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Best Bingo Sites Australia

Online Bingo Australia 2021

Online bingo or as so many Australians affectionately call it “Housie,” has a special place in the hearts of Australians. This game has come a long way, and online bingo is fun, fresh, funky, and often rewarding. Innovative online entertainment is what Australians are looking for these days and our reviewers at pokiesportal, will bring you the best places to play bingo for real money in Australia 2021.

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Part of the universal appeal of online bingo casinos is ideal for Australians who want to appreciate this component, along with the ability to win big, and that it is a social game. You choose that you can join an online bingo community, participate in competitions or play games that all take place from the comfort of your home.

The Australian bingo sites that we have endorsed will suit both experienced and new players, and each game is of quality. The wide variety of bingo games will take your breath away as each number is revealed and formats and images will keep you going. Powered by top software gambling brands that are online, games are running, and you can enjoy multiple games at the same time. Mobile bingo is available, and you can use your own iPhone, iPad or Android to make the range of bingo games available on the go.

Variations of Online Bingo

The two formats of online bingo are as follows:

  • US Bingo 75 Ball Bingo Commonwealth Bingo also called 90 Ball Bingo and “Housie.”
  • The Road to Online Bingo 90 Ball

First of all, you want to buy a ticket with 15 numbers. Players buy six tickets because they can tick one number.

Online gambling differs, where players have to stamp their ticket if they have a number called in Australia. At bingo, their numbers can relax and be stamped. Well, it’s 2021!

That’s pretty much all there is to do. It’s time to play!

Top Bingo Casino Sites in 2021 That Accept Australian Players

The variation of Internet Bingo Australia primarily plays Commonwealth Bingo, which is also played in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but of course, the location here is not such a significant factor; in online casinos, players can choose between European, American and French Blackjack wherever they are in the world.

play bingo online for money


The same is true at Bingo Casino, but in our experience, when most players play online, they tend to stay at 90 Ball Bingo. Therefore, we will focus on this variant in this review.

Another variant you can find on sites is bingo. This is the same as normal bingo, but a small part of the site’s take-up goes towards jackpots that build up until someone gets a house.

Safe online bingo hall for Australians

If you want to have some fun at bingo or want to know how to play online bingo, there are several options for Australians. For Australians who make a deposit to enjoy bingo for real money, the options are unlimited, and we recommend simple and straightforward. Serious, trustworthy banking options ensure that your AUD is kept safe, and transactions are processed through secure channels.

Big bingo bonuses are up for grabs and players are rewarded, with players lured by some tempting goodies. Recurring entries, loyalty prizes and bonuses to exciting competitions can be expected, and you’ll find out how rewarding online bingo can be if you stick to our top tips!

Play your favourite type online bingo Australia

Fans will know that the two most popular types of bingo are 90 ball and 75 balls, but on the websites, we recommend that it is also possible to enjoy progressive bingo, 80 ball games and much more. Any website we suggest for a game optimized with bingo games on your mobile phone does not have to do without the promotion on offer and has a bingo program.

Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy a bingo game to their liking, and you can buy bingo cards or participate in many games per session. Of course, the higher your chances of winning when called, there is no reason not to try your 35, and with staked numbers!

Win real money with bingo games

Bingo prizes can extend more than just money. A few bingo sites offer cars holiday and bingo without deposit bonuses win real money for people who have completed the pattern on their card first.

Besides, there are side games, chat games that take place live and run by the CM, and the antics that accompany these contests to keep you entertained and entertained. Progressive bingo jackpots are available, and these online bingo games can see their prize pools swell and pay a huge amount when a player completes the routine that wins.

Pokiesportal offers the best online bingo sites in one place. Players are welcome to choose a site that we recommend to start playing bingo right away!

Online Bingo FAQ


What is online bingo?

Online bingo is the online version of the game ‘bingo’ that has been played all over the world for hundreds of years. The difference between the classic game and the online version is that you now play the game via the computer. This of course makes playing bingo very easy. With online bingo you can play whenever it suits you and if you want to play you are no longer dependent on a local bingo hall near you.

What is the origin of online bingo?

The history of Bingo is not really easy to trace back to its origins. Even though the broad outlines are clear, the question remains as to who actually “really” invented the game of Bingo. There are so many stories about where Bingo’s roots are based that it’s a large spider’s web of many beautiful stories that actually all sound logical and true. What might be the case is that people would just like to continue all the credit for where the most popular game in the world today was invented. But as far as we have been able to ascertain, the honour belongs to the Italians who breathed life into the Lottery game “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’ Italia” in the 1500’s and still exists today.

How is bingo played online?

Bingo is played with one or more playing cards showing different numbers
in a certain pattern. Numbers are drawn while playing and with a bit of luck these numbers will be on your cards. The numbers are automatically ticked off on your bingo cards. If you are the first to have a full card, you win the game.

What are the rules of online bingo?

The game rules of playing bingo will not change quickly, it hasn’t done so in recent years. As a player you can choose how many cards you play, because the more cards you play, the more chance you have of winning. When the balls start rolling they appear one by one on the screen and when you are the first to have a row or full card, you have bingo. But don’t be too stingy, because it happens often enough that numbers are misread and you run the risk that your card is not completely correct. So always check carefully before collecting your winnings.

What about the numbers?

The game of bingo consists of 75 numbers in total, but not all of them are on your card. A bingo card contains 24 digits which are all a bit in order so that you don’t lose control when the numbers are picked up faster after each other. The planes are divided from 1 to 15 , 16 to 30 , 31 to 45, 46 to 60 and 61 to 75. It cannot happen that you have one number on your card more than once because this would of course be unfair to the competition.

What are the advantages of playing bingo in Australia?

The comfort of playing bingo online is entirely up to you. You don’t have to sit on a bad chair or wait until you can order something to drink. You can play bingo comfortably with your favorite drink in one hand and your laptop on your lap. If you have a bingo you don’t have to shout “BINGO” because the bingo site recognizes that you won and the other bingo players see that too.

How long does a bingo round take?

The name says it all, the game is played with 90 balls. This does not mean that a bingo round takes longer than the 75 balls of bingo. Because you only have 15 numbers on each bingo card, a 90-ball bingo round takes less time on average than the 75-ball variant.

How popular is online bingo in Australia?

The big question is of course how popular bingo is when you look at it all over the world. That’s a question that’s harder to answer than you might think, because in the United States, where online bingo is hugely popular, online casinos usually don’t make their stats available. Neither do they in Australia. In other words, there is no data known about the largest global player in the field of online bingo. It is estimated that five to ten million people play a game of online bingo. The United States is followed by Japan and the United Kingdom. There are statistics available about the latter country, and they tell us that about three million people play bingo online in the United Kingdom. This makes online bingo one of the most popular games of chance in the world.

What can you win with bingo?

The prizes at local bingo evenings often consist of small items, such as a meat packet or vouchers. That’s a lot of fun, but in the end the easiest thing is still money. At the online bingo sites you can play for cash prizes or for big other prizes. Also, the bingo sites sometimes have a progressive jackpot with which you can win big prizes like a cruise or a holiday. You don’t have to drag the prizes home, they are just brought home or the money is deposited into your own bank account within 3 working days.

Can I also play free online bingo in Australia?

Often you have to pay when you want to join a fun game of bingo but if you really want to do this for fun you can find a lot of fun bingo games on our Toplist where you cannot win prizes but you can also experience the excitement and fun. Another fun element of playing free bingo in Australia is that you can always choose which environment you play in and which theme is connected to it.