Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Sushi Pokie Machine Review

Our Site also likes to do it. In an all-you-can-eat restaurant, fill up Sushi’s head with Sushi. Salmon, tuna, cucumber in combinations wrapped in rice and seaweed. Dip in the soy sauce, in which you have mixed ginger with wasabi, and enjoy. Besides Sushibar by Betsoft, Sushi is one of the few online pokie machines with the theme ‘Sushi’.

Endorphina’s Sushi pokie machine looks tasty. Endorphina has chosen to replace well-known fruit pieces, such as lemons and watermelons, with bacterial bombs wrapped in rice. Furthermore, Sushi plays mainly as a fruit cabinet.

The maximum profit per spider is 100 times your bet. You win by placing a good series of spins and not so much by one lucky spider. The trick is to stop on time of course. The bonus game consists of 20 spins, where you play with a Wild symbol.

Game Play

Sushi seems to be a six reel pokie machine at first sight, but is really a three reel pokie machine. All symbols are in sets of two on the reels. A symbol also consists of two sushi snacks. So there is no duo-symbol feature, like on the Fruit Shop pokie machine of NetEnt. There are five winning lines: three horizontal and two diagonal. You can bet up to 10 credits per payline. A credit is set to a minimum of $ 0.01 and a maximum of $ 1 each in the top left corner of your screen. The maximum bet is therefore $ 50 per spin and you can also play from € 0.05 per spin.

Sushi Pokie Machine Endorphina

Regardless of the level of your bet, you will always play with 96 percent payout percentage. This means that – calculated over millions of spins – of every euro wagered, $ 0.96 will end up in the prize pool. With the Risk Game you can try to double your winnings. You can cheat for free in advance. Our Site recommends playing if there is a 2, 3, 4 or 5. In that case you play with a payout percentage above 100 percent.

Symbols and Payouts

The basic game of the Sushi lock is simple. Three identical symbols on one of the five paylines means you have a prize. The amount of the prize of course depends on which symbol you played a combination with.

  • 100 times your bet for three times Wasabi Shoga, or wasabi and ginger.
  • 50 times your bet for three times the Ikura, that’s a bite with salmon eggs. Also called red caviar.
  • 20 times your bet for three times the Tabiko Shake, sushi with fish eggs on the sides and salmon in the sushi itself.
  • 4 times your bet for three times the Maguro Tabiko, sushi with tuna and red tobiko on the side.
  • 2 times your bet for Abokado Tabiko, sushi with avocado in it.
  • 1 time your bet for three times Hotatekoi Tabiko. This is the meat from the famous scallop.

The symbols are stacked on the reels. That gives an all-or-nothing effect, which we often see on Endorphina pokies.

Sushi Bonus Spins

A shiny golden VIP-card, giving you a 20% discount on your sushi, stands out directly on the reels between sushi, wasabi and ginger. This symbol is the scattered bonus symbol. Three times this symbol you will not only earn 10 times your bet, but also 20 bonus spins. The Wasabi Shoga symbol counts as a Wild symbol during the free spins. So you are more likely to win during the bonus spins.


Sushi is a simple 3-reel pokie machine. The gameplay is similar to that of pokie machines like Random Runner and Simply Wild. There are no winning combinations to grab a lot of money. You really have to rely on a series of successful spins. The bonus game often yields a win, because the symbol with Wasabi and ginger on it counts as a Wild symbol as well. Sushi is a pokie machine for lovers of pokies, who might also want to play with sushi on the reels instead of cherries, lemons and grapes.