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The true sheriff

True Sheriff Pokie Game Review

True Sherrif is one of the most fun 3D video slots from Betsoft that can be played online. Yet True Sherrif is not only fun to be played, but you can always count on the highest prices with this slot machine! You can win 5 reels, of course you can not only find regular symbols for a combination but you can also use various extra features. All common symbols can therefore be run on a variable number of paylines, which can be set to 30 at True Sherrif.

Among the extra features that are offered on this True Sherrif slot machine, a special Wild symbol can not be missed. With the Bullet Wild you can replace other symbols with this game, making combinations easier to complete. On the other hand, with True Sherrif you have the opportunity to play a Showdown bonus and you can of course also count on prizes that can be won with free spins. In order to win these free spins you will have to run at least 3 badges, which you can get the maximum right to run 15 times for free!

Gun, Wild symbols and bonus

There are a lot of bonuses that can be applied when playing the True Sherrif slot machine. First of all, you should know that the gun can activate a special Wild bonus. You can also get multiple substitute Wild symbols on the reels that can complete combinations. Higher profit opportunities are hereby given immediately. Furthermore, your smoke is a showdown bonus as it really fits within the Western theme of the True Sherrif slot machine. During this bonus you can win a lot of free prizes without having to hand in any money from your credit.

Play on your Mobile

The Betsoft slot machine True Sheriff can now also be played on your smartphone or tablet. If it is only Android or iOS. This online Casino Slot True Sheriff can be played for free or with money. For new gamblers among us there is 300 welcome bonus ready. Enter the game and be the first to win the best prizes.


The first thing you notice immediately is the presence of just 5 roles. It is missing from The True Sheriff or a top and bottom game, that does not mean that this slot machine can give you very substantial winnings. Scattered over the 5 reels are just about 30 paylines to be found. The presence of such a large number of paylines and the possibility to choose the bet and the number of lines themselves does not only ensure that this slot machine is particularly accessible (even for beginning players), but you can also find a particularly attractive contribute. Sounds pretty good, is not it ?!