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Dino reels 81

Dino Reels 81 Pokie Game

If you are wondering why the Wazdan game is called Dino Reels 81 then we can clarify it. Let’s look at the name of the game word for word. The words Dino and Reels are pretty obvious. As you probably know, dino means dinosaur, and dinosaurs are the theme of this game. Reels, of course, means reels, which refers to the reels in this pokie machine. What do you think 81 means? Well, that of course means the number of paylines, because there are actually a staggering 81 of them in this game, but they are not directly in use, because something has to happen before all the paylines are put in place. Whatever it is, see below!

Dino Reels 81 Features, Graphics and Sounds

In the Dino Reels 81 pokie machine, you spin four reels in three rows. The reels start adventure with a $0.1 minimum bet and a maximum bet of $100. The game bounce rate, or RTP, is 96.44% and you can pick up winnings in the base game from 7 paylines. When you succeed in capturing a wild symbol dinosaur on the reels, you will increase the payline by 81! If you want to take the maximum bet you can easily do so with the Max Bet button on the right of the spin. If you want the spools to rotate automatically, you can do so by pressing the Autoplay button on the left side of the spin knob. You can choose from 10 to 1000 automatic spins and also set certain spin limits if you wish.

The game area is set in a green jungle. The game area is flanked by thick-skinned trees and you can see the green bushes and leaves moving in front and behind. Is there a dinosaur or some other jungle dweller in the bush? You won’t know it until you spin the reels! The reels are lined with stone passes and feature a variety of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. From the reels you can sponge among others mammoth, saber tooth tiger, flying lizard and Triceratops. In addition, the reels show a pair of dino hunts; a man holding a shotgun in a rain of water and a woman standing in a whip. Being in the jungle, of course, there are the sounds of the jungle in the background, as well as the roar of dinosaurs as the knocking sounds of the reels break the peace of the jungle.

Free Spins and Bonuses on the Dino Reels 81 Pokie Machine

The salt of the game is its wild symbol. The Wild symbol is perhaps the king of dinosaurs, the feisty Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can’t miss it when the ferocious T-Rex shows off its sharp rack of teeth on reels. If you were one of the reindeer dinosaur hunters on the reels, you might be worried, but because you are safe on the other side of the reels, you can stare anxiously at the dazzling dino. The advent of T-Rex on reels only knows the good news from your point of view, as while T-Rex replaces other symbols on the reels, it also raises paylines from 7 to 81!

Dino Reels 81 Winnings

In the Dino Reels 81 pokie machine, you win by spinning 4 reels with the same symbols. This makes it very easy to track your winnings, as a symbol must appear on each line in order to win. There are 7 paylines in the base game, but when you manage to get one of the wild symbols on the reels, Tyrannosaurus Rex raises the payline to 81. The lowest winnings are given by the hunter couple, with the man lurking with the gun and the woman on duty with the lasso, each bringing the lowest wins and worth of the game. These are followed by a mammoth and a saber-tooth tiger, who again give equal profits. The lizard, who owns a handsome back armor, gains more than these and is followed by the Triceratops Tricorn. The flying lizard flies onto the reels, carrying the game’s third-highest winnings and the second-highest winnings waving by a long-tailed dinosaur. The wildly-frenzied Tyrannosaurus Rex, the wild symbol, gives the game the biggest payouts while raising the payline from seven to eighty.

Dino Reels 81 Conclusion

Dino Reels 81 is Wazdan’s masterpiece of prehistoric pokie machine. Take two dinosaur hunters on a trip to the jungle to track reels of Tyrannosaurus Rex itself and other prehistoric animals. The T-Rex is something to look forward to, as it acts as a wild symbol for the game. But this Tyrannosaurus is no ordinary wild symbol. It does substitute reels for other symbols, as it is familiar, but it does more. Namely, this T-Rex is screaming for new dimensions of paylines! When in the base game you can collect winnings from 7 paylines, as the T-Rex roars on the reels the payline rises to 81 – and every time! And as you can imagine, this means quite nice profits. For once, Tyrannosaurus Rex knows the good news!