Friday, 30 October 2020
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Lucky reels

Lucky Reels New Pokie Game

Lucky Reels is the latest pokie machine from Wazdan. In this new pokie the focus is on the fruit. What may seem a bit boring at first, becomes exciting on closer inspection. Wazdan has created a pokie that has many interesting extras and features.

Lucky Reels Only at First Glance a Simple Pokie

Fruit pokies are a dime a dozen. Every manufacturer who thinks highly of himself will sooner or later also have one or the other fruit pokie in his range. The reason is simple: The pokie machines with fruit symbols have a huge tradition, not only in online casinos. The machine manufacturers of the first hour often decided to use fruit to prevent anyone from taking offence at the symbols. Today this is no longer important, as people have become more tolerant overall. But for traditional reasons, fruit has been appearing in pokie machines time and again. At first glance, Wazdan’s new Lucky Reels pokie machine looks like a classic fruit pokie, but there are some exciting features that were definitely not available in the old machines.

The Rows and Paylines

Lucky Reels consists of six reels arranged in three rows. There are 20 fixed paylines that are evaluated after each round. One of the first highlights that comes to mind when you take a closer look at the pokie machine is the volatility switch. Players can choose to play with low, medium or high volatility. The volatility determines how often there are swings up and down while playing. When volatility is high, high wins and high losses often occur, while when volatility is low, the gains and losses usually remain within a narrow range. If you want to win a lot, you have to play with high volatility. If you prefer to take things a little easier, you should set a low or medium volatility.

Lucrative Symbols and a Tempo Switch

At Lucky Reels it is possible to increase the overall speed of the machine with a simple click. Right next to the volatility switch there is another switch where the speed is symbolized by a hare and a turtle. There are either slow or fast, but no intermediate levels. But this is quite sufficient for practical purposes. Experienced gambling fans who want to play at a high speed can play in bunny mode. Beginners should start in turtle mode to get to know the game at their leisure.

Besides the fruits there are several other symbols. Especially important is the diamond as scatter symbol. With the diamond it is possible to win numerous free spins. There is also a very beautifully designed wild symbol, which comes as a fruit basket. When the fruit basket appears, it replaces all the fruits and the sevens so that lucrative winnings can be made. Technically, Lucky Reels is an exceptionally modern pokie machine, but when it comes to the symbols used and the basic game mechanics, the traditional approach dominates. The developers have succeeded in creating a very good mix of tradition and modernity. There are not many fruit pokies that are also interesting for players who otherwise tend to use the modern video pokies with many features. Lucky Reels is a machine that should find a broad target group.


To get started, Lucky Reels will only be available in a few casinos. Thanks to an exclusive deal, all providers belonging to the Kindred Group can look forward to trying out Lucky Reels right now. But it is expected that in the near future many more casinos that offer Wazdan games will be able to present the modern fruit pokie. Getting started works without any problems with play money. But if you want to win real money, you have to use real money in this game. Since the minimum stake is set low, the player does not necessarily have to have a high budget. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Lucky Reels is also an interesting pokie for high rollers.