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Online Craps Australia Real Money 2020

Online Craps is an exciting dice game that is very popular in traditional casinos, but also can be played in online casinos for real money. But in traditional casinos it is simply much more entertaining and exciting. No matter which traditional casino you visit, you will always find a table at which the players shout and call numbers. This is the craps table! The game is played in two variants: casino craps is played in regular and online casinos. In this game the players at the craps table all bet against the house or casino, so the game is called casino craps. The second version is called Street Craps, where players play against each other. Originally, this version was played on the street, hence the name Street Craps.

Online Craps Australia is a pure game of chance because everything depends on the dice and the numbers thrown. In this game players bet on the sum of the eyes of two dice. Then a player called Shooter rolls both dice. After the dice have been rolled, the players receive their pay according to the result. For some bets the dice must be rolled more than once, while for others one roll is sufficient. In this tutorial we will discuss the payouts and the various bets that can be placed at the craps table, the rules that players must follow at the table, and other essential topics.

The rules of craps are relatively simple, however, and once you understand them and the different betting options, you will quickly realize how exciting and entertaining craps is. At we want to give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics and rules of online craps.

Online Craps Australia Rules and Basics

In principle, Craps is a dice game which is played with two six-sided, thus regular dice. You don’t play against other players, but against the casino, also called the “bank”. In real casinos, there is a “shooter”. This is the person who rolls the dice. In addition, other players can bet on the outcome. In online Craps, the dice are rolled by clicking on the corresponding button.

General Craps Rules

Even though there are different variations of playing craps online in casinos around the globe, the basic rules are always the same. The shooter, i.e. the player who rolls the dice, places a certain amount on his roll. Depending on the outcome, he loses or wins. The other players at the table – called faders – can also bet on the outcome. In a private game, the faders bet against the shooter. In the casino, you always play against the bank.

Winning and losing in Craps

  • The first roll is called “Come Out”.
  • If the total is 7 or 11, it is called “Natural”, and you win immediately.
  • If it is 2, 3 or 12, it is a “Crap”, and you lose immediately.
  • For all other results, the shooter has a point and can roll the dice again.

If the shooter scores the same number on the second roll as on the first roll, he wins; if he rolls a “7”, he loses immediately. With any other number, the shooter can roll again. If a round is over and the shooter emerges as the winner, he remains in possession of the dice for the next round. If he loses, he must pass the dice to another player and becomes a “fader”.

Best Craps Betting Options

Of course, in private games as well as in the casino, the right tension only arises when you bet for something. If you look at a craps table for the first time in your life, you will be amazed, because unlike roulette, it is not immediately clear what the different fields mean.

A – Pass: Whoever bets on pass wins at 7 or 11 automatically at 2, 3 or 12 you lost immediately. All other sums are “points”. This can be understood as a tie, and the shooter has a second roll. If he rolls another point he wins, if he rolls a seven he loses.
B – Don´t Pass: As you can imagine, “Don´t Pass” is the exact opposite. At 7 and 11 you lose, and at 2 or 3 you win immediately. However, 12 means a draw and you get your bet back. With all other sums, it goes into the 2. round with which one wins then with a seven automatically and loses with a point.
C&D – Come/Don´t Come: These bets work in principle like the pass bet. However, you don’t bet on the first roll (come out roll) but on the second or possibly following rolls. Otherwise, they work according to the same pattern.
E – The Odds: The Odds is only a side bet. This can only be concluded after a “point”. You win if the next “Point” is thrown before a 7. In “The Odds” there is no mathematical advantage for the casino. Therefore, most casinos have a strict limit on the maximum bet.
“Laying the Odds is precisely the opposite of The Odds. Here you bet that a seven is rolled before the point. Since the bank has no mathematical advantage here either, the bets are usually limited.
I – Place: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are the place numbers. You bet on these numbers. If they are rolled before the 7, you win. Place bets are therefore similar to The Odds bets, but they do not require a Pass bet before the “Place” bets can be placed.
J – Place to Lots: This is, therefore, the opposite of the place bet. You win on a number that is not on the place list.
H – Field: You win if you roll 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 on the next roll of the dice.
F&G – Big 6 & Big 8: These are special place bets. However, since the probability is lower, most casinos have a higher payout rate.
K – Buy: Works similar to the Place and Odds bet. Since it is, however, a kind of side bet and there is no house advantage this is not offered partially, is limited by the stake or costs a small percentage commission to the house with profit.
L – Lay: The Lay bet is as you might already guess the opposite of the Buy bet. Also here there is no house advantage.
M – Any 7: You always win when a seven is thrown.
N – Hard Ways: Here you bet on a double, i.e. that the two dice show the same number. Of course, the probability is not very high, but the payout ratio is correspondingly good.
O – Three: You win if the eye sum is 3.
P – Aces: Twice the one makes you the winner.
Q – Twelve: A doubles 6 lets them win
R – Any Eleven: The 6-5 combination is your profit maker
S – Any Craps: The actual Verierer numbers 2, 3 or 12 let them win.
T – Horn: The bet is the opposite of “Any Craps”.

Strategy for Craps

Craps is a dice game in which the winning or losing of a player depends entirely on the outcome of a dice roll. This means that skill or correct decisions cannot affect the outcome of the game – real money craps is a game of pure chance. Therefore, there are no strategies or techniques to approach this game. However, there are a few tips and advice that players can use to minimize their losses and improve their chances of winning.

If you are new to the game, it is better to limit your bet to pass. The reason for this is that the house’s advantage on this bet is only 1.41%. The remaining craps bets on the table offer lower odds. Therefore, this is the best bet for beginners. The “Don’t Pass” bet offers better odds – here the house edge is only 1.36% – but is frowned upon. In this case, you bet against the shooter, which of course he does not like. So it is safer to bet on the Pass bet because you probably don’t want to turn on the shooter for a big 0.05% advantage.

The best bet after the first roll of the dice is the odds bet. Once a point has been set, players can place an additional bet equal to a multiple of the bet on Pass. The factor varies from casino to casino, but is usually 2. The best thing about the odds bet is that it is paid according to the real probability – the house has no advantage here. Therefore, players should always make this bet.

Another tip is to stay away from “proposition bets.” These are the ones that are decided on a dice roll. They are usually found in the middle of the online craps table. Dealers can try to convince them to make these bets. But don’t do this – these bets have the most significant advantage for the house.

We also encourage players to tip the dealer at the craps table. This is not considered a bribe, as the dealer does not influence the outcome of the craps game. However, they can help you and guide you through the game. Furthermore, the dealer is dependent on tips, as they make up a large part of their salary. Tips create a bond between you and the dealer and give you valuable tips that will help you improve your game. Finally, we do not recommend accepting tips from other players at the craps table, however tempting it may seem. You simply cannot be sure that this advice will always be right.

Craps FAQ


What is Craps?

Craps is a raging dice game. Enjoy the frenzy at the gaming table in a real casino, or play in one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands. Craps is a game of chance in which the player determines the level of difficulty. It is both a game of chance and a strategic game. Craps has plenty of betting possibilities. It is not an easy game of chance, but the rules are easy to learn.

What is the history of Craps?

Although the game goes way back in time, the details about the origins of the game are still quite vague. Like all good things, the game is generally believed to have evolved from an English game called Hazard, which dates back to the 12th century. It is very plausible that it has been adapted over the centuries, being mainly popular in the English taverns in the 17th century. From there, the game spread to France where the name craps is thought to have originated.

How do I play Craps?

Every new game of Craps starts with a ‘come out’. The ‘come out’ can only be thrown and placed when the previous thrower of the stones did not succeed in winning with his throw. For example, if he did not succeed in throwing a ‘point’. At that moment a new game starts with a new ‘shooter’; he throws a new ‘come out’. According to the rules of Craps, this is seen as a sequel to the previous throw.However, a ‘come out’ does mark the beginning of a new round. When a ‘shooter’ does not throw a new ‘point’, the dice are for the next player. The next player may try to roll a new ‘come out’.

How many numbers can be rolled at Craps?

In Craps there are a total of 12 numbers that can be rolled, namely: 2 to 12. Due to the fact that the game is played with two dice, there are 36 possibilities to roll one of these 12 numbers. Numbers 2 and 12 are only possible with one combination and number 7 is only possible with six different combinations.For this reason, the chance to roll 7 is many times greater than the chance to roll 2 or 12.

Can I practice/play Craps for free?

There is a practice game on our page.  And there are online Craps casinos where you can try Craps for free. Open the game in practice mode to get familiar with the different bets. Then you can take the step to learn more about the odds of each bet. Standard Pass Line bets have a house edge of 1.41%. The Don’t Pass Line has a 1.36% house edge, which makes it one of the best Craps bets.

Which online casino do you recommend to play Craps?

It depends on your own preferences where you play Craps. Each online casino has its own unique welcome bonus available to players. Please note that a bonus is difficult to unlock at Craps. Many casinos have restrictions on table games with regard to meeting wagering requirements. Check out online casinos that offer good bonus terms and offer a reasonable bonus amount on your first deposit.

Is it possible to win money with Craps?

Of course it’s possible, but in the long run it’s almost impossible to win at Craps. This is due to the house advantage of the game. Of course you can have winning sessions in the short term, it is up to you if you can quit in time.

How popular is Craps in Australia compared to other games?

By choosing the right bets in Craps, the player can reduce the house edge to 1.36%. This is quite okay compared to other casino games. Blackjack with the best possible rules comes with a house edge of 0.28% and baccarat with 1.06%, while roulette with a single zero has a house edge of 2.70%. Of course, the house edge isn’t everything.In a mainland casino, Craps tables are hugely popular and the excitement is always higher than with other table games.

Can Craps be played on your Mobile?

In the best online casinos in Australia you have the opportunity to play craps on your mobile. This works the same way as when you choose the online variant. The game adapts to the screen of your phone. At some casinos you can also play live with your mobile phone. This means that you are in contact with a live casino where you play against real players! You can play craps on your mobile for free or for money at one of the live casinos.