in the game. Playing baccarat is fun!


Live baccarat is just like the other live casino games fun to play. The interaction with the dealer and the other players gives this form of online baccarat an extra dimension. However, you must first review the game rules of baccarat before you play. Or first practice for a while for free. For the experienced baccarat players, however, that is of course not necessary. They can immediately enter the live casino and take a seat at the virtual tables. Via the webcam in the casino you can follow the action very well. Live baccarat is absolutely a live casino game that you should have tried.