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Satoshis secret

Satoshis Secret Online Pokie Game Review

The creator of the bitcoin is a Satoshi Nakamoto. At least, that synonym uses the creator of the bitcoin. Or: use the inventors of the bitcoin. The fact that it is not clear who is behind the bitcoin and that there is no central supervision, is not only the most important advantage but also the most important disadvantage of the bitcoin. The bitcoin, you know, the coin that surprised many wannabe investors in December 2017.

For many people, ‘investing’ in bitcoins is not much more than just gambling, because there is hardly a meaningful word to say about the direction in which the price is heading. The rise of the bitcoin has also led to the launch of bitcoin casinos and Pokie machines where you can combine bitcoins. It gave Endorphina the idea to dedicate a pokie machine to the bitcoin. In a nutshell, this is the genesis of the Satoshi’s Secret pokie machine.

Satoshi’s Secret is a high variance pokie machine, with a Trading Bonus and a potentially very lucrative Qwerty bonus. The basic game pays a maximum of 5,000 times the bet per payline. Just like for example Book of Dead. Satoshi’s Secret does all this at 96 percent payout percentage, standard on Endorphina pokies.

How does the Satoshi’s Secret Pokie Machine Work?

You can bet with both euros and bitcoins. For the latter you have to play in an online casino where you can pay with bitcoins, such as Playamo. Our site doesn’t have that much faith in the mysterious crypto token, so it’s just a dollar’s worth of fun. You can bet from $ 0.20 per spin and up to $ 200 per spin. You control your bet by determining how many credits you play per payline and how much a credit is worth to you. For that, you play with 20 paylines. There are ten different symbols that give you an instant payout. Most online pokies have playing cards as low win symbols. On Satoshi’s Secret these have been replaced by Q, W, E, R, T and Y. Right, from the QWERTY keyboard. Payouts start from 5 times the bet, for three times the Y symbol on one of the 20 paylines.

Satoshi’s Secret Pokie Machine

With Satoshi’s Secret 6 paylines – like Book of Ra Deluxe 6 and the Megaways pokies – a 6-of-a-kind is the most lucrative combination you can spin. The dollar and euro sign account for up to 1,000 times the bet per payline. The pound sterling accounts for three times as much. Satoshi’s Secret dates well before the Brexit chaos across the North Sea. The best paying symbol is the mysterious Satoshi, which represents a maximum of 5,000 times the bet per payline. With the maximum bet you get $50,000 per combination. The Wild is Wild for the QWERTY symbols and the currency signs. And not for the Satoshi symbol.

Risk Game

Standard on Endorphina pokies is a Risk Game. This Risk Game can be played after every spin that yields something. The bet is your winnings and you can try to double them. The nice thing is that you can cheat for free which card is open. From four other cards you choose a card and if it is higher than the card that is open, you win. After cheating, you can return to the basic game for the next spin without betting. You do a good thing to bet if there is a 5 or lower. Playing with a 5 means that you are playing this bonus game with a 101% payout percentage. That increases to 162% if you play with a 2. The payout percentage is 100% if you play with a 6, 7 or 8. You dive below 100% if you play with a 9 or higher. The payout percentage drops to 42 percent if you take a chance with an Ace. So don’t!

Trade Bonus

In addition to the currency signs of the Euro, Pound and US Dollar, the bitcoin sign also rotates. This bitcoin sign is the bonus symbol on the Satoshi’s Secret pokie. You then bet on a rise of the euro, dollar and/or pound. After betting, turn on a special 3 by 3 pokie machine with only currency symbols on it. Each currency symbol has a rise or fall sign. This causes the currency to fluctuate. You continue to play until you run out of bonus money or you choose eggs for your money and take your winnings.

Qwerty Bonus

If you spin a QWERTY combination, i.e. Q on the 1st reel, W on the 2nd reel, … , Y on the 6th reel, then you unlock the Qwerty bonus. You will then crack bitcoin bills. Something that happens on the assembly line in the real bitcoin world. You choose one by one the accounts you want to crack. The higher the security level of the account, the more difficult it is to crack and the higher the account balance will be.


Satoshi’s Secret is one of the older Endorphina pokies. Our site thinks it’s fine to plum, despite a slight aversion to the bitcoin. In the basic game you can take up to 5,000 times the bet per payline. That’s just a great payout.

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