Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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Pinocchio Slot Review

Pinocchio is a pokie machine based on the fairytale about Pinoccio, so it is not surprising that this slot machine has a lot of things in store for you. You always start at this slot machine in the Gepetto work room. But this can only change at any time. During the game you save a number of symbols that fill the meters at the top of the screen so you can go to another level of this slot machine. Furthermore, the design of the slot machine as we are used to the slot machines of Betsoft is expanded and also happens outside of everything. Do not be surprised if you do not spin and you see Gepetto juggling with a few balls to name something.

How do you play Pinnochio?

Although the Betsoft slot machines always look quite complicated, they are always very easy to play. You determine the currency bet, the number of lines and also how often you want to bet the coin value per payline. If you have set this then you can go further you can choose to just spin the slot with the spin button, but you can also play the game on autoplay here you can set a number of spin, not to mention the value of the game. mint! Your changes in the game mode of the game are not automatically included in the autoplay function.

The paylines of Pinnochio

This slot machine has 15 paylines and a number that fits well with this slot machine. There are so many things happening in and around this slot machine that more paylines would have made the slot machine unclear. Now the number of lines fits perfectly with the rest of the slot machine. Although there are of course a number of things that you need to pay extra attention to.

No bonus game or freespins for Pinnochio

Although the slot machine has no bonus game or freespins there are so many extras stuck in this world that this is really not necessary. One of the extras is that you can trigger a wild in every level that is there. In the mating lady Gepetto is the trigger for the wild, if you get him on wheel three, he will become a walking game. He will walk out of the picture. And for both other levels this is another symbol. And then there is the magic fairy; it can cause a re-spin for a particular wheel at any time during the game. This can not happen ten spins and then ten spins then, totally unpredictable – and therefore extra fun!