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High Roller Casinos Australia

Best High Roller Casino + Bonuses in Australia 2020

Are you an Australian high roller? And want to play the very best casino and pokie games with a fantastic high roller bonus? Then, you certainly want to look for high rollers casinos over here at!

Online Casinos for High Roller and VIP Players

High rollers play casino games with high stakes and therefore have extraordinary demands on online casinos. An excellent online casino for high rollers must not only offer many VIP tables with high stakes but also provide an excellent service for financially strong customers. If you regularly wager large sums online at the casino, you should take a closer look at the casinos we recommend here, as they offer you the most benefits as a VIP player.

High Roller Casinos offer:

  • Special promotions, bonuses, and many exclusive gaming tables for VIP players.
  • A personal client advisor and preferred payout conditions
  • Valuable bonuses, cash prizes and invitations to High Roller Events

What’s a High Roller?

Perhaps the first questions you might have are: “What is a High Roller?” and “Am I a High Stakes Player?” Casino online whales are players who are not satisfied playing with a few pennies and the usual thrill. A High Roller places maximum bets and high stakes that bring him the most significant winnings. Maximum risk with maximum profit expectation is the motto. To play this way, however, requires an above-average budget, which an ordinary player usually cannot keep up with.

high roller casinos in Australia


In order to be considered a High stakes player and achieve the highest customer status in an online casino, you must, first of all, play regularly and have an absolute minimum wagering requirement over several months of playing. What sounds like an unimaginable sum to a regular player is a piece of cake for a real High Roller: Already if you deposit 2,000 dollars per month, you have an excellent chance to advance to one of the highest VIP levels and enjoy the excellent services. Compared to the requirements to be recognized as a High Roller in Las Vegas casinos, for example, the requirements of online casinos are significantly lower.

High Roller Pokies Bonus

As a High Roller, you often get much more attractive bonus offers at online casinos than any other customer. In most casinos, once you have become a VIP player, you will be assigned an account manager who will not only take care of your deposits and withdrawals for you and inform you about new games and promotions but also create personalized bonus offers. For example, daily free spins at your favorite high roller pokies or cashback bonuses for your live casino play. A good example: get a huge high roller bonus at Casino Mate

Looking for a serious High Stakes Casino?

If you play high stakes at online casinos and don’t yet benefit from a VIP program and High Roller Bonus offers, you should urgently reconsider your choice of casinos. Not all casinos on the net offer their best customers appropriate High Roller and VIP programs. Therefore our selected team of gambling experts has carefully evaluated the various high rollers and VIP casinos for you according to multiple criteria. In addition to personal expertise, the ranking is enhanced by player ratings. So you will always find the best online casino for high rollers like you.

It is well known that High stake players belong to a small, exclusive group of players. They are the VIPs among the gamblers. This is also the opinion of online casinos, and they try very hard to win these prominent players for their sites. Land based casinos like those in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas appreciate their big players, and it is precisely the same with the best high roller and VIP casinos that can be found online. The gratitude of the players is shown in different ways. But which online casinos for VIPs and whales stand out and why? To make sure you don’t lose any precious time, we’ve taken care of your search and carefully researched, tested and evaluated the best casinos online. Simply select one of the casinos we recommend and experience the appreciation you deserve!

Best online casino promotions for high rollers and VIPs?

We take a close look at how an Australian High Roller Bonus are treated by casino operators and what specific bonus promotions and privileges are available to them. After all, these players bet large sums of money and run a high risk. This should be recognized and paid off accordingly for the player.

The best High Roller casinos are aware of this and act accordingly. These types of players are welcome guests and deserve special treatment. The casinos listed here offer their VIP players very special privileges such as personalized customer service with a concierge who is available around the clock, special bonus offers and promotions that stand out from the regular players. In addition to these amenities, players also enjoy the privilege of a larger credit limit and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. As a VIP customer, you can withdraw your winnings faster, and there are also numerous VIP tables, for example in the live casino, which are only accessible to VIP players and where the best casino games,  croupiers and particularly high wagering levels await you.

Australian High Roller Casino Bonus

Online casinos offer their VIP players:

  • Access to special VIP tables at the Live Casino
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Faster disbursement of profits
  • An account manager who creates personal bonus offers for you and handles your payment transactions.
  • High roller casino games and special bonuses
  • Invitations to live events and trips

We rate the best VIP and High Roller Casinos for you.

High roller online casinos should have a huge range of high limit roulette, high limit blackjack and pokie machines. As always, the quality of casino games software plays an essential and decisive role.

We have the same high expectations as our high rollers, and we know that only the best is good enough for our VIP players. That’s why you’re in good hands on our website. The High Roller Online Casinos you will find here meet all the above criteria. They are absolutely discreet in their dealings with their VIP customers and process financial transactions quickly. Think about which games you prefer and which advantages and offers are important to you. The VIP casinos that have made it to our top list offer something special for every player. Click through our table and see which site is already at the top in 2019. Are you interested in a high payout limit, special VIP areas with great bonus offers and a few online blackjack tables or is the usability of High Roller Casino an important aspect for you? We have taken care of everything and of course, tested the VIP casinos online. You’re one of the best, and you’ll find the best of the best.

High Roller FAQ


What is a High Roller?

Most players at casinos gamble for fun and with the hope of earning some extra money, but high rollers are in a different category. These are experienced players who come to the casino with the aim of wagering large amounts of money. A high roller has an above average budget and can bear some risk of losing money. These serious players can enjoy high stakes games at special tables for high rollers. They often follow the motto “bet big and win big” in their game.

When are you considered a High Roller?

In fact, they are experienced players who have an above-average budget and can more easily bear the risk of losing money, because playing at an online casino is not just about winning a lot. High losses are also possible and you need to be able to deal with them.

What are the advantages of playing at a High Roller Casino?

The best online casinos will offer special tables to VIPs with higher gambling limits and substantial free cash amounts in the form of Welcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses and Loyalty Bonuses. The accounts of these players will be managed by a personal account manager who can meet all their needs. The casino may offer tickets to special events or invite them to exclusive casino tournaments. In addition, high rollers can be rewarded by the online casino with more comp points and better exchange rates. Most of the benefits are designed to keep extra cash in your account and to ensure that the gaming experience is optimal.

What are good tips for High Rollers?

Choose a reliable casino, Choose a casino with good customer service, Only take a bonus with good wagering conditions, Check the payout limits, A good online casino appreciates its High Rollers – ask for cash back.

What bonuses can I expect as a High Roller?

Of course, every player at a leading casino is offered bonuses, but the amounts do not even come close to the bonuses offered to high rollers. High rollers deposit large amounts of money into their casino accounts, often over $1000 and are willing to bet on high stakes games. Because they invest a lot of money in one casino, they expect to be well rewarded. This is often done in the form of the following casino bonuses: Deposit bonus, Welcome bonus, Reload bonus and Loyalty bonus.

Are online casinos afraid of High Rollers?

Yes and no. Some online casinos are afraid of High Rollers, and some receive them with open arms. That has everything to do with the fact that a High Roller can make or break an online casino financially. A High Roller can wager so much money that he can win amounts of $100,000 or more a day. And if a casino is just new and doesn’t have enough reserves yet, then that can cause a payout problem. At the same time, these players are pampered and encouraged to spend as much as possible.

Can you also play Pokies as a High Roller?

Some players feel they should avoid pokie machines because the game is so fast, but playing high roller pokies has been made more affordable by online casinos. This is due to the huge bonuses they offer. You can win huge cash prizes with exclusive High Roller Bonuses or VIP Bonuses, which means that you get a lot of extra spins on your favorite pokie machine.

Which type of High Roller pokie machine is recommended?

Pokie games are divided into the category of classic pokies (such as pokie machines), video pokies or (progressive) jackpot pokies. Pokie machines for high rollers can be found in each category. There are many factors that make every type of pokies game attractive. High roller pokies should be viewed in exactly the same way as any other high stakes game. If you have an infinitely large bank account and want to increase it with an entertaining gambling session, then these games could be just right for you.

How do I find High Roller games?

In online casinos, you will not find any games that are specifically declared as high roller casino games. However, you can inform yourself about the different games and their minimum and maximum stakes on the respective casino homepages. As a rule, the card games Baccarat and Blackjack in online casinos, especially in the live dealer version, belong to the games preferred by high rollers.

Are there any high roller bet limits?

Each online casino sets minimum and maximum wagering limits for each game or table. However, most casinos also offer a few online blackjack tables with extra high stakes for high rollers. Check the Highroller Toplist we created at the top of the page to find out which online casino has the best and largest selection of High Roller bonuses and games.

Are there any high roller bet limits?

Each online casino sets minimum and maximum wagering limits for each game or table. However, most casinos also offer a few online blackjack tables with extra high stakes for high rollers. Check the Highroller Toplist we created at the top of the page to find out which online casino has the best and largest selection of High Roller bonuses and games.