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Magic stars 3

Magic Stars 3 Pokie Machine

Wazdan has put the starry sky into a new belief in his game Magic Stars 3. This game has no playing card symbols as there are as many as 8 different stars on the reels. There is no traditional star symbol in the game, but reels sparkle with multicolored and superbly stylized stars. So put the stars in motion and see what kind of profits they can bring to the reels as they fly!

Features, Graphics and Sounds

In Magic Stars 3 pokie, you spin three reels in three rows. Reels start with a $ 0.1 minimum bet and you can set a maximum bet of $ 100. The game bounce rate, or RTP, is 96.50% and you can pick up winnings from 5 paylines. There are many different ways to customize your gaming experience. You can turn on automatic spins or maximum bet if you wish. The great thing about Wazdan games is that you can also adjust the game volatility in any direction you want. There are three options; low volatility, medium volatility, or high volatility. The gambling feature is available after every win. In this case, you will have to choose one of the sparkling stars in the game. If you choose correctly, you will double your winnings. You can try doubling 7 times in a row.

Behind the game opens a magnificent space, which is not a dark black space, but on the screen moves not only space colors of different colors, but also stars shine. Occasionally, a coarse star-gaze flies over the coils. The sparkle only heals on the coils, as there are gorgeous multicolored stars twinkling there. There are no other star symbols in this game as the wild symbol resembles a multicolored star. The name of the game Magic Stars 3 could be said to describe the game perfectly well!

Free Spins and Bonuses on the Magic Stars 3 Pokie

Since it is a 3-line and 3-reel pokie, there are no special symbols to be found in the game. The game’s train is the colorful stars that bring in different wins. However, there are a few jippos in the game, so it’s not just a traditional reel spin. There is a wild symbol in the game that not only has the text wild, but you also recognize it by its colorful appearance. Namely, the Wild symbol reels on reels as a multi-colored and multi-pointed star. Since there is no scatter symbol in the game, wild star reels replace all other symbols and give the game the best payouts.

Winnings from Magic Stars 3 Pokie

In Magic Stars 3 pokie, you win by spinning three of the same symbols on five paylines. You will win as many as 8 different colorful star symbols. The symbols give you winnings in a logical order, because the bigger the symbols, the bigger the wins. The symbols are divided into four clusters so that the more common-looking star symbols give the game less winnings and the more sparkling star symbols give greater wins. The smallest wins are given by the orange, blue, red and green stars, all of which are slightly different in appearance. These are followed by brightly colored stars as sparkling stylized star patterns give you Double Wins compared to previous ones. The colors in the stars are yellow, blue, red and green. The game’s biggest payouts come with a multicolored and multi-pointed star that also acts as a wild symbol for the game. This wild star thus replaces all other symbols on the reels.


Wazdan’s Magic Stars 3 pokie is really full of stellar magic. Namely, the game is perfectly tailored to the theme and only the star symbols sparkle on the reels. Instead, there is infinite space behind the coils, the surface of which is also broken by the numerous stars in the sky. The game is straightforward, with three reels and five paylines. Because the whole game is meant to be pleasantly simple, there are no special symbols except the wild symbol in the game. The multicolored wild symbol has more functions in the game, as the wild symbol not only replaces other symbols in the game, it also gives the game the best payouts. Stars sparkle in clusters of four, with more moderate stars giving lower profits and glittering stars giving higher profits. There are also choices, as in addition to stake and coin count, you can also choose the volatility you want. You can double your winnings up to 7 times in a row if you manage to select the correct star on the screen. So nothing more when the coils spin and the stars twinkle!