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Colin the cat

Colin The Cat Online Pokie

What do you get when you combine edible cute kittens with very good gameplay in a pokie machine? One answer to that question might be Wazdan’s wonderful Colin The Cat! Cats today are much more popular pets than dogs. Independent, mysterious, sometimes maddening cats are easy-to-care and intelligent pets that often end up controlling the entire economy, as any cat owner knows. In addition to all these features, cats are once and for all beautiful creatures, and it is also evident on the reels of Colin The Cat. Even though cat fans are the clear target audience for this game, anyone enjoys playing with these hairballs!

Features of Colin The Cat Pokie Machine

You’ll find a rather smaller 4×3 playing area in the middle of a pretty cat-like mess. Cats can play at a bet of $ 0.1 with a maximum bet of $ 100. If you decide to bet the maximum bet, you can do so with a single press of the Max Bet button. You have 10 winning lines at your disposal and RTP is catlike at 96.10%!

By clicking on the Autoplay button, you will have 10 to 1000 auto rounds to complete. During the action you will see the number of spins remaining on the spin button, which you can press to stop the automatic game whenever you want.

You may notice a small mini-Colin at the edge of some common cat symbols. This little cat can make you big winnings because if you get them three or four on the payline, you will get the best winnings in the game!

Special Features of Colin The Cat

If you do not enable the pokie machine and remain in the base game mode, you will have the opportunity to use the gambling feature after each win. Wazdan’s Guaranteed Style Gambling feature is not a generic card game, but is tailored to the theme. In gambling, the cat sees two mouse holes and you must choose one of them. If a cat finds a mouse in that hole, you will double your winnings and, if you wish, continue gambling up to seven times in a row. If, on the other hand, the cat’s paw gets trapped, you will lose your winnings and the gambling will end.

As with Wazdan games, you can use the Volatility Level button at the bottom right to influence game volatility. If you choose low volatility, you can expect to see frequent gains that are dripping fast. High volatility predicts that you may have to spin without profit for a while, but they can be quite tasty when hit. The average volatility is then, of course, between these two extremes, offering relatively nice gains at a steady rate.

Winnings from Colin The Cat Pokie Game

The 10 fixed paylines in the game run from left to right and you need at least three of the same symbols on the payline to win.

As mentioned earlier, the best winnings in the game bring you a special little symbol, the mini-colin that appears at the bottom of the other symbols. In addition to this special symbol, there are only two levels on the scale, the higher of which is a cat sleeping on a branch, a cat entangled in a wire whisker, a cat sticking its head in a goldfish bowl, and a Scratching Misu window. On the second level you will find a kitten sleeping on the couch, a close-up of a big-eyed cat, a peeping cat between mattresses and a cat littering the trash can.

Graphics by Colin The Cat

Who wouldn’t like kittens? Wazdan’s Colin The Cat graphics melt the heart of a petite dog with its big-eyed cats. Even though kitty games cause quite a mess, like feathers fluttering with broken pillows, you can’t resist these unbearably cute critters! There’s sneak peeks between the pillows, kicks that hang on a tree branch, cats that are tangled in a thread of their own, and myrrh scratching the window with a miserable appearance. Not to mention a cat in a gold bowl or a cat tossing a trash in her head. Whatever these whips come up with, they always manage to be just as sweet. Every little detail is insightful to the theme, like the Auto Play and Max Bet buttons are shaped like fish, which may be a treat for our feline friends.


Wazdan has created an irresistible Colin The Cat pokie machine to the delight of all cat fans, with even the smallest details fitting into the cat theme – even the spin button has the appearance of a sphere and the winning lines are marked with threads. With this game provider’s guaranteed style, you can customize the game’s volatility to suit your own style of play and budget. After each win, you may want to use the gambling feature where you can try to double your winnings by guessing where the cat will find its prey. Its no special features are needed for this simple and straightforward game – the club of cute kittens is enough to create an enjoyable gaming experience!