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Weekend in vegas

Weekend in Vegas Pokie Game Review

Betsoft is a known developer of online slots, and it does show itself at more and more online casinos. Fair is fair: Betsoft serves mainly as eye-catcher at second-rate online casinos and is especially padding at the better online casinos. Yet Betsoft sometimes makes really nice slot machines. One of the nicer slot machines from Betsoft is Weekend in Vegas.

Weekend in Vegas revolves around Mr. Cautious Chris, Loony Larry and Balanced Ben. These gentlemen spend a weekend in Las Vegas, the gambling capital on this planet. These gentlemen are opposites of each other. Loony Larry is the party animal who likes to play everything or nothing at the casino. Cautious Chris is not only the nerd of the company, but also a scary dog. Also when it comes to gambling. Balanced Ben is the golden mean of these two.

Weekend in Vegas: how does this slot machine work?

Weekend in Vegas does not work with fixed paylines, but according to the “243 ways” principle. That means that if you have three identical symbols on the first three reels, you have a price anyway. How much you win depends of course on which symbol you have three times or more on your game screen.

With most slot machines from Betsoft the money can be won in the bonus features. These bonus features are often numerous. Almost every Betsoft slot machine has several. In the basic game of Weekend in Vegas you can win up to $ 1,500 per combination. You can of course form multiple winning combinations per spin, so you also have to be able to win several thousand euros per turn in the basic game.

The Wild symbol can be recognized by the typical Las Vegas symbol. You see this sign when you enter Las Vegas. Welcome is replaced by ‘Wild’, so it is immediately clear that this is the Wild symbol and

The higher your bet, the higher the prizes that will be paid out. The minimum bet at Weekend in Vegas is $ 0.25 per spin. That is not much, but low stakes also means little win. Higher bets mean more winnings, but with a maximum of $ 125 per spin, it can of course go very fast if it is against this slot machine with a high variance.

What bonus features does Weekend in Vegas have?

That is almost too much to mention. To begin with, you can bet this profit every time you’ve played a winning combination. By guessing the head or coin, you can double your profit once again. The probability of this is 50%. If you have not guessed correctly, you have lost your profit. In this way you can of course try to make something of a small profit in the basic game.

The second bonus feature are the scatter bonus spins. For those who have time to pay attention: the scatter symbol, a police car, starts driving when you have at least three of them on the reels. The three Vegas tourists also get the craziest tour around this Weekend in Vegas slot machine. You get 8 bonus spins if you have three scatter symbols. You get 12 if you have four scatter symbols. The nice number of 20 spins you get when you get 5 scatter symbols on the reels.

During these scatter bonus spins all winnings are doubled. You may therefore pay the price you would receive in the basic game times two. The header / currency feature is not available during this bonus game. The best thing is saved for the last time: a Money Wheel! This Money Wheel is extra exciting. The first turn gives you up to $ 1,500 or another turn. The second turn gives you up to $ 12,500 or another turn. The third and last spin will give you up to $ 25,000. That’s another prize.


Weekend Vegas is definitely worth it. Even if only because of the bonus games. Try to save yourself by the long-winded and in euro not so interesting basic game. This is easiest when you set the slot machine to turbo mode. Then the cupboard turns a little faster and superfluous animations remain slightly more absent. The bonus games are very exciting and more important: you can win very nice cash amounts.