Thursday, 28 January 2021
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Bars & 7s Pokie Machine

An experienced pokie machine player knows the symbols mentioned in the title of Bars & 7s from many traditional pokie machines. However, Wazdan has taken things a step further by not finding the familiar cherries, watermelons or lemons in this game. In fact, you will not find any symbols in the game other than the bar and stop symbols! How can a game manufacturer make such simple cookies an exciting and entertaining gaming experience? Read more below to find out how Wazdan has succeeded in this task!

Features of Bars & 7s

As you open the game, you’ll see a very classic 3×3 game area with 8 solid paylines. Unlike regular games, however, these reels also display blank boxes, which may initially confuse the player. Reels filled with bar and stop symbols start at a minimum bet of $0.1, while you can set a maximum bet of $100. If you decide to bet the maximum bet, you can do so with a single press of the Max Bet button. The game’s RTP, or bounce rate, is quite a whopping 96.43%.

Press the Autoplay button to select the number of auto spins you want, up to a whopping 100,000 auto spins! Don’t worry, even if you choose the maximum number of automatic spins, you still won’t have to play until doomsday – you can always stop the automatic game anytime you want by pressing the spin button to see how many spins are left at that time. As handy as the pokie machine function is, please keep in mind that you do not have access to gambling while using it. We’ll tell you more about the gambling feature in the next paragraph!

Special features of Bars & 7s Pokie Machine

You can use the gambling feature after each win by pressing the x2 button to open a new game screen in front of you. You have to choose either the stop symbol or the bar symbol and if your choice is right, ie the spinning reel reveals your chosen symbol, you will double your winnings. In this case, you can either take your winnings and return to the basic game mode, or continue gambling by guessing up to seven times in a row.

With Wazdan’s guaranteed style, in this game too, you can choose your own volatility level using the Volatility Level button at the bottom right. If you choose low volatility, it will often know the lower gains you are making, while choosing high volatility may require you to spin for a while if no other gains, but they can be quite sweet when hit. Mid-range volatility falls between these two extremes, meaning you can expect moderate gains at a relatively steady pace. This great opportunity to tailor the volatility to your liking is one of the trademarks of this game manufacturer and ensures that the game is suitable for all types of players!

Bars & 7s Winnings

The winnings of the game are paid in a slightly different way: your goal is to get three of the same symbols on any of the eight paylines and your winnings are paid on all winning combinations that are on the reels at the same time – not individual paylines.

In other words, there are no unequal symbols in the game as usual but the sevens and bar symbols are equal. Instead, you get the lowest win in one win combination and the highest win in eight win combinations. As a result, tracking winnings is rare.

Graphics from Bars & 7s Pokie Machine

Wazdan game developers probably didn’t have to think long about the name of the game – when you look at the game’s graphics, you don’t see much more than bar and standing symbols, so this is really the apple in this case! However, the background image shows steampunk influences, as gears are slowly and steadily spinning behind the coils, and above the coils you can see mysterious tubes and lightbulbs resembling a light bulb. Especially in gambling, the graphics come to fruition as the translucent reels move out of the way and reveal an impressive view from behind.


Wazdan has returned to the basics in his Bars & 7s game, which may seem like the culmination of simplicity, but still offers a variety of players entertaining and suitably exciting. There are exactly two symbols in the three reel and three line game area that are equal in value, so you won’t be confused by the winning table. With special features, bonus games, and other modern day candy shots in their absence, players have time to focus on the essentials – a fast-paced and exciting gaming experience, and of course, winning! However, Wazdan’s trademarks are involved in adding a touch of spice to the simple game. You can choose the volatility of the game, which makes it suitable for any player, regardless of the size of the bankroll and the style of play. Plus, if you stay in the base game mode, you can use the gambling feature after every win and double your winnings in good time!