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Black horse

Black Horse Online Pokie Game

When the name of the game refers to the black horse, you may not be the first to expect to see the fruit full on the screen, but this is not the last surprise Wazdan has on his sleeve for Black Horse! Although it is a simple slot machine, it does have a lot of fun to keep even today’s demanding slot machine enthusiastic. Read more below to know what to expect!

Black Horse Pokie Machine Features

Black Horse features a traditional 3×3 game board and five fixed paylines. You can mix a fruit salad with a minimum bet of $0.1, while the maximum you can mix with a bet of $100. The game’s RTP, or bounce rate, is 96.07%.

By pressing the Autoplay button next to the spin button, you can activate 10 to 1000 auto rounds. In the same menu, if you wish, you can also set a loss limit or a cap on a single payout, in which case the automatic game stops once you have won that amount. Of course, you can always stop the automatic game by pressing the spin button, which shows the number of laps remaining during the action.

If you stay in base mode instead of pokie machine, you have the opportunity to use the gambling feature after each win by pressing the x2 button. In gambling, you can guess the color of the next playing card, and if it goes right, you double your winnings and you can either continue your gambling by guessing up to seven times, or take your winnings and return to basic mode. As a result of a wrong guess, you lose your winnings and the gambling ends.

Free Spins and Bonuses on the Black Horse Pokie Machine

To the right of the game area, you will see three different free spin options. When a gold coin with a horse image appears on the reels, the coins are collected in a stack next to the playing area. When you have nine coins stacked, you win 15 free spins. Conversely, if you get three horseshoes at a time anywhere on the game screen, you will get 30 free spins. However, the best option is to get three black horses to appear on the reels, because then you will get 45 free spins. In all Free Spins your winnings will be tripled! It is possible to win even more rounds during the action.

As is typical with games from this game maker, in Black Horse you can choose from three options to choose the game’s volatility. If you choose low volatility, you can expect to see frequent gains, while high volatility is less likely to produce relevant but sweeter gains. Of course, middle-class volatility is then found between these two extremes.

Black Horse Winnings

There are five fixed paylines in the game. The most valuable symbols are enough to win two paylines, while the least valuable ones are needed to win at least three.

As befits the title of the game, a black horse will win you the best in the game. The horseshoe that brings you happiness is next on the scale, followed by a cactus. Gold watches, grapes and plums will bring you the next most beautiful wins on an equal footing. Oranges and pears give the same size, which is the next sweetest. Lemons and cherries keep the value scale in perfect harmony.

Graphics and Sounds

You might not expect to see fruit when the name of the game refers to a black horse, but that’s exactly what you find on the reels of Black Horse – fruit full on the screen! And these fruits cannot be blamed, at least for their small size, for these delicacies can be distinguished from black coils, even without reading glasses.

You will find many familiar symbols on the game screen, such as the golden bell, purple grapes, bright red cherries, sweet plum, sickle lemon and sun-ripened orange. However, there are other symbols in the set, such as a wilderness cactus, a horseshoe and, of course, a galloping horse. However, the backdrop of the game area is a magnificent wilderness landscape, with a wild horse galloping across the sky as a silhouette against a red evening sky. Occasionally, the horse may get excited to get on its feet with the game logo.

In the background you will hear both background music with a bit of country music influences and sound effects from the movement of the reels and the sliding in place. Occasionally you may also hear a howling of a horse or howling of coins. If background sounds do not please your ears, you can disable music and / or sound effects together or separately.


While the name of the game may be a bit confusing, Black Horse from Wazdan is a pretty stylish three reel pokie machine with a couple of interesting spices added to brighten up the fruit salad. As you may be accustomed to expect from this game provider, there is a gambling feature after every win and the choice of game volatility from three options. And that’s not all, you also have three different ways to win free spins – collect coins from the reels, or get enough horseshoes or horses at the same time. All of these will give you different amounts of free spins, but during each free spin your winnings will be tripled! So shoot with the black horse for sunset and handsome profits!