Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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The emirate

The Emirate Pokie Game

The Emirate is a high variance video slot from Endorphina. One of the few pokie without a real bonus game. Per spider you can take 5,000 times your bet. And you can double that price 10 times in a row via the ‘Risk Game’. The Emirate doesn’t have a bonus game, not even any bonus features, but it does have a reasonable payout percentage of 96 percent.

Our Site thinks The Emirate is worth a try for players looking for a slot machine with fast gameplay, without bells and whistles, but with the chance to win serious amounts of money.

Game Play

Endorphina has chosen for a simple gameplay. This often means a limited number of winning lines. The Emirates can be played with up to a handful of active paylines. You choose the number of winning lines. For the payout percentage it doesn’t matter whether you play with 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 paylines. You play with at least one credit of $ 0.01 per payline and a maximum of 10 credits of $ 1 per payline.

The Emirate is about turning combinations of the symbol with an image of Dubai by night. Our Site recognizes Burj al Arab, known as the only ‘7-star hotel’ in the world. They don’t even have that on the Las Vegas Strip. And the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas can’t match the prices of Burj Al Arab either. Prices start from $820 per night and go up to $50,000 per night. Burj Khalifa, with 829.8 meters the tallest building in the world, can also be seen on the picture. A five-of-a-kind will earn you 5,000 times the bet per payline.

And that’s a lot more than you get with the rest of the symbols. The emir with his cloth keffiyeh with agaal yields up to 500 times the bet per payline. His wife is good for the same price. The image of Palm Island is good for up to 250 times the bet, all other symbols pay up to 200 times the bet per payline.

Gamble Feature

If you win something, you can play the Risk Game. That’s the “double or lose” game on many Endorphina pokie. You’re supposed to draw a higher card than the dealer. The good news is that you can watch without being obliged to play. So you can just have a chat about what kind of card the dealer has. And does he have a high card (9 or higher)? Then of course you don’t play. And does the dealer have a low card? Then you take your chance and draw a card. A low card is a 5 or lower. With a 6, 7 or 8 it’s gambling, where the theoretical payout percentage is 100%. In the absence of a real bonus game, you’ll have to do it on The Emirate pokie machine with this ‘Risk Game’.


Our Site thinks it’s a bit basic all this The Emirate pokie machine. Except for the Dubai symbol, which yields 5,000 times the bet per payline, there is little to do on this pokie. Don’t secretly gamble in a bonus game until the Dubai Police Force comes in. A lift game with multipliers, as in Steam Tower, would also have been great in the 160-storey Burj Khalifa. Gladiators, Mongol Treasures, Fresh Fruits and The Emirate are among the first to enter Endorphina. These are not exactly the pokie that Endorphina used to put itself on the map in one tap.