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Event horizon

Event Horizon Slot Review

The Event Horizon video slot has the design of a simple fruit machine but takes place in space. The rolls do not consist of a standard 5 by 3 or a 3 by 3 grid like many fruit machines.

The futuristic roles of this video slot can synchronize themselves and simultaneously run with the same symbols. Large payouts can occur here that will allow you to appreciate this journey in space.

How does the Event Horizon video pokie game work?

The Event Horizon video slot is played on 5 futuristic roles and 3 rows with, among other things, the traditional symbols that you will find on every fruit machine. The game has no paylines but uses the 243 Ways to Win game principle. Winning combinations only arise from the left roll to the right. You need at least 3 similar symbols to create a winning combination.

Symbols and payouts

The best paying symbol of the game is the red seven. 5 or A Kind of this high win symbol gives you 40 times your total bet. The classic bell is also a high win symbol and is good for 20 times your total bet at 5 or a Kind.

The medium win symbols of the game are the different BAR symbols that the game is rich. The triple BAR symbol is good for 16 x your total bet at 5 or A Kind. If you turn 5 or A Child of the double BAR symbol or the single BAR symbol, you will earn 10 times your total bet.

Sync Reels Feature

What makes the Event Horizon video slot more than a simple fruit machine is the Sync Reels Feature. This feature provides more fun and chance for nice payouts. It goes like this:

With each spin, two or more roles can synchronize and the same symbols will appear on both synchronized roles. When running both synchronized roles, three, four or even all five roles can synchronize. This can all lead to Big Wins with the same symbols on the reels!

Verdict of the Event Horizon video slot

Fortunately, there is quite a bit of something to gain with the Event Horizon video slot. Especially when you synchronize more than 3 roles during the Sync Reels Feature, Big wins arise. I succeeded with the low win symbols and that resulted in a nice price.

I can only imagine how big the payout will be if you get 4 reels synchronized with the BAR symbols.

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