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Forest mania

Forest Mania Pokie Game from iSoftBet

Everyone who wants to go back to their childhood, to the realm of fairy tales and strange creatures, will be enthusiastic about Forest Mania from iSoftBet. The pokie takes you to a strange realm where you will meet dragons, snails and other strange creatures. With some symbols you have to guess what they are – the pokie Forest Mania strongly stimulates your imagination. This pokie is characterized not only by strange symbols, but also by two sets on which you play. While the first set looks like a normal pokie, the second set looks a bit different. You play both sets at the same time.

Experience a Magical world with Forest Mania

Experience a completely different, crazy world and take a break from everyday life with Forest Mania. The predominant colour in this pokie is blue, the name Forest suggests a forest, but the pokie is more reminiscent of the underwater world. A pink cat, a blue bird and a little green dragon lurk under the first set, they can also go up in smoke to bring winning combinations. The symbols in the game are rich in detail and brightly colored, challenging your imagination as you may not always be able to tell whether they are plants or animals. The pokie is accompanied by a mysterious sound that is pleasantly unobtrusive and doesn’t interfere with many rounds.

The Special Features of Forest Mania

The Forest Mania pokie stands out because its main feature is that it has two sets on which you can play simultaneously. The chances of winning are correspondingly good, and winnings are possible on both sets. You can also make good winnings with

  • Wild symbols
  • Wild rollers
  • Free play

that occur randomly. The maximum win you can make with Forest Mania is 25,000 coins. Forest Mania has five reels on each set; the first set has four rows, while the second set has many more rows. There are 24 lines on the first set and 76 on the second set. You always play on all lines, winnings are possible on several lines at the same time. In the case of winning combinations, you are shown on which lines the winning combinations were created. At the end of a round, winnings from several lines are added together. The bet is placed as a coin value, here you can set coin values from 1 cent to 1 dollar. The coin value is multiplied by 50 for the number of bets. You can play with a minimum bet of 50 cents and a maximum bet of 50 dollars. The pokie appeals to players with a low budget as well as cautious players who don’t want to risk much, but also to those who like to place slightly higher stakes.

The game can be repeated again and again with the bet at the previously placed height using the auto-rotate function. The number of repetitions can be set in increments from 5 to 1,000. In addition, you can set a win limit and a loss limit and the reps will stop when the defined limit is reached. You can stop the repetitions prematurely by clicking the Autodreh button again.

Winning with Strange Symbols at Forest Mania

For a winning combination, the first symbol must appear on the first reel, which is the case for both sets. The counting is always from left to right. At least three identical symbols are required for a winning combination next to each other on a line. The symbols with which you can win are the same on both sides. These symbols are imaginatively designed and require creativity to guess what it should be. They could be

  • Purple shell, orange sea urchin, green algae as equivalent symbols and symbols with lowest value
  • Violet berry, blue stone, red heart as symbols of equal value, already a little bit more valuable
  • Fly agaric and coloured snail as equivalent symbols, even higher value
  • Rose and crown as symbols of equal value, value even higher

act. You also need a lot of imagination for the two highest winning symbols, here the green snail is the second highest symbol, while the little red dragon is the highest symbol. While the low symbols only appear on one square of a reel, the two high symbols can span several squares of a reel.

The Wild Symbol is Randomly Selected

A gold coin serves as a wild card in Forest Mania, it is the wild symbol and can replace any other symbol in the game. It complements winning combinations, but cannot pay out itself. Not only can the gold coin be used as a wild symbol to make good winnings, but any symbol on the first set can be chosen randomly as a wild symbol. Wherever this symbol appears, other wild symbols for good wins will appear. This happens even more frequently during free spins.

How the Reels Go Wild

Also completely randomly, up to three reels can go wild on the first set of the game to bring you even better winnings. That’s not all, as the reels on the second set go wild as well. You’ll get even more winning combinations, which is even more common during free spins.

Free Spins as the Absolute Crowning Glory

There is no scatter icon in Forest Mania to trigger free spins, but you can randomly get ten free spins. Not only the free spins themselves can help you win more, but also

  • Wild rollers
  • Random wild symbols

that appear more frequently.


Now that you’re curious, you can try Forest Mania on our site. The game is not only possible with real money, but also for free as often as you like. You do not have to register for the free game.