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Play Keno Games Online Australia 2019

Keno has been a favorite gambling game for years now available in the online casino. Here we explain how keno works online, how to play it and what strategies keno has. Better yet: Here you can play Keno Online immediately and without any registration. Just click on the button “Play!” and off you go.

What you should know about Keno Online:

  • Keno is a lottery game, which is offered in Australia as Online Keno
  • Keno Online is very cheap. Depending on how many numbers you choose on the bill, you have corresponding odds and payout percentages.
  • It’s best to choose between 6 and 8 numbers. This gives you a good payout on a win, but also enough numbers to hit at all.

Keno Online Gameplay & Rules

A normal online keno bill knows 80 numbers, but depending on the casino there may be differences. The player can choose up to ten numbers on the bill. The machine or computer then arbitrarily draws 20 numbers. If you hit some of the numbers, you win a multiple of the original bet (depending on how many numbers you hit).

The process of land based keno gameplay

In real Keno in land based casinos, the games start at predetermined intervals. The ticket should match the current game (called race). The keno board displays the numbers drawn. Once the board displays twenty numbers, you can check the ticket.

The process of video and online keno

In video and online keno, the game starts as soon as you have selected numbers. This allows you to play at your own pace, but at the same time puts the funds at a much faster risk than the real keno.

Bet determening

The players themselves can determine the bets. The Keno bills are usually very cheap. There are also Keno online casinos where the minimum stakes are quite high (for example, if draws are made every few minutes). Because you get more chances to win, you pay a little more money. Otherwise, one can assume that every budget copes with keno online.

Selection of numbers

In general, the player can select up to 10 numbers in online keno. It is recommended to select as many numbers as possible. In some casinos more than ten numbers are possible. Some Keno online casinos also allow you to issue a bill randomly.

Online Keno Games

With us, you can play for free Online Keno without registration. Just click on “Play!” and you’re there. However, our game is a pure play money game – participation is free, but there is nothing to win.

Keno Strategy & Keno Game Tips

Keno, like many other lottery games, is an absolute game of chance. That means you can not figure out which numbers to draw with skill or mathematical calculations. You either meet some right or not. The house edge is extremely high and is up to 35% – this makes Keno Online one of the most dangerous games in the online casino. However, players can move around with some clues in the game so that they can maximize their chances of winning despite having a high house edge.

The winning chances playing Keno

The advantage of Keno Online over the normal lottery game is obvious: you can choose as many numbers as you like. And you already win in the draw of one or two right. The profit also depends on how many numbers you choose. The more numbers you choose, the more you have to draw to win or pay. On the other hand, if you mark fewer numbers on the ticket, you’re more likely to win, but a lower total.

The least house advantage (about 5%) is obtained if you select a maximum of 9 numbers on your ticket. Below, we list the probabilities of keno in more detail.

Tips on keno play

  • Players should pay attention to the total amount of their bets and how many games (cards) they play. If you play too many games at the same time, you lose track and make mistakes.
  • In video keno, you should really take care that you do not bet too much. Unless it’s a very big, progressive jackpot, you should not make maximum bets.
  • Number combinations can be arbitrary. Whether you always play the same numbers or not makes no difference to the draw.
  • Players should not pick all the numbers they can choose – it’s about 6 to 8. That increases the chance of hits and wins.
  • You should play at least two numbers because the odds of winning a number are the lowest.
  • The payout ratios vary from casino to casino. Players should, therefore, be guided by the payouts offered.
  • Anyone who plays Keno online can collect Comp points and loyalty points despite losses, both in the online casino and in the live casino. These are good points to get some money back.
  • Video Keno has a lower house edge than Live Keno but is so fast-paced that you can let it go and get the house back with an advantage. Therefore, special caution applies here.

Play free keno

Whether free Keno or Keno for real money: in both cases, you must first get an official Keno note. That’s like the real lottery. However, one fills these bills quite differently, so you should first be familiar with the rules before you spend real money. You do not just want to waste money, and you also want to win!

On the free Keno note is a table with numbers. Now you choose your favorite numbers or your lucky numbers and cross them. Keno is about getting the right numbers at the draw. In real keno, which you play at outlets, the completed bill is returned, and you wait for the draw, which runs at certain times. It all goes much faster online: you get your result directly.

The number of numbers you can mark is completely unlimited. This means that you can tick as many or as few numbers as you like! However, it should be noted that of course – the more numbers you tick – the probabilities of a hit increase, but so that the payout ratio is reduced. But there are also different variants and offers that you should inquire about before, of course.

How to fill keno lots depends on your own taste. There are also some smart strategies that can be learned in free keno. Of course, the free keno is also a good option for approaching the game slowly and slowly, without going into the lion’s den (financially).

Online keno not only has the time advantage over the normal keno – the lot is directly compared with the draw of the computer – but also the plus point that you can try Keno for free first. So you can easily find out if the game is something for yourself or if you prefer not to play something else. And whoever loves Keno, should play free of charge from time to time, so as not to lose money out of boredom.

The different keno versions

Keno is available in many online casinos. Some casinos offer several keno versions. They differ mainly in their deposit options, and how many crosses you can make. In Free Keno, you can discover your favorite numbers and see how the hits relate to the potential payoff. If you lose more often, you should check out his strategy. It is also worthwhile to distinguish between the ticket and the possible bets. As always with keno, though it’s so easy: Losing is part of it, but you can maximize your chances of winning by knowing the rules and versions.