Keno Online New Zealand

Keno is a simple game that can be played by anyone. Nowadays also at a Casino Online. This game is suitable for players who play at a casino for the first time. With Keno you can quickly start playing with prizes. This is because the game is not that complicated. For example, if you have participated in the lotto, you will quickly understand the game Keno. Keno is similar to Bingo but is certainly not the same!

History of Keno

It is generally assumed that Keno dates back to the Han Danastie in China about 3000 years ago. The story goes that the Han Danastie had waged so much war that the city had no money left. The population could no longer be charged, they were already paying absurdly high taxes. Then the leader, Cheung Leung, came up with the idea for a new game; Keno. It was conceived as a lottery to raise money for the city. The same stories claim that the game was later used to finance the great Chinese wall, but since Keno only became legal in China in the 19th century, the truth of this story is doubted. Anyway, Keno was in the first instance a completely different game than it is now. In the beginning it was played with 120 Chinese characters. In China, the game is still played with these characters, although they have now reduced the number to 80.

Legends about Keno

A legend claims that Keno has ensured that Cheung Leung, the emperor of Han-Dynasty, came with Keno to generate extra money for the completion of the Han-dynasty war. This war won Cheung Leung thanks to Keno funding. The Han dynasty war took place 3000 years ago, if this legend is correct then it means that Keno is more than 3000 years old.

The Chinese wall

Another legend says that Keno is largely responsible for funding the Chinese wall. If that were correct, it would mean that Keno was invented around 1368. In that year the construction of the Chinese wall began, in its current form. There is no real evidence for these legends, because the Chinese lottery was not licensed (and therefore illegal) before 1800. It is therefore impossible to find out whether Keno was responsible for financing the Chinese wall.

In China

When Keno was first played, there were 120 Chinese characters instead of 80 numbers. Today Keno is still played with Chinese characters in China, but they have also reduced the number of possibilities to 80, so now they are 80 Chinese characters. When the first guest workers from China came to dollarpe and the US in the 19th century, the Keno was introduced that we now know. The people from the US and EU could not understand the Chinese signs. That is why there was chosen for the numbers 1 to 80.

In America

Keno is a game of chance that was first legally introduced in the state of Nevada (America) around 1931. The name of keno was then “Horse Race Keno”. The race race was never there, they only called keno because lotteries were forbidden in time. In order to be able to offer the Chinese immigrants Keno, this name change was a temporary solution. After the ban was lifted, the name was restored to “Keno”.

Keno Variants

American casino versions allow you to predict up to 15 or sometimes 20 tracked numbers. However, the probability that all 20 is predicted is extremely small: about 1 in 3.5 trillion. Various Keno variants can also be found on the internet. The most popular versions are Bonus Keno and Keno TNT. Every decent online casino offered on our homepage offers one of these variants.

The Basis of Keno

Before you start playing, choose at least 4 digits between 1 and 80. You may not select more than 10 digits. The selection you made and each song that goes with it is called a ‘spot’. When you have chosen 10 numbers, you play in a ’10 spot ‘game. After confirming your selection, 20 of the 80 digits are randomly drawn. Depending on the number of numbers you have guessed correctly, you are either not a winner, either a small winner or maybe even a big winner. The minimum bet can be as low as € 0.05, but it is usually played with a bet of € 1.00 while playing Keno. The online casino always explains how payments and settlement of your profits work. The profit you make depends on your bet and the number of ‘spots’ with which you play. In some online casinos it is possible to win € 50,000 with a bet of just € 1.00. A round of the game is called a ‘Keno race’. You can often keep the same selection of numbers during the different ‘races’. The payout varies, but is usually around 70%. This is because the probability of guessing a number is relatively small. This makes playing Keno one of the most difficult and exciting games in an online casino!

The Goal of Keno

When playing this game your goal is to choose the numbers that will be designated as winning numbers at the end of the game. If you do this well, you can achieve a good profit. Does Keno look like a nice game and you would like to know more about the rules, what your chances of winning are and how you can play for money, then we would like to explain this to you.

Short Rules

If you want to play Keno at an online casino, you must first determine your bet. At online casinos you do not have to use a large bet immediately. So you can start playing from $ 0.20. If this is not enough for you, you can bet up to hundreds of dollars. There are online slot machines where you can put in $ 500.00 per game to make as much profit as possible.

Keno Opportunities

As indicated earlier, the chance to guess a number is not very big. That is why the providers also pay out various profits. In general, the profit depends on how many numbers the player chooses, how much he has guessed correctly and what his bet is. Nevertheless, some casinos pay nice amounts for guessing 0 numbers. To name a few examples of the opportunities; you have 1.16% chance to guess 1 number, 11.33% chance to guess 7, 0.07% chance to guess 11 and the chance that you guess all 20 numbers correctly 1 on the 3.5 quintillion. Funny is that statistically you are most likely to guess 4 to 6 numbers correctly.

Play Keno For Free to Practice First

If you want to start with Keno online, you might like to practice first before you bet money. This is possible. You do not have to log in to the casino to practice. Here you can choose a free game, so that you can learn the rules of the game at your own pace. You will receive a virtual credit. If you understand the game and want to start using money, you can always do this.

Win with Real Money

If you want to play Keno with real money, you need to create an account at an online casino. Then you can deposit money to your account. New customers usually receive a casino welcome bonus, with which you can play immediately. It is easy to deposit money. From € 10.00 you can transfer money to your account via iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill. The money you deposit to your account is immediately available, enabling you to play Keno directly.

The Game

So different bets are possible at the online casino game Keno. But how does the game work when you start playing with money? On a board there are 80 numbers in total. On this board you must choose at least 1 number and no more than 15 numbers. If you only choose one number, the chances are not that you will catch a prize, although the chance is of course present. If, on the other hand, you choose 15 numbers, the chance that you catch a prize is much higher. The more numbers you choose that turn out to be good, the higher your profit and payout will be. You can easily find the payouts that come with the Keno game. You can think of a profit up to 5000: 1. High wins are certainly possible when playing Keno.

Online Keno Games with Bonuses

If you want, it is possible to play Keno with bonuses at the casino game. Here you can use different casino bonuses. When you play at the casino for the first time, you can register yourself as a new player at the online casino. In many cases you will receive a so-called welcome bonus with your first deposit. Depending on the amount of your deposit, this bonus can be up to a few hundred dollars. This means, as it were, free money that you can spend. You can choose to play the online casino game Keno with this welcome bonus. You may even profit with your bonus. Even if you already have a regular casino customer, you can expect a bonus with a deposit. This is also called a reload bonus. As with the welcome bonus, a maximum amount also applies to the reload bonus. The bonus that you receive on your account is paid based on a percentage of your deposit.

Keno Strategy

Sure, Keno is a 100% game of chance where you can not actually do anything wrong (practically). Nevertheless, there are so-called keno strategies circulating in the corridors and at the diehard keno players. These strategies are based entirely on their own gut feeling (also called intuition). We recommend to try these strategies in the Funmode.

Chase The old Man

Write down on a sheet or remember (for people with a good memory) which numbers have fallen the most. If you have noted enough different numbers (which have often fallen) to fill in 10-15 numbers yourself, you will only bet. Some keno players go so far as to record no less than 200 rounds of numbers and then play with them.

Letting the Old Man Chase You

This strategy is exactly the opposite of the “Chase The old Man” strategy. Here you will write down numbers (or remember) that have NOT fallen often. With the “Letting the old man Chase you” you can start betting if you have recorded enough different numbers that have NOT fallen often.


Play the numbers of the elderly from your friends or family. Do not forget, keno is a lucky game, so who knows, the birthday dates of your loved ones can save a nice amount!

Happy Face

You can make an image of a happy face on your keno card. Other possibilities are a letter or a house.


When playing Keno you can count on an RNG. This is a Random Number Generator, which ensures that random numbers are always chosen. As a result, online casinos do not affect the outcome of your Keno game. The casino can not determine whether you win by looking at your bet and number of numbers, after which the casino might be able to manipulate the game. The game is played fairly by the Random Number Generator.

Keno Conclusion & Final Tips

You now know the basics of the Keno casino game. Time to put your luck to the test. Since use is made of an RNG at Keno in online casinos it is impossible to know in advance which numbers will appear at a Keno game. However, we can give you some tips before you start playing.

Choose Consciously the Numbers You want to Bet On

As we already indicated with the chances, it is most likely that you guess 4 to 6 numbers correctly. It is advisable to make a sum with this information. This way you can check which number of good numbers gives you a break with what number of chosen numbers. Keep the 4 to 6 numbers in mind.

Choose Numbers

It is often recommended to choose a number of lucky numbers and stay with them. This is often done because it can be very frustrating to play 10 times with your lucky numbers and then see the profit on that if you have just chosen another series of numbers. The truth is that it does not matter whether you always choose the same numbers or not, because the winning numbers are selected in an arbitrary way.

And Last but not Least…Make sure You have Fun Playing Keno!

This is of course the first rule when you want to play a game in the casino. If you do not enjoy it, it makes little sense to play. Always make sure that it stays fun and that you only bet amounts that you can miss.