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Haunted hospital

Haunted Hospital Pokie Machine

Are you ready for a terrifying gaming experience once and for all? Do you dare to step into an abandoned mental hospital, the corridors of which are shattered by crazy ghosts? If this scenario sounds appealing to you, Wazdan has the game for you: Haunted Hospital. Why on earth would someone want to defy their fate and step on their feet in this creepy place? Of course, in the hope of terrible profits!

Features of the Haunted Hospital Pokie

In the hospital haunted by the ghosts, you’ll find a 3×3 game area with 27 paylines. Horror reels start with a $ 0.1 minimum bet, while at maximum you can be intimidated by a $ 100 bet. The game’s RTP, or bounce rate, is 96.49%.

By clicking on the Autoplay button you can set the desired number of auto spins up to 1000 rounds. During the action you will see how many spins are left with the spin button, which you can press to stop the automatic game at any time.

If you stay in base mode, you will be able to use the gambling feature after each win by pressing the x2 button. Two blazing doors open up in front of you, and you have to choose one of them. If a terribly grinning psychopath with a bloody knife appears behind the door, that is not good news – you will lose your winnings and the gambling will end. If a beautiful girl on the verdant sunny moor reveals behind the door, you double your winnings and, if you wish, continue gambling up to seven times in a row.

As with Wazdan games, you can use the Volatility Level button at the bottom right to influence the game’s volatility. If you choose low volatility, you will often make small gains, while choosing high volatility will not result in gains all the time, but they can be quite terrible. Middle-range volatility hits between these two extremes, generating fairly moderate gains relatively often.

Special Symbols and Functions for the Haunted Hospital Pokie

There are several special symbols in the game, such as the scatter symbol, an obsessive psychopath resembling Hannibal Lecter. You win 9 free spins after winning three scatter symbols. The wildly grinning lab technician is a wild symbol, replacing all the basic symbols in your winning combinations.

When you get three Mystery symbols on the reels, with a black-haired girl staring at her dead eyes like straight from The Ring, you win a mystery prize that can be up to 500 times your stake!

Winnings of the Haunted Hospital Pokie

As mentioned, this small game screen has accommodated 27 solid paylines. To win, you need three of the same symbols on the payline.

The biggest potential for winning is the mystery symbol, which can pay you 500 times your stake. The Wild symbol, a manically grinning lab, is the next most valuable symbol. The big-eyed, equally manic-looking doctor is next on the scale and is followed by a white coat holding a bloody knife. Crazy cleans and crazy care are equal and give you the next great payout. Mental Hospital exterior, wheelchair and creepy patient room come next in order of importance. A bloody syringe and similarly bloody knives will give you slightly lower profits, while brains, hands and eyeballs stored in glass jars are at the bottom of the scale.

Graphics from Haunted Hospital Pokie

There may be plenty to offer in horror-themed games, but few are as scary as Haunted Hospital! In the background of the play area you will see an abandoned hospital room with a broken window and blood splattered on the bed. The game logo is full of blood splatter. However, this horror room is not quite empty, as you see menacing shadows rolling through the walls and sometimes behind the play area, peeping at the most horrifying sight – a dark-haired girl with her dead eyes, her mouth open for a cry, or Hannibal Lecter The reels are filled with scary characters, such as a crazy doctor holding a bloody knife, a wandering head in a nurse’s suit smearing blood, and an equally insane cleaner wearing a bloody mop. Other symbols include brains, hands and eyeballs stored in glass jars.

Haunted Hospital Conclusion

If for some reason you want to wander around in a gloomy abandoned mental hospital amidst crazy bloodthirsty psychopaths, Wazdan gives you the chance to do it in his hair-lifting game Haunted Hospital. There are enough special symbols in the game to share with others, like the wild symbol grinning manic doctor to complete your winning combination, replacing all the basic symbols. You probably don’t usually want to see terrible ghosts, but in this game a mystery symbol resembling the spooky little girl in The Ring gives you a mystery win that can be up to 500 times your stake! Spying on Hannibal Lecter’s mind-boggling obsessive psychopath is also good news, as it is a scatter symbol that gives you free spins. Terrible profits are waiting for you if you venture into this horror hospital.