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High Roller Casinos Australia

Best High Roller Casino & Bonuses in Australia 2023

Are you an Australian high roller? And you want to play at the best casino and enjoy online pokies with a fantastic high roller bonus? Then you’re definitely looking for high roller casinos here at!

Online Casinos for High Roller and VIP Players

High Rollers play high stakes casino games and therefore make exceptional demands on online casinos. An excellent online casino for high roller players must offer many high stakes VIP tables and excellent service for financially strong customers.

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If you are regularly betting large amounts online at the casino, you should take a closer look at the best high roller casino we recommend here as it offers you the most benefits as a VIP player.

High Roller Casinos offer:

  • Special promotions, bonuses and many exclusive gaming tables for VIP players.
  • A personal account manager and preferential withdrawal term Valuable bonuses, cash prizes and invitations to high roller events.

What is a High Roller?

Perhaps the first questions you might have are: “What is a high roller” and “Am I a high stakes player”?

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Online casino whales are players who are not content with a few cents and the usual thrill—a high roller places maximum bets and high bets that bring him the most significant winnings. The maximum risk with a maximum expectation of winning is the motto. However, to play this way requires an above-average budget that an ordinary player usually cannot keep up with.

To be considered a high stakes player and achieve the highest customer status in high roller casinos, you first have to play regularly. You have an absolute minimum bet over several months. What sounds like an unimaginable sum to an ordinary player is child’s play for a real high roller: even if you deposit $2,000 per month, you have an excellent chance of progressing to one of the highest VIP levels and enjoying the excellent services.

Compared to the requirements that Australian land based casinos have to accept regarding high roller players, the requirements in online casinos are significantly lower.

High Roller Pokies Bonus

As a high roller, you often receive much more attractive bonus offers at online casinos than any other customer. In most casinos, once you become a VIP player, you are assigned an account manager who not only looks after your deposits and withdrawals, informs you about new games and promotions, but also creates personalized bonus offers, such as daily free spins on your favourite high roller pokies or cashback bonuses for your live casino play. A good example: Get a huge high roller bonus at Bitstarz casino.

Looking for a reputable High Stakes Casino?

If you are playing high stakes in online casinos and do not yet benefit from a VIP program and high roller bonus offers, you should urgently reconsider your selection of casinos. Not all casinos on the net offer their best customers appropriate high roller and VIP programs. Therefore, our select team of gambling experts has carefully evaluated the various high roller and VIP casinos for you according to several criteria. In addition to personal expertise, the ranking is improved by player reviews. So you will always find the best online casino for high roller like you.

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It is well known that high-stakes players belong to a small, exclusive group of players. They are the VIPs among the players. This is also the opinion of online casinos, and they go to great lengths to attract these prominent players to their websites. Land-based casinos such as those in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas appreciate their great players, and it is the same with the best high roller players and VIP casinos found online.

But which online casinos for VIPs and whales stand out and why? To make sure you don’t waste valuable time, we’ve taken care of your search and carefully researched, tested and rated the best online casinos. Please select one of the casinos we recommend and experience the appreciation you deserve!

Online Casino Promotions for High Rollers

We take a close look at how an Australian high roller bonus is treated by casino operators and what special bonus promotions and privileges are available to them. Finally, these players bet large amounts and take a high risk, which should be recognized and paid out to the player accordingly.

The best high roller casinos are aware of this and act accordingly. These types of players are welcome guests and deserve special treatment. The casinos listed here offer their VIP players special privileges such as personalized customer service with a 24-hour concierge, special bonuses and promotions that stand out from regular players. In addition to these amenities, players also enjoy the privilege of a higher credit limit and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

As a VIP customer, you can withdraw your winnings faster. There are also numerous VIP tables, such as the live casino, which is only accessible to VIP players and can expect the best casino games, croupiers, and particularly high stakes.

Online casinos offer their VIP players:

  • Access to special VIP tables at high roller casinos
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Faster payout of winnings
  • An account manager who creates personal bonus offers for you and processes your payment transactions
  • High roller casino games and special bonuses

VIP and High Roller casinos for you

High Roller casinos should have a huge selection of high limit roulette, high limit blackjack and pokie machines. As always, the quality of the casino games software plays an essential and crucial role.

We have the same high expectations as our high roller players, and we know that only the best is good enough for our VIP players, so you are in good hands on our website. The high roller casinos that you find here meet all of the above criteria. They are completely discreet in dealing with their VIP customers and handle financial transactions quickly. Consider which games you prefer and which benefits and offers are important to you.

The VIP casinos that made it to our top list offer something special for every player. Click through our table to see which side is already at the top in 2021. Are you interested in a high payout limit, special VIP areas with great bonuses and a few online blackjack tables, or is the ease of use of High Roller Casino an important aspect for you?

High Roller FAQ


What is a High Roller?

Most casinos gamble for fun and hope to make some extra money, but a high roller is in a different category. These are seasoned players who come to the casino to bet large amounts of money. A High Roller has an above-average budget and carries some risk of losing money. These serious gamblers can enjoy high stakes games at special tables for high roller players. They often follow the motto “Bet Big and Win Big” in their game.

When are you considered a high roller?

In fact, they are experienced players who have an above-average budget and can more easily bear the risk of losing money, because playing at a high roller casino  is not just about winning a lot. High losses are also possible, and you need to be able to deal with them.

What are the advantages of playing at a High Roller Casino?

The best high roller casinos offer special tables for VIPs with higher gambling limits and significant free cash amounts in the form of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses. These players “accounts are managed by a personal account manager who can meet all their needs. The casino can offer tickets to special events or invite them to exclusive casino tournaments. The online casino can reward high rollers with more comp points and better exchange rates. Most of these benefits are designed to keep extra money in your account and ensure that the gaming experience is optimal.

What are good tips for high rollers?

Choose a reliable casino, Choose a casino with good customer service, Only take a bonus with good betting conditions, Check the payout limits, A good online casino appreciates its high rollers – ask for cashback.

What bonuses can I expect as a high roller?

Of course, every player in a leading casino is offered bonuses, but the amounts do not even come close to High Rollers’ bonuses. High Rollers deposit large amounts of money into their casino accounts, often over $1000 and are willing to bet on high stakes games. As they invest a lot of money in a casino, they expect to be well rewarded. This often takes the following casino bonuses: deposit bonus, welcome bonus, reload bonus and loyalty bonus.

Are online casinos afraid of high rollers?

Yes and no. Some online casinos are afraid of high rollers, and some welcome them with open arms. It all has to do with the fact that a high roller can make or break an online casino financially. A high roller can bet so much money that he can win $100,000 or more per day. If a casino is new and doesn’t have enough reserves yet, that can cause a payout problem. At the same time, these players are spoiled and encouraged to spend as much as possible.

Can you also play Pokies as a high roller?

Some players believe they should avoid pokies because the game is so fast, but pokies playing high rollers have been made more affordable by online casinos because of the huge bonuses they offer. You can win huge cash prizes with exclusive high roller bonuses or VIP bonuses, which means you get many extra spins on your favourite pokies.

What type of high roller Pokie machine is recommended?

Pokie games are categorized as classic pokies pokie machines such as pokie machines, pokies video or pokies progressive jackpot. Pokies for high rollers can be found in every category. Many factors make any pokies game attractive. High Roller pokies should be viewed in the same way as any other high-stakes game. If you have an infinite bank account and want to enlarge it with a fun game session, these games might be just the thing for you.

How do I find high roller games?

In online casinos, you will not find games that are specifically designated as high-roller casino games. You can still find out about the different games and their minimum and maximum stakes on the respective casino homepages. Usually, the card games of baccarat and blackjack in online casinos, especially in the live dealer version, are among the high rollers’ games.

Are there any maximum amounts for reel bets?

Each online casino sets minimum and maximum bet limits for each game or table. However, most casinos also offer a few online blackjack tables with extra high bets for high rollers. Check out the high roller top list we created at the top of the page to determine which online casino has the best and widest selection of high roller bonuses and games.