Friday, 15 January 2021
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The magic shoppe

The Magic Shoppe Slot Machine review

This slot machine hides in a mysterious fog, but has something to do with a store where magical things take place. This slot comes out on June 19th so in the middle of the summer.

About Betsoft

BetSoft’s most important claim to fame is graphics. They develop 3D images that fit with modern animated films and console video games. This can be seen in the popular line of slots, aptly
called Slots3 (Slots Cubed) and in their poker games, which go through the moniker Poker3 (Poker Cubed). They were the first to include animated icons on their slot reels, in a technology called Expandicon. They also have a line of mobile games called Togo. To add to the quality of the experience, they are one of the few online gambling software developers that uses professional musicians and audio specialists to create audio effects and soundtracks. This makes their games feel more like a video game or a feature film than is part of an online casino. Their characters have been carefully designed, and many of them come to life with the help of voice actors.

The Magic shop

The Magich shoppe is a theme slot machine that will play in a store where magic takes place. Will it be a candy store, toy store or a shop filled with sex toys? It remains to be seen that the game will offer top bonuses and many ways to win.

The Angler

Ah that must be a fish theme just like Lucky angel for example a super fun slot machine that takes place in the icy cold Alaska. We asked Julian, this answer is almost okay, or it will be Alaska? That remains to be seen, it may just as well be on a tropical island.

Final conclusion

In the past it has happened that Betsoft launched names that were later changed as with the Typsy Tourist slot machine. This can be very confusing for the casinos and also the players. However, this has now been learned not to do anymore and the names are fixed. Now to release the slot machines. We can not wait as real Betsoft fans, and you?