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Best Sites To Play Online Keno Australia Updated 2021

Play Online Keno Australia 2021

Online keno has been a popular online casino gambling game for years. Here, we explain how online keno works, how to play it, and keno’s strategies. Better still, you can play online keno instantly and without registration. Just click on the “Play” button! And off you go.

What you need to know about Keno Online

  • Keno is a lottery game offered in Australia as keno online is very cheap. Depending on how many numbers you choose on the ticket, you will have corresponding odds and payout percentages.
  • It is best to choose between 6 and 8 numbers. This gives you a good payout on a win, but also enough numbers to hit at all.

Online Keno Gameplay & Rules

A normal online keno account has 80 numbers, but there may be differences depending on the casino, and the player can choose up to ten numbers on the bill.

online keno


The machine or computer then randomly draws 20 numbers. If you hit some of the numbers, you win a multiple of the original bet, depending on how many numbers you hit.

The process of land-based keno gameplay

In real keno casinos, games start at pre-determined intervals. The ticket should match the current game called Race. The keno board shows the numbers drawn.

Online Keno numbers: Tips and strategies

The great attraction of playing real money keno Australia lies in the attractively high winnings and the simple rules of the game. Thanks to the possibility of betting on a variable set of keno numbers, the game also offers more variety than the classic lottery. For Keno at Lotto, you can fill in one or more betting slips at any time. With some online instant variants, you will know instantly if you have won.

Follow these basic tips when playing keno online and take your chance to win real money.

The best online keno strategy: Real money keno also requires a good dose of luck. You can choose to bet on your favourite numbers, play multiple tickets per draw or vary the size of your bet. Statistically, there is no clear advantage for any strategy. Trust your instincts and your luck!

Quick number lottery: If you don’t want to wait for the next draw, play online keno. In these games, the pay tables are usually just as lucrative. What’s more, you can play at any time.

High winning possibilities: As a lucky winner, you benefit from particularly high payouts in this number lottery. Your chances are also better with Keno for real money than with the classic Lotto 6 out of 49.

Play keno on your mobile phone: Since playing keno is easy to learn and the gameplay is straightforward, the game is very suitable for your mobile gambling experience. With your mobile device, you can play Keno at home or on the go at many German providers and even get live information about the Keno draw.

Welcome bonus: All the websites we tested where you can play keno offer an attractive bonus for new customers. When you make your first deposit of real money, you get additional credit for your player account.

Deterrent bet

Keno games are usually very cheap. There are also keno online casinos where the minimum bet is quite high, for example, if draws are made every few minutes. As you have more chances of winning, you pay a little more money. Otherwise, you can assume that every budget can handle Keno online.

Number selection

Generally, the player can choose up to 10 numbers in online keno. It is recommended to select as many numbers as possible. In some casinos, more than ten numbers are possible. Some keno online casinos also allow you to issue a random invoice.

Online Keno Games

With us, you can play Keno online for free without registration. Just click on “Play”! and you are there. However, our game is a play-for-money game – participation is free, but there is nothing to win.

Keno Strategy & Keno Game Tips

Keno, like many other lottery games, is an absolute gamble. It means you can’t figure out which numbers to draw with skill or mathematical calculations, you either hit the right or not. House advantage is extremely high and is up to 35% – making Keno Online one of the most dangerous games in the online casino. However, players can move around the game with some hints to maximize their chances of winning despite having a high house edge.

The odds play Keno

The advantage of online keno over the regular lottery game is obvious: you can choose as many numbers as you like, and you win by drawing one or two numbers. The win also depends on how many numbers you choose. The more numbers you choose, the more you have to draw to win or pay.

The lowest house edge of about 5% is achieved by selecting a maximum of 9 numbers on your ticket. Below, we list the probabilities for keno.

Keno Game Tips

  • Players should pay attention to the total amount of their bets and how many playing cards they are playing. If you play too many games at the same time, you lose track and make mistakes. In Video Keno, you really should be careful not to bet too much.
  • Unless it is a huge progressive jackpot, you should not make a maximum bet. Number combinations can be arbitrary. Whether you always play the same numbers or not does matter in the draw.
  • Players should not pick all the numbers they can choose – it is about 6 to 8. This increases the chance of hitting and winning. You should play at least two numbers because the odds of winning are the lowest.
  • Payout rates vary from casino to casino, so the payouts on offer should guide players.
  • Anyone who plays Keno online can earn comp points and loyalty points despite losing, both at the online casino and the live casino. These are good points to get some money back.
  • Video Keno has a lower house advantage than live keno but is so fast that you can let it go and get the house back with an advantage, so be extra careful.

Free Keno Game

Whether it’s free Keno or Keno for real money, you first have to get an official Keno ticket in both cases. It’s like the real lottery. However, you fill out these tickets completely differently, so you should be familiar with the rules before spending real money. You don’t just want to waste money, and you want to win!

There is a table of numbers on the free keno card. Now you choose your favourite numbers or lucky numbers and tick them off. Keno is all about getting the right numbers in the draw. In real keno, which you play at retail outlets, the completed invoice is returned, and you wait for the draw to run at certain times. Everything goes much faster online: you receive your result directly.


play keno

The number of numbers you can mark is completely unlimited, which means you can check as many or as few numbers as you like! However, it should be noted that the more numbers you check, the more likely you are to hit, but so the payout percentage decreases.

How you fill keno lots depends on your taste. There are also some smart strategies you can learn in Free Keno. Of course, Free Keno is also a good option to slowly and slowly approach the game without going into the lion’s den financially.

Online Keno has the time advantage over normal Keno – the draw is directly compared to the drawing on the computer – and the advantage that you can try Keno for free. So you can easily find out whether the game is something for yourself or whether you prefer not to play something else. And if you love Keno, you should play for free from time to time, so as not to lose money out of boredom.

The best real money keno casinos online in Australia

Filling out paper lottery tickets and waiting for the next draw for your winning numbers has long been a thing of the past. When choosing an online casino in Australia. There are a few points to consider so that you, as a Aussie player, can play without hesitation and your money is in safe hands.

Pokiesportal has relieved you of the tedious research of the conditions at Australian keno providers on the net. With our best list of the top online casinos, you can quickly find a provider where you can play keno for real money according to your preferences. In the course of our casino tests, we have made sure that the providers are safe, offer an interesting range of games, good service and great bonus offers.

The different Keno versions

Keno is available in many online casinos. Some casinos offer multiple versions of keno. They differ mainly in their deposit options and how many crosses you can make.

At Free Keno, you can discover your favourite numbers and see how the hits relate to the potential win. If you lose more often, you should look at its strategy. It is also worth distinguishing between the ticket and the possible bets.

As always with Keno, although it’s so simple: Losing is part of it, but you can maximize your chances of winning by knowing the rules and versions.

Keno FAQ


What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery-like casino game that guarantees an exciting evening full of excitement and sensation. It’s a game of chance that combines elements of Roulette, Bingo and the Lotto to create a great online casino game. Any gambler can confirm that keno is more exciting than any other lottery game. This makes keno a great game to play in a land based or online casino.

What is the origin of Keno?

As simple as the game is, as long is its history. According to tradition, the game originated 200 years before Christ. China was ‘the place to be’ when it came to keno. For a long time the game remained unknown to us westerners. Until the time when Chinese started working as guest workers in America in the nineteenth century. They took it under their arm, after which the Americans were impressed by the simple game.

How do you play Keno in Australia?

Learning the rules of the game is a piece of cake. You make these your own while playing. In a way you can compare keno with the well known lotteries. This game of chance is normally played in land casinos with a playing card. There are 80 different numbers on the card. It’s all about circling the numbers on your digital playing card by pressing the play screen. You choose your numbers and place your bet. As soon as you press ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’, the numbers are drawn. Then you can see how much you’ve won.

What is the difference between Keno and Bingo?

The two variants look a lot like each other. So much so, in fact, that the terms are often used interchangeably. Do you ever play bingo in your parish house in the street? Then you play the game against other participants. After all, the lady next to you is also a potential winner. If she has ‘better’ numbers, your chances of winning the first prize will decrease. It’s different at keno. During the gambling game keno you play against the computer. You and the computer are the two opponents, no one else is involved. The principle of both games is the same, although the number of numbers on the card can differ.

What are the best Keno numbers?

You don’t have to worry about what the best numbers are. The outcome of each round is based on coincidence. Should you still have trouble choosing a handful of numbers, you can always press the ‘Quick Pick’ button and random numbers will automatically be selected. The developers of the online keno games have taken the liberty to build this option into almost every game. The choice is yours!

What are Keno multi-race cards?

Almost all Australian online casinos offer multi-race cards, where players enter their chosen numbers once, after which those numbers remain unchanged for multiple rounds of play. If you play with such a multi-race card, you save a lot of time. Especially if you’re always playing with your lucky numbers, at some point you’re sick and tired of filling them in over and over again.

What are the odds of winning?

Opinions are divided about the odds of winning at the game of keno. There appears to be a mathematical formula that can determine the odds of winning under certain circumstances. This formula is also called the hypergeometric probability distribution. When using this formula, one should first of all know from how many numbers one is going to draw. In keno there are 80. What is also important is how many draws from one and the same pot will take place.

How much can I win with Keno?

The payouts of Keno are based on the number of numbers selected by the player. What also counts is the number of well guessed numbers, how many you have hit her. The amount of money you can cash out is then determined based on your deposit. The more numbers a player selects and the more he actually hits, the higher the winnings. Keep in mind that payouts vary from casino to casino.

When can I cash out my Keno winnings?

Have the numbers been drawn and do you know you’ve been hitting? Then the amount you get paid will appear on your screen. If you have luck on your side and earn a nice profit, before you can cash out you must first meet the wagering requirements (how many times you have to wager the amount before you can get it paid out) of the casino.