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australian men wins two times oz lotto

double lotto ticket win goes to a australian man from melbourne

Australian Wins Jackpot on 2 Lottery Tickets

Winning a jackpot is not for everyone, but of course there is always a chance. Both offline and online casinos. A man from Melbourne has been playing the Oz Lotto on that chance for years and that has brought him luck.

He accidentally bought 2 tickets with the same numbers at the Oz Lotto and remarkably enough the jackpot stood out. Of course the gambler is lucky, because this gives him a lot of extra millions for his bank account!

Man has Been Playing for 30 Years

The fact that luck was on the side of the Australian man and they had unbelievable a nice bonus for him. After all, he hadn’t had much success with the lottery yet, despite the fact that he has been playing for more than 30 years. Every week the man buys a lot with the same number and the fact that he had accidentally bought 2 of them turned out to bring even more luck. By accident, because he actually wanted to buy a lottery ticket for another draw with his lucky numbers.

Anonymous Winner

In order to safeguard the winner’s privacy, his name has not been released by Oz Lotto. When he found out that he had won the jackpot he was called by one of the employees. She congratulated him on the double prize, which the Australian himself thought was a bit odd. He thought it was a joke, until the staff member explained that he had 2 tickets with the same numbers. These lucky numbers had given him a big jackpot of in total 46.6 million Australian dollars. The other part of the jackpot was won by a man from the Tasmanian city of Hobart, who also wishes to remain anonymous.

Stop Working and a New House

What the Australian winner will do with his jackpot money he did not know yet. First of all, he wanted to let the new jackpot win sink in. He did tell Oz Lotto that the first thing that occurred to him was to stop working and perhaps come to a new home. Although the destination wasn’t quite known yet, he knew one thing for sure. His family was allowed to share in his happiness!