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Luxury Life Pokie Game Review

Pokie machine developers like to make you feel good for life after winning a big prize. There isn’t a single Pokie machine with the theme of a gambling addict who has gambled his whole life and his heels. A lot of Pokie machines about the riches you can enjoy when you’ve managed to win a big prize.

No Progressive Jackpot

Luxury Life from Endorphina is one of them. Other Pokie machines in this genre include Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Fortune and Redeem the Dream. All jackpot Pokies. Luxury Life does it without progressive jackpot. That doesn’t mean there’s no large sums of money to be won. In fact, Endorphina Pokies are known for the spicy variance that occasionally causes big hits. Luxury Life pays out prizes up to 20,000 times the stake per payline. There is a bonus game with a maximum of 20 free spins and a payout percentage of 96 percent.

How does the Luxury Life Pokie Machine Work?

The bet is set by the number of credits per payline and the amount per credit. You play a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 credits per payline. The value of a credit is a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $1.

The Symbols

The man who enjoys his luxurylife is the Wild symbol. If you play a combination with only this bon-vivant, you take up to 9,000 times the bet per payline. This makes this man – apart from the scatter symbol – the most lucrative symbol on the Luxury Life Pokie. Ordinary symbols pay out up to 750 times the amount you play per payline. You take this profit with five private jets or five luxury boats. The red sports car, bottle of champagne and the expensive watch are also symbols that are standard on Pokie machines about the good life. The playing cards serve as a filling and provide payouts up to 125 times the bet per payline.

Luxury Life Pokie Machine Risk Game

Fixed prick on Endorphina Pokies is the Risk Game. There are five cards on the table. One of them is open, the leftmost card. The goal is to take a higher card than the open card. With a joker you always win. Winning means that you have doubled your winnings. The joke is that you can take a look and then decide not to play. So you can look at the open card and assess your chances.

You can do this on the basis of feelings, but also simply on the basis of math:

  • An open 9 to Ace gives a payout percentage of 42 to 92 percent. A lot lower than 100%. In that case, it’s best not to play.
  • An open 6, 7 or 8 results in a payout percentage of 100 percent. So it doesn’t matter if you play or not. Similar to the gamble feature on Merkur, Amatic or Novomatic Pokies.
  • An open 2, 3, 4 or 5 results in payout percentages of 101 to 162 percent.

So it is advantageous to play. But of course nothing has to be done. You decide for yourself if you want to play this Risk Game.

Bonus Game

The suitcase with money actually provides you with a suitcase with money. This case is the scatter symbol. That means two things. First, you win even if your 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols are not neatly placed on a payline. The bonus symbol of Luxury Life may be a symbol for what Endorphina stands for. Sturdy gambling without bells and whistles. Before the bonus game starts, look out for the beautiful Las Vegas Strip. From a probably not so cheap hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. A place where cash rolls. Just like in the bonus game of Luxury Life. You play on custom reels with banknotes. You win when both sides of banknotes next to each other match. In general, this bonus game pays out pretty well.


Luxury Life is a typical Endorphina Pokie machine. Intended for serious gamblers, who are willing to take some risk, but don’t want long-drawn-out bonus games, like Pokies like Red Riding Hood and Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. You play in the basic game for winnings up to 9,000 times the bet per payline. If all that’s not enough, you can try to double your winnings with the Risk Game. You can double your winnings up to 10 times in a row. If you’re playing on Endorphina Pokies for large amounts of money, it’s important to choose an online casino with high payout limits. With payout limits of a few thousand dollars, you’re not going to get everywere.