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5 crazy roulette bets

five amazing reckless roulette bets that worked out well

Five Crazy Roulette Bets that Really Worked

It is interesting to note that some players have completely bypassed the “strategies” and have placed high risk bets on the roulette tables. And even more fun: they worked! In this article 5 amazing roulette stories where 5 gamblers made a huge profit placing crazy roulette bets.

1. Ashley Revell puts all His Possessions into Roulette

One of the most famous roulette stories of all time is that of Ashley Revell. In 2004 he sold all his possessions to have enough money for an extremely high roulette stake. This included the sale of his car, house and clothes. The sale led to an amount of $135,300. Although it sounds crazy to sell everything and then risk it during a single roulette bet, there was a reason for Revell’s madness. His story was then documented by “Sky Channel”, a well-known television channel in the United Kingdom. This later changed it into an episode of the mini series called “Double or Nothing” also called “Double or Nothing”, literally translated. It would also be part of a documentary called “THS Investigates”, a program in which Vegas winners and losers are shown.

Ashley’s Next Step

The next step was to find a casino that would accept an extreme roulette bet like this. The Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas agreed, allowing Ashley Revell to take the biggest gamble of his life. However, there was one problem: the roulette variant. At Plaza Hotel & Casino they have an American roulette wheel with a house advantage of 5.26%. As we explained earlier, the French and European versions of roulette offer better odds of winning because of a single zero. However, Revell took the risk to travel to Las Vegas to bet $135,300 on red. The payout for this bet is 1:1. The ball then ended up in the red box 7 of the wheel. This doubled his entire bet to $270,600.

Later, Ashley Revell started an online poker site called “Poker UTD”, but it closed its digital doors again in 2012. Now he owns the website iGaming Recruitment, a company that combines applicants with companies in the casino sector. Whether or not he will risk his money again, he has indicated that he enjoyed his experience.

2. Poker player Jake Cody Risks Full Tournament Prize

Jake Cody is a well-known professional poker player with enough extraordinary achievements to his name. He is one of the few poker players who has won a “Triple Crown”, “WPT”, “EPT” and “WSOP” title. In 2018, Jake won a high roller tournament with a buy-in of £2,200 (A$4007.37). This was a Partypoker tournament, with a first place £42,670 (A$77,724) paid out. Although this is already a lot of money, Jake Cody decided to place all his won money on black numbers in the roulette wheel. This all took place at Dusk Till Dawn Casino in the UK. It even caused a lot of publicity with many spectators filming the events with their mobile devices. Remarkable to mention is that he didn’t even come up with the idea to bet all the tournament winnings on the roulette tables himself. One of his friends suggested it and thought it was a funny idea.

After winning the poker high roller tournament with a £2,200 buy-in, Jake and his friends started celebrating with a few drinks. Then Jake Cody decided to go ahead with this crazy roulette bet. In fact, it attracted so much attention that owner “Rob Yong” took over the roulette wheel. After the ball landed on black, everyone jumped with joy and it was filmed on multiple phones. Jake won a total of £85,340 (A$93,702). With so many smartphones filming the event, Jake Code became a real sensation for social media the next day. As a result, this roulette story attracted many newspapers and headlines about his “big roulette win” at Dusk Till Dawn Casino.

3. Sean Connery wins Three Rows with Betting on a Single Number

If you don’t know Sean Connery, you’ve either lived under a rock, or you’re the new generation. It is a world famous actor with many leading roles to his name. Sean Connery has played in films such as The Rock, The League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Dragon Heart. But not everyone knows that Sean also likes to take a gamble. Back in 1963, Sean Connery visited the famous Italian Casino de la Vallee while filming one of his films. He was a big fan of roulette at the time and decided to bet his money on number 17. As you probably know, the chances of winning a bet on a single song are the smallest. The odds of these bets are 36:1 on the European roulette wheel and 37:1 on the American roulette wheel. It is not surprising that the famous Scottish actor lost his money on the first two spins. But luck turned and he managed to win the third spin and receive a payout of 36:1. The average players will be satisfied with this and would run away with the win. Sean Connery decided to stay and put his full winnings back at 17.

To his own surprise, he also won his second bet on the single number 17. And to think that this roulette story doesn’t even end here. For the third time he left all his money at number 17 and managed to win again. After starting with a small bet, he finally managed to leave the roulette table with a win of $27,000. If you’re wondering how likely it is to win at roulette three times in a row with a single number bet, that’s more than 50:000:1. This makes Sean Connery not only a great actor, but also a lucky one.

4. Newcastle United Owner Wins a Total of £820,000 (A$900,360).

The owner of the famous English football club Newcastle United, “Mike Ashley”, does not need large roulette winnings to make ends meet. However, he decided to spread some crazy roulette bets over the gaming tables at London’s Mayfair Casino. In 2008, he placed a bet on number 17 (perhaps inspired by Sean Connery’s roulette story). But he also bet money on other outcomes such as black numbers, odd numbers, splits and lines.

After only 15 minutes of playing, he had already played a total win of £820,000 (A$900.360). Ashley thanked the dealer by saying, “That’s enough, thanks”. The English Mike Ashley owes his fortune to selling sports equipment. Its full value is estimated at £1.5 trillion (converted to A$1.826.296.746.801) according to the well-known “Forbes Magazine”.

5. Computer Programmer Bets his $220,000 Savings on a Single Number

Most likely, Chris Boyd (a computer programmer) was the real inspiration for Ashley Revell to put all his possessions on the roulette tables in 2004. In 1994, Chris Boyd had accumulated a total of $220,000 in three years. Then he started looking for a casino that would allow him to place such a crazy roulette bet. In Las Vegas, a casino (Binion’s Horseshoe Club) agreed. This casino is now closed. Binions, which at that time only allowed bets of up to $87,378, made an exception for Chris Boyd. The casino was using an American roulette wheel at the time, only the 00 were covered. In this way, Chris Boyd actually played with the same odds of winning as on the European version (2.70% house advantage) of the traditional roulette. Then he put all his savings on red and like Revell, he doubled his money ($440,000). After this big roulette win, the English computer programmer promised to stop gambling.

The Benefits of Reckless Roulette Betting

One of the biggest problems with roulette is the house advantage. Including the best roulette variants such as French roulette with a house advantage of 1.35%, European roulette with a house advantage of 2.70% and American roulette with a house advantage of 5.26%. At first glance, these home benefits will not seem so bad. The average player on a French roulette variant can theoretically win back $98.65 with every $100 he bets. The problem is, however, that the chances of losing money will increase as you are more often exposed to the house edge of the casino. Even if your playing session starts well, the odds can spin and you’ll lose out on money if you keep on gambling.

To make your entire balance dependent on one spin of the roulette wheel, making sure you minimize your exposure to the house edge. Instead of regularly trying your luck at the roulette tables, you are now betting all your money once. This does not mean that the odds of winning are better as a result. But you don’t have to take risks over and over again where the casino is ahead of you.

The Disadvantages of Reckless Roulette Betting

The first problem you’ll encounter when making a huge roulette bet is the fact that the casino always has a small advantage. You have about a 50% chance of winning a single bet, but you’ll still have a negative expectation when it comes to making a profit in the long run. Another drawback is that you take a lot of risks. Even if you had a 75% chance of winning, you might not do it yet.

Moreover, betting all your money will also take away the ‘Entertainment’ part. I think it’s very important that you also have fun while gambling. On the roulette tables, it’s better to play with a low wager, so you’ll minimize your losses in the long run. And do you want to go crazy like Ashley Revell, Jake Cody or Sean Connery? Then I advise you to do this on the French version of Roulette.

What is the Best Roulette Bet You Can Do?

In principle, it’s best to place a bet on single odds. These include the red and black numbers, odd and even numbers & high and low numbers. You have a 50/50 chance of winning. Especially if you intend to place all of your savings on an area of the playing field, it is advisable not to do this on a single number, but on, for example, a black or red color.

Is it Wise to Place Crazy Roulette Bets?

No, a casino always has a head start on the players in roulette. The chance of losing is greater than the chance of winning. In any case, it’s not wise to first sell all your assets and then place them on a single chance, as Ashley Revell has done. The same goes for Jake Cody or Chris Boyd.


One thing you can tell from these roulette stories is the fact that Brits love to make crazy roulette bets. It is very coincidental that everyone in this list comes from Great Britain. One more thing we learned is that you either have to be mad or rich to make such crazy bets. The fallen Mike Ashley, Jake Cody and Sean Connery, for example, are very rich and didn’t take too many risks with their bets.

Chris Boyd and Ashley Revell, on the other hand, used their entire savings in roulette. If you have enough money and can miss it, go ahead! But we would never do anything like sell your possessions or save up money, and then bet on the roulette tables in one turn!

Our Advice Remains: Play Aware and Responsible!