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Best Bitcoin Casino Australia December 2020

Choose your favorite Bitcoin Casino in Australia 2020

To play online at a Bitcoin Casino, it is useful to own bitcoins. It is not necessary to own bitcoins. You can also play Bitcoin pokies games with a different currency, coin or cryptocurrency without Bitcoin. On our website we publish the most relevant articles about Bitcoin Casinos. For the layman we explain what a bitcoin really is and what you can do with it. It is also important to know why you should choose a bitcoin basino.

Why choose a bitcoin casino

Why choose a bitcoin casino when you can simply pay with Credit card, Neosurf or any other payment method? First of all, a bitcoin casino is not worth better or more. But what is true is that a bitcoin casino does not have to pay in another currency. You can then convert a bitcoin into any currency you like. crypto gambling There are 5 reasons why we recommend playing at a casino with bitcoin. First of all, the speed, transferring money is fast. Second is anonymity, personal data is not necessarily where the money comes from. Thirdly honesty and reliability, the bitcoin casino software uses crypto graphic hashes. Fourthly, the value of a bitcoin, because no transaction fees are asked, you can get higher bonuses. It is also true that the value keeps rising, but can also decrease. Finally, a bitcoin casino gives more transparency. Anyone can follow the value, quantity of a blockchain. This way you can get a good picture of how many bitcoins (money) are actually in circulation.

Can I only play with bitcoin at a crypto casino?

Every casino we have placed here gives you the opportunity to deposit money with other payment methods. There are payment methods available such as; Neosurf, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard , Visa & Mastercard, and much more. So besides paying with bitcoin you have many other possibilities to deposit an amount.

How can you tell if a casino actually has the bitcoin payment method?

To see which casino has bitcoin as the payment method you can look at the bottom of the main page of an online casino. There are online casinos that do not show it. To be able to see that you first need to register and go to “Deposit”. Usually it is a clear button that you can click. Once you have done that, you can choose a payment method. If there is no bitcoin, you will need to choose another payment method.

Which bitcoin casinos can I choose from?

Not for nothing do we have a limited selection of Bitcoin casinos. You can not play for real money or with Bitcoin on this website. To do this, you should go to the recommended casinos. We are a fan site for casinos with Bitcoin. We encourage you to play in our recommended Bitcoin casino, which is listed at the top of this page. All these casinos have interesting promotions that you can take advantage of.

Why this casino? There is far too much choice on the Internet and this makes some casinos unreliable or unsafe. These Bitcoin casinos have been tested by us and have made clear agreements with the casinos themselves. We are connected to a network where transparency, security and reliability are of the utmost importance. We will absolutely not say that the rest of the Bitcoin casinos that can be found on the Internet are illegal. So you can play safely in any casino game of your choice.

How to convert my money into Cryptocurrency

To convert your money into cryptocurrency you need a bitcoin wallet. This can be created at different parties. You can choose from 3 different wallets. A bitcoin wallet on mobile, laptop or via hardware (a device on usb for example). Every type of wallet has advantages and disadvantages.

Casino bonuses at bitcoin casinos

All online casinos give casino bonuses. The casino bonuses at bitcoin casinos are also available. At each casino in the overview on the right you can get a casino bonus on a first deposit. Of course it depends on how much you deposit. A casino bonus also needs to be unlocked. That is what an online casino also calls the “Wagering requirements”. This means that you have to unlock a bonus between 30 and 45 times.

bitcoin casino

Unlocking a casino bonus means that you have to unlock a number of times the amount you deposit. Often that is 35 times. So do you deposit an amount of 10 dollar? In this example, this means that you get 20 dollar to play with. Of which 10 dollar bonus. In this case you must have unlocked 350 dollar to be able to pay out the amount of bonus money. Many players who go for large amounts (Highrollers), often do not choose for a casino bonus.

Online gambling with bitcoins

There is almost no difference between online gambling sites without bitcoin and a casino with bitcoins. The only difference is that payouts and upgrades are different. Furthermore, there are few differences you’ll come across.

  • Step 1: Visit an online casino that offers the payment method bitcoin.
  • Step 2: Register, fill in some details that are requested.
  • Step 3: If you already have bitcoins, you can deposit them at the appropriate casino.
  • Step 4: Check out the private messages / Email, you may have received a bitcoin casino bonus.
  • Step 5: Choose from playing different casino games. At a bitcoin casino you can play all casino games.

Finally, it is good to know that every casino has “Terms and Conditions”. It won’t hurt to get them on the retina as well. Certain casinos have certain conditions for a casino bonus. We also want to wish you a lot of fun. Playing at an online casino should be for a positive experience. A gambling addiction is easy to walk on. We therefore recommend that you make a maximum budget available to yourself before you do so. This way you won’t be surprised in the short term and also in the longer term.


The most famous of these is SoftSwiss. The company was in the business of offering up turnkey software solutions and both white label for operators who wanted to open Internet casinos that are new. Nevertheless they’re now one of the leaders in Bitcoin-centric sites too. They offer a package that comes with complete anonymity and provably fair gaming for players, in addition to the ability. A number of the known Softswiss powered sites include Bitstarz and Betchain.

Banking and Play Options

This provides gamblers with the option to use Bitcoin without forcing users to stay with it all the time.

Even at sites which are completely built around cryptocurrencies, you may discover that you aren’t entirely required to play strictly in Bitcoin. Some sites support a number of different digital payment systems, allowing you play and to make transfers between the many currencies. While not one of these are as popular as Bitcoin itself, you are going to find that a few sites offer to play in other cryptocurrencies that have a broad following or Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum as well.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ


What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a “virtual currency”. This is electronic money with which you can send or pay money to someone without the intervention of a financial institution such as a bank. In addition, with this cryptocurrency, you can easily pay without contact money, pin, or credit card. It even allows you to do bitcoin transactions anonymously, which provides even more privacy. The currency can be stored in a digital wallet or wallet.

Who created the Bitcoin?

The creator is well known as Satoshi Nakamoto, whether this is a pseudonym, or though it’s unclear whether this is an individual person or a group of developers. The transaction method picked up support among creators and programmers of previous projects that had similar aims.

How can I buy Bitcoins?

There are many ways to buy bitcoins in Australia. It is possible to use Bpay as a payment method to buy Bitcoins online from a currency exchange company. Most exchange offices have a daily purchase limit. If you want to purchase more Bitcoins, you will need to provide your personal information. With a small payment of 1 dollar cents, you can verify your own bank account and decide how much money you want to deposit.

Is Bitcoin secure and safe?

Yes, provided you’re careful with your funds. Just like cash, you’ll want to keep a watch for your information: the private keys linked to your currency will allow it to be spent, whether by you or somebody else. That means that these keys ought to be treated like cash as you would do with voucher programs and prepaid cards.

How does this payment method protect my privacy?

You will not receive any bills or statements for any transactions made in this manner, either. They may change wallet addresses or use other services if users desire more privacy.

Is gambling with bitcoin legal?

Bitcoins are completely legal, although not all online casinos are legal. Choose only online casino sites that are licensed to gamble safely and reliably for money. The list of legal bitcoin casinos can be found on our website.

Are Australian Bitcoin casino sites fair?

In a way, these casino sites have the same basic level of fairness as any Internet casino that is deemed trustworthy. A lot of them are audited by the same testing labs that certify other operators fair, providing players with assurance the games they play are honest, secure, and random. However, a few of these sites have an additional layer of protection, as their games are fair. In such cases, players may recreate the conditions of their hand or spin to be able to see if the results they were presented with, were legitimate and can see the seeding information used to determine the results of every bet.

What kind of software do Bitcoin Casinos use?

The quality of software at casinos that are Bitcoin can vary. New BTC online gambling websites are set up with essential solutions provided by one of a number of industry standard providers, although some sites use proprietary software which was assembled for betting use by the operator themselves. A number of the notable platforms include those created by CoinGaming and SoftSwiss, though others may use games provided by a wide selection of developers.

Are there any Bitcoin casino games in Australia?

Yes, there are Bitcoin pokies designed specifically for people who want to play Bitcoin. Online Bitcoin blackjack is also up and running, and it won’t be long before there is also online Bitcoin roulette or Bitcoin live casino games at the Bitcoin live casino.

Can Bitcoins be used for withdrawals?

Many sites do offer cash outs using this virtual currency. This isn’t universal: in some instances, you can see this as a deposit option, but not when withdrawing your funds listed as an option.

How long does a deposit or withdrawal take?

A deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoin does not take long. For small amounts of money, you often have direct access to the money in your account. But for larger deposits, it may take 2 to 10 hours for the status of the transaction to be processed. It’s important to understand that security measures are stricter for larger withdrawals.

Are BTC casino payments and payouts on the blockchain?

The general answer is no. Your money is on blockchain before you make a deposit. After you have transferred your bitcoins to the casino website, your money is no longer on blockchain. After the payout, the money is back in your wallet, so you are back on blockchain.