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Golden tiger

Golden Tiger Pokie Game

Golden Tiger is a 3-reel lock from iSoftBet. The inspiration for this pokie machine seems to come from Mystery Joker 6000 of Play ‘n Go.

iSoftBet has chosen for an oriental adventure. That’s not the first time. The number of iSoftBet pokies with an Asian theme can no longer be counted on the fingers of one hand. CasinoJager cites 3,888 Ways Of The Dragon, Imperial Wealth and Mystery of Longwei as examples.

Golden Tiger is all about unlocking the bonus. In order to do this, you must have turned the Golden Tiger once on each square of your screen. And that doesn’t have to be done in one spin. So you can follow on your screen how far you are from the bonus game. A bonus game that earns you up to 1,000 times your bet.

Golden Tiger Rules

You play with 10 credits per spin. The value of such a credit is up to you. iSoftBet has given the Golden Tiger pokie machine a range of $ 0,01 up to $ 1,00 per credit. That means $ 0.10 up to and including a tenner per spin. For that money you play with five winning lines.

On the reels we mainly see symbols that we see more often in pokie machines with this theme, such as 88 Fortunes and Fu Dao Le:

  • Three different types of lucky coins with payouts of up to 4 times your bet per combination. These Chinese lucky tokens can be recognized by the square hole in the middle. Putting a coin like this in your wallet brings you riches. At least, that’s what superstitious Chinese believe.
  • The red card with the dragon on it is good for 8 times your bet per combination. This card is not the menu of the Chinese around the corner, but it’s a card that should bring you luck.
  • The tiger comes in four colors with payouts up to 100 times your bet per combination.

The symbols are in stacks on the reels. You get double payouts if you turn three of the same stacks. This means on each reel one stack of the same symbol. That’s a full screen. Three stacks with the Golden Tiger will give you 200 times your bet, up to $ 2.000,00.

The Bonus Game

Do you spin a Golden Tiger? Then the position of the golden tiger is marked. With a kind of watermark with the image of a tiger claw. That watermark stays there as long as you play on the Golden Tiger pokie machine.

If there is a watermark of the tiger’s claw on each position on your screen, you get a spin on the bonus wheels. The left Bonus Wheel contains all the symbols from the game, the right Bonus Wheel multipliers up to 10 times.

The maximum prize is 10,000 credits. You win that if you spin a Golden Tiger in combination with a multiplier of 10 times. Depending on your wager you can win between $ 100 and a maximum of $ 10.000,00.


Golden Tiger is loosely based on Mystery Joker 6000 from Play ‘n Go. There are differences. For example, you actually save for the bonus on Golden Tiger. So you can see when you ‘almost’ get the bonus. Not so exciting, but it does help a little in determining when you have to keep playing and when you can bet Golden Tiger with peace of mind. The payout percentage, at 95.95 percent, isn’t very bad, but we’d like to see it 96 percent or higher.