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The love guru

The Love Guru Online Pokie Machine

The Love Guru is a video pokie from iSoftBet. It is based on the Mike Meyers romp from 2008. 5 reels on 30 lines and bonus rounds with up to 750,000 coins to win. With an RTP of 97.79%, the pokie has one of the best payback rates in the entire industry. Here you can play the unusual iSoftBet pokie The Love Guru for free.

Love for Winning

The Love Guru is an iSoftBet pokie that is based on the 2008 Mike Meyers movie. The pokie is not all about love, but mainly about making as many winning combinations as possible on the 5 reels with 30 paylines and earning a lot of money. You can find out whether we have succeeded in doing this in the following The Love Guru review.

iSoftBet is one of those development studios that are always buying licenses of popular movies or TV series and designing an online pokie machine on the subject. Some of the most famous creations are Basic Instinct, 24, Platoon or Rambo. Unfortunately, it must be said at this point that they do not always succeed in implementation. One almost has the impression that iSoftBet relies on the name and thinks that the machine will be a self runner. However, the relatively weak rankings in the top lists show that the name alone does not make a good pokie.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why they have secured the license for Mike Meyer’s The Live Guru. The 2008 movie was not only a complete failure at the box office, but was also mercilessly torn down by the critics. So unlike Rambo, 24 or Basic Instict, the pokie machine can’t really be worse than the movie, … or maybe it is? If you want to find out, just read the following The Love Guru review.

First Impression of The Love Guru

When the pokie opens in the browser, we have to rub our eyes first. Where did we end up here. In a strange orange-red box we see 5 reels to Indian music with three symbols each. Apart from the card values 9, 10, B, Q, K and A all other symbols don’t make any sense to us. You see different (badly illustrated) heads, some flower power flowers in a bonus symbol, one that says Guru Pitka Ashram, an elephant and an ice hockey player. The whole thing looks a little bit like different designers had provided their worst symbols of the last 10 years for free.

The Story of The Love Guru

Maybe we should first google what The Love Guru is all about. No sooner said than done! For all of you who, like us, have no idea what “The Love Guru” is, here is a short summary.

The American Maurice Pitka grows up in India, returns to America and works there as a guru. He is supposed to mediate between an ice hockey player and his wife. However, she has a relationship with the goalkeeper from another club against whom her husband is playing in the Stanley Cup final. Pitka falls in love with the owner of the other club. However, no relationship occurs because the guru wears a chastity belt that he cannot take off.

With this plot you don’t have to wonder why the Love Guru became a total failure, but it explains at least some of the symbols that can be seen on the reels at the pokie. That doesn’t mean that they are good or make sense in any way and fit together. But since there may be a handful of people in this country who know this movie, think it’s funny and even play in online casinos, we want to see the iSoftBet machine as a marginalized pokie and consider the game play independent of the symbols.

But also independent of the symbols, iSoftBet simply has to listen to criticism from us. Except for the start button, which is unmistakably centered under the playing field, most of the displays are simply too small. If you don’t look closely enough, you’ll have real problems reading your account balance, bet and winnings on a small monitor. But somehow we as casino players would like to see clearly and large enough, how much money we still have on the account, or not. But now we want to finally start playing and find out if there is at least something positive to report about the course of the game.

Play The Love Guru and Win

The pokie has 30 betting lines that are always played. iSoftBet, like NetEnt, uses a system where you first set your coin value and then you can choose how many coins you want to play on each betting line. You must bet at least 1 cent per line. This means that a spin is possible from as little as 30 cents. If you want to take full risk and set everything to the maximum, you play with 150 Dollar per spin. All pay lines are scored from left to right. If you collect three of a kind on a bet line on consecutive reels, you win a payout. However, in combinations of three you need at least one of the three highest symbols to win at least your round bet and a little bit on top. However, the wild symbol often helps here.

Bonus Features and Free Spins at The Love Guru

The wild not only replaces all other symbols except the bonus, it also has another function. If it appears on the middle reel, it expands to cover the entire reel.

Love Guru Instant Bonus

If three or more Love-Guru symbols appear anywhere on the board you will receive an instant bonus. Now you can select at least 3 hidden coin prizes on a matrix, which will be credited to your account immediately. With 4 or 5 triggering bonus symbols, you can also flip 4 or 5 matrix.

Love Guru Bonus Round

When 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the board in the base game, a bonus round is triggered. Here you can win prizes in 3 levels.

  • In the first level there is a coin win between 5 and 100.
  • In the second level you can win a random number of free spins. This is between 3 and 20 free spins.
  • In the third level you can win a multiplier on the previously won coin prizes. You can also convert a symbol into an additional wild for the free spins.

The Love Guru iSoftBet Bonus

At the end of the bonus round, the winning amount is transferred to the credit balance and it goes back to the base game. iSoftBet states the calculated payback percentage to the player at The Love Guru as 97.79%. This is a record.


The pokie would have huge potential from the game play and the bonus features. However, the design does indeed compete with the original, the unsuccessful Mike Meyer’s film of the same name. We can’t believe that this is done on purpose. Maybe iSoftBet has realized this and therefore equipped the pokie with a bombastic RTP of 97.79%. This number alone makes The Love Guru a very interesting online pokie that you can play for free as usual.