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El luchador

El Luchador Slot Review

Welcome to Mexico where you can discover cactus, meals, and also the best wrestler on the planet. His name is Gustavo, and he is going to demonstrate some notable moves on five reels, and 20 cover lines. Consequently, if you’d love to see him struggle, then have a look at the Gustavo el Luchador video slot machine, developed by Leander Games. It is likely to get hot, and it will be worthwhile together with the Gustavo carrying the lead. His competitors, all of cunning, devious and these, will dismiss him. But they’re unaware of what’s going to occur when this man requires a bite of some chilli and tortilla. In summary, he will ruin them. Gustavo El Luchador is a game that shows you the story of a Gustavo, and he would like to turn into a wrestler, or a luchador since they were known as. It is a sport designed, which can be offered solely being made with a firm. You will have 20 lines a jackpot of around 500x wager along with to pay. You will play a normal RTP of 96.01%, which can be perfectly acceptable in this era. The attributes will incorporate a bonus match that is select me, two scatters, free spins and a symbol.

Fire Spreading Round the Reels

In Mexico, El Tarantula Titan, Infierno and Los Tigres will be faced by our courageous Gustavo. The championship belt is going to be his, in addition to the bragging rights if his beats all of them. With a couple of cacti in route and homes in the background, confirming a place as mentioned earlier, our fighter will probably feel optimistic. It is a bright afternoon, so nothing stands in his way. There is, Though his arms are skinny. Gustavo experiences are Los Tigres, and these two twins using a grin will attempt to damage our hero. Comes Infierno using a sly expression, he will try. He will have an opportunity to satisfy the Tarantula In case Gustavo succeeds in beating Infierno and Los Tigres. This woman will use her wiles to seduce, then strike when the competition is the most vulnerable.

With El Titan, if all goes well, the match will probably be in the long run, and let us face it, this guy that is monumental will not show mercy. However, our fighter has not played with of his cards, and onto the reels, he will create fire using tequila, and just a bit of chilli. Traditional songs can be heard by us, as a service to this wrestler Even though Gustavo does his job. There are all in a variety of colours with dominant tones, and symbols. There is Gustavo as a Wild, and we see Bonus Game emblem, and Free Spins. In Free Spins, For instance, feature look that the championship buckle, a cup, plus a few wrestling moves that are animated, appearing magnificent.

Let the Games Begin

Well, Gustavo has a great deal of work. The Free Spins feature will begin, to continue from the Free Spins Game, and he will need to match his opponent’s moves. There will be 81 methods to triumph. Gustavo requires at least two wrestler moves to continue fighting. The good thing is, his adversary can get them and beat him. And when our man comes out as the winner, then another one will appear, providing the following six rounds to Gustavo till he loses to battle. As needed assistance, Throughout the game includes the landing on the reels 2, 1, 4, and 5 using replacement electricity also the Free Spins and Bonus emblem although for the symbols.

Pick Your Mask

Then the Bonus Game is going to be triggered if 3 or more Promotions settle on slots. A machine comprising the masks of distinct wrestler will be provided. Around the floor, you are going to realise the masks Initially, and then the next row of masks will be unlocked if you decide on the mask that hides a secret. Your donation could be a particular level. With every row, the reward gets more substantial, and dolls enjoy prizes around 100 bucks larger, based on.

Betting and Prizes

The match will possess 20 lines, meaning your wagers will need to take the line wager. You typically begin from a minimum bet of $0.20 at a game such as this, and then you make it as large as you would like it to be. Concerning it going to go the wager that was utilised that around, which is a payout that is impressive which you may get. It is the equivalent of a 10,000x decoration, which games provide. Concerning the RTP of this sport, it is deemed average for a brand new slot machine, is at 96.01 per cent, but should you consider elderly slots also, I would say it is far better than many.

Support Gustavo El Luchador

Gustavo el Luchador video slot brings delight, but mostly comedy, and you are going to adore this guy after you begin playing. He brings attributes, in settings that are vibrant, and with animations. And should you meet with him, you are going to give him.

Theme & Design

The subject is amusing at precisely the same moment, and enough. We’ve got a youthful personality, known as Gustavo, that has a height of 4 ft (1.2 meters) and a weight of 80 lbs (32 kg). His dream is to be a luchador, although he is a child, essentially. That is precisely what the game’s theme revolves around. Inside them, you’ll have symbols as symbols, for instance, wild, though some will have photographs of luchadores, which seem far more harmful than he is. Pictures of cactus plants, hot chilli peppers, ring bells, tacos and tequila bottles are used for symbols.


Gustavo El Luchador is a match, with an RTP which will make it possible for you to play with it if you need it and fantastic payouts. It is regarded as a volatility slot.