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Jumping fruits

Jumping Fruits Pokie Machine

If you think Jumping Fruits is a traditional traditional pokie machine, Wazdan will surprise you; these fruits are far from ordinary. Bubbly vitamin bombs make you bounce at the wins! If you don’t believe us, jump on the reels and try for yourself …

Features of Jumping Fruits Video Pokie

Although this is an extraordinary game, there is such a tradition of pokie machines that the classic screen size is 3×3. However, there are as many as 27 ways to win this small game box! Fruits start with a $0.1 minimum bet and a maximum bet of $100. You simply throw in the maximum bet by pressing the Max Bet button. The game’s RTP, or bounce rate, is 96.40%.

The Autoplay button, located at the bottom of the game screen, next to the spin button, lets you select the number of auto spins you want – if you want to play long, you can choose up to 100,000 auto spins! But don’t worry if you change your mind; you can always stop the automatic game if you want by pressing the spin button, where you can see how many rounds are left.

If you would like to check the payment table, press the i button, while for more detailed rules press the question mark. Both pieces are located in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Special Features of Jumping Fruits Pokie Machine

In terms of special features, the game has been kept simple, with no special symbols, such as wild or scatter symbols, or free spins. However, there are a couple of Wazdan-specific features, such as gambling and adjustable volatility, as well as a special Nudge feature.

If you decide not to use the pokie machine and instead remain in the base game mode, you will have the opportunity to use the gambling feature by pressing the x2 button after each win. This will open a view in front of you to choose from two bushes. If you find fruit in the bush, your payout is doubled and you can either take your winnings by returning to the base game mode or continue gambling by guessing up to seven times in a row. If, however, a hungry cabbage worm emerges from the bush eating the fruits into its mouth, you will lose your winnings and the gambling will end.

In Nudge mode, the reels may bounce back a couple of symbols if this gives you a better winning combination. This function is triggered randomly, but you can see how much each reel can jerk from the pink liquid-filled gauge next to it. As is typical for Wazdan games, in this game you can choose between three levels of volatility. With low volatility, you can expect small gains at a steady pace, while high volatility is less likely to mean higher gains. Mid-range volatility is found between these two extremes. This tactic will ensure that the game fits all types of game styles and cashes.

Winnings from Jumping Fruits

Although not spoiled, the game screen holds up to a whopping 27 wins. To win, you need three of the same symbols.

The Caribbean, the star fruit of the Sheriff, gives you the biggest winnings. Hat-pear Hanko in the hand comes next in the value scale. Pineapple, plum, grapes and raspberries know you have medium-sized profits. The waving lemon, the strawberry, the cherry twin, the aged walking stick, the fitness orange and the green-pear all come together in one size range.

The Graphics and Sounds of the Jumping Fruits Pokie Game

Even though you’ve probably seen a lot of pokie machines, we can guarantee that you’ve never seen such cool fruits before! Jumping Fruits contains all the classic fruits: watermelon, cherries, grapes, lemon, orange and plum, but also includes exotic delicacies such as pineapple, caramel, and home-made berries that are not so common on pokie machine reels: strawberry and raspberry. The game area is flanked by a magical landscape with a skyline glowing in purple and orange, fairy dust floating in the air and attractively colored fruit waiting for its taste. A cheerful accordion plays in the background. Fruit bouncing and dancing gives you fun sound effects, so you won’t be bored with these lousy friends.


If you think you’ve already seen everything that pokie machines have to offer, you’re wrong – Wazdan will serve you an unprecedented set of table treats in his Jumping Fruits game. So much for traditional pokie machines, there are no special symbols or bonus games, but there is action. Unusually cheerful, fun-styled fruit figurines jump around to reel, which can occasionally bounce back if this gives you a better chance of winning. After each win you have the opportunity to use the gambling feature where you may double your winnings by selecting the right bush. As is typical for this game producer, you can also tailor the game’s volatility to suit you and your style of play. Pick up some delicious winnings from the reels of this fruity game!