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Burning reels

Burning Reels Online Pokie Game

In many video Pokie games, winning symbols flash into flames, symbolizing hot wins. Wazdan improves on Burning Reels, whose whole theme is in flames – quite rightly, in this game, hot firefighters are desperately trying to put out a blazing forest fire. So now you can play with fire properly with permission!

Features of Burning Reels Video Pokie

In flaming landscapes you’ll find a 5×3 game screen and 20 fixed paylines. The reels flare into flames with a minimum bet of $0.2 and a maximum bet of $100 . You can easily toss the maximum bet on the game by pressing the Max Bet button. The game’s RTP, or bounce rate, is 96.63%.

If you are unable to press the spin button with continuous feed, starting an automatic game is an easy option. By pressing the Autoplay button, you can select up to a whopping 100,000 auto spins! If you change your mind in the middle of an automatic game, it does nothing – you can always stop the automatic spins by pressing the spin button, which shows the number of spins remaining during the action.

Play in Automatic or Base Mode

An automatic game is undoubtedly handy, but keep in mind that you have no chance of gambling while using it. If you remain in base mode, you will be able to gamble by clicking the x2 button after each win. As is typical for Wazdan, the gambling feature is not a generic card game, but is tailored to the theme. You have to choose from two burning bushes which firefighter should put out. If the firefighter succeeds in turning off the bush and there is still something left, you will double your winnings and either take it back to basic mode or continue gambling by guessing up to seven times in a row. If the shrub collapses again and returns to the reindeer, you lose your winnings and the gambling ends.

The firefighter hiding behind the gas mask is a wild symbol that stirs basic symbols in your winning combinations. A beautifully smiling female firefighter, on the other hand, acts as a scatter symbol, which brings you not only cash winnings regardless of paylines, but also free spins. More about them in the next chapter!

Free Spins and Bonuses on the Burning Reels Video Pokie

If you get at least three scatter symbols, that is, pretty Fire Maids on adjacent coils from left to right, you win 10 free spins. During the action, a new symbol is added to the patterns, namely the alarm clock, which doubles your winnings each time you hit the center reel.

As is typical for this game maker, in this game you can choose the volatility level of your choice from three options. Low volatility knows small gains, which are dripping steadily, while high volatility means less frequent but more profitable gains. Mid-range volatility lies between these two extremes and is therefore suitable for the mid-range walker.

Winnings of Burning Reels Pokie

The game’s 20 fixed paylines pay from left to right. The Scatter symbol does not need to hit the payline to bring you winnings.

The most valuable symbols for winning are two paylines. These include the wild symbol, helicopter, fire truck and helmet. For the less valuable, you need at least three on the payline before you can win. These include the hose, its equivalent foam extinguisher, and the ax, badge and water column of equal value.

Graphics and Sounds

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the fire department, or are attracted to beautiful and handsome firefighters, the graphics in Burning Reels are sure to catch your eye. Namely, you meet both a smiling firefighter with a female beauty and a handsome fireman behind a gas mask. After all, there is a smile to fight against fires, so there is equipment for fire fighters: a fire truck, helicopter, ax, water post and hose. Firefighters also need a badge and a helmet to protect their head. All of these symbols are fluttering with coils, whose translucent bottom allows you to distinguish between fire-fighting firefighters in the background. The water pipes surround the game screen and above it the logo glows in flames.

Fighting fire is not a game, and so the sound of the game is appropriately dramatic – with impressive music playing in the background, and with your winnings you hear an explosive sound effect.


Here’s a game that will delight anyone who dreams of a firefighter’s career, or perhaps even a pyroman – in fact, Wazdan’s Burning Reels provides entertainment for all types of players! The game’s flaming graphics are visually impressive and include all the special features you’d expect from a modern video Pokie. The Wild symbol completes your winning combination and the scatter symbol pays out winnings wherever you are, and you can also win free spins. There are also Wazdan trademarks in the game; a gambling function tailored to the theme and a level of volatility that the player can choose from among three options. Therefore, the game suits all players regardless of the size of the bankroll and the style of play. So stamp the coils on the flames and grab yourself some hot wins!