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Sugarpop Slot Machine Review

If the word Sugar is in the name of a video slot, chances are that the game will have comparisons with the popular Candy Crush Saga game. This is no different with this release from Betsoft. Of course you already know that if you played the predecessor of this game, Sugar Pop. The SugarPop video slot has been given a small makeover. The changes are mainly in the graphics and animations of the game. The cheerful colors and tones of the background music can make you forget very quickly that you are playing money. You turn quickly when you see the potential for nice payouts during the bonus features.

How does the SugarPop video slot work?

The SugarPop video slot is played on a grid of 7 by 7. The game has no paylines but an All Ways Win game mechanism. With every twist, candies fall down like a waterfall. A winning combination consists of a cluster with similar candies.

The coin value can be set from 0.01 cents to 1 dollar. The bet per spin is worth 50 to 250 credits. That means that the minimum bet is 0.50 and the maximum bet costs you $ 250.

Distribution percentage and variance of SugarPop 2

The theoretical payment percentage is 96.42 percent. That is a little more than the average online casino game, so fine! The variance of the game is low. Deposit a few bucks and you’re just as sweet.

Symbols and payouts

The sweet symbols of the game may not be good for the teeth but in the right combination it is good for your wallet. As said before, a winning combination consists of a cluster that borders horizontally or vertically. This must be a cluster with at least four of the same candies. With a winning combination, the candies explode and the empty spots are filled with new candies. The best paying symbol in the basic game is the heart. A cluster with 4 pieces of this high win symbol is good for 80 times your total bet. The medium win symbols consist of the blue triangular candy, the round green candy and the square yellow candy. Four of these medium win symbols in a cluster yields you up to 15 times your total bet. The low win symbols of the game consist of the orange candy, the hexagonal purple candy and pink candy. With at least four of these low win symbols in a cluster, you can win up to 8x your total bet. The Candy Wild is the Wild symbol and replaces all other symbols of the game. You only get this special symbol once per combination of five or more symbols.

The SugarPop Features

The SugarPop video slot has a few nice features that can improve your chances of bigger payouts. The double up feature can be found almost on every video slot from Betsoft and the least interesting feature. You can double your profit by simply choosing a cup or coin. It only becomes really interesting when you know how to trigger the other 3 features.

Candy Bomb Feature

A Candy Bomb is created when you can collect five winning clusters in one turn. If you have not formed any new winning clusters, the sweet bomb explodes. The empty spaces are filled by the new candies that fall down, so that new winning combos can emerge. The number of candies that explode at the Candy Bomb depends on the size. The more winning clusters you play, the bigger the bomb! A total of up to 20 candies can explode in total.

Level Up Feature

SugarPop video slot has a kind of level system. This actually works randomly. On the side of the screen you see a reservoir that has to be filled with lemonade. Every yellow star ensures that more and more lemonade is added. With a full reservoir you go up a level. If you take four stars, you move from level 1 to 2. Then you need 2 stars to rise to the next level. Every 4 levels you also get a special candy. After having reached 29 levels you have “unlocked” all special candies.

SugarPop Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus symbol can be recognized by the candy with the abbreviation FS on it. With at least 4 FS candies in a cluster, you trigger the bonus game and earn 5 free spins. Each FS candy will give you 2 extra free spins. For example, you win 27 free spins for 15 FS candies in a cluster!

Final verdict on the SugarPop pokie

The cheerfulness of the SugarPop video slot is undeniable and the many features keep it interesting. However, it is important to pay attention to what is actually the intention of the different sweets and special sweets. Moreover, Betsoft has not made it easy to win. The sweets that produce the least fall the most. It is a joyful slot that is worth a try if you like these kinds of games.

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