Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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Whospunit Slot Game Review

Known for their expertise in creating beautiful rich graphics 3D slot machines, Betsoft Gaming once again surpassed all expectations by delivering yet another exciting and unique game. The WhoSpunIt 3D slot game has a unique murder mystery theme (hence the title refers to the popular ‘Who Done It?’), Features a number of fully animated 3D characters (five to be exact), and contains different levels of gameplay in which you see gather directions to solve the murder.

WhoSpunIt Theme and Gameplay

As with the majority of 3D slot machines developed by Betsoft Gaming, WhoSpunIt includes 5 reels and 30 paylines. Denominations range from just 0.02-1 and between 1 and 5 coins can be wagered on every payline, meaning a potential maximum bet of 150 coins per spin. There is also a maximum payout amount of 320,500 coins available on this slot machine.

WhoSpunIt is a murder-mystery slot machine in a luxury villa called Wellington Manor in which players tasked with collecting evidence to solve clues, which sees the murder of Mr. Farmington committed. There are a total of five animated 3D characters in the game that are the suspects and they are: Covington the Butler, Miss Ellie the housekeeper, Dr.Van Austren’s Physician, Miss Chatham the Socialite, and Mr. Wellington the host and owner of the property.

There is a wide range of symbols in the WhoSpunIt slot machine due to having a number of idea modes that have their own specific symbols, but we will talk about that later. It is used in most of the slot symbols are the five murder suspects (Mr. Wellington, Covington, Miss Ellie, Dr. Van Austen, and Miss Chatham), a safe that is hidden behind a portrait, magnifying glass, a sign on the wall with information about the murder, and the legs of the murdered Mr. Farmington (this is the highest value standard symbol and it is worth 2500 credits if you have 5 countries on the reels).

WhoSpunIt Bonus Features

The WhoSpunIt slot machine is unique and plays in more of a ‘game style’ than the other slots currently released. When you first start playing WhoSpunIt you will notice a five minute timer above the reels. This is when the ‘Detective Mode’ will start and within these five minutes you must spin the reels as often as possible to randomly collect ‘clue spins’ and you are also awarded your basic symbol wins while doing so.

The number of clue spins you have collected are listed on the bottom left of the slot machine and once the countdown timer is complete you will start the detective mode. There are actually 3 different levels to detective mode (location, murder weapon and critical clue), all with different symbols, and the number of spins you have to solve each level depends on how many clue spins you gathered in the base game. In order to complete each level you must accumulate five stars on one of five options for each game.

Location (level 1): The first level is to discover the location where the murder took place. The locations are the Gazebo, bathroom, study, dining room and kitchen. Collect five stars at one of these locations and you will then move on to level 2. (NB: Between each level you still need to accumulate indication spins in the basic game).