Friday, 15 January 2021


Birds Pokie Game Review

Betsoft launched the slot game Birds in the spring of 2016. A slot machine without reels, but with 15 birds on three clotheslines. Every spider flies the birds away and there are again colored birds sitting on the clothesline. Very original, were it not that Thunderkick had already released a similar slot with Birds on a Wire. The payout percentage of this slot machine would be 95 to 96 percent. But like every Betsoft slot machine, Birds has not been reliably checked. So you can question the 95 percent.

How does Birds work?

Thunderkick’s idea of ??birds on a clothesline is original. Each time you press spider, 15 colorful birds appear on the clothesline. You win if you have at least three of the same birds on one of the washing lines or stand under each other. Three of the same birds in the middle – we would almost say the third reel – also gives a prize. Note: three identical birds on a diagonal line, yield nothing. You play Birds with 25 credits per spin. The price of a credit is at least $ 0.02. That is usual at Betsoft. The minimum bet per spin is therefore $ 0.50. You can bet up to 125 credits per spin against a credit value of $ 1. In short: a maximum bet of $ 125 per spin.

In total, eleven different birds can end up on your clotheslines. These birds all have their own colorful colors and kind of feathers. After a winning spin – spin is called flight on this slot – the birds that were part of the winning combination remain. The other birds fly away and new birds come in their place.

The best paying bird is a yellow bird with a kind of cockscomb. This bird delivers up to $ 500 per three pieces. You can try to double your winnings in the basic game. This is possible with the gamble feature. You choose between head or coin. If the coin falls on the right side, you win. If not, you lose. Normally a 50 percent chance, but with Betsoft you never know.

Free Flight Feature

At the bottom of your screen there is a meter, the Tweet’o’Meter. A winning flight gives you an extra cross on this Tweet-o-meter. Four winning flights in a row will give you enough points on this meter for 8 free flights. The more winning flights you have after each other, the more bonus spins you get. Five winning flights in succession means 12 free flights. Six consecutive successful flights, 20 bonus flights, etc. This is simply simple extra flights, without extra features and also without extra payouts. Because of this, the bonus game has little to do with the body. Thunderkick has come up with a nice bonus game for Birds on a Wire. For one reason or another, that is just about the only thing that the design team of Betsoft did not ‘borrow’. So we note: a little sparkling bonus game

What do we think of Birds?

It is, of course, simply raucous to the work of Birds on a Wire by Thunderkick. Betsoft also shows that it is possible to compete graphically with Thunderkick. The sounds in the background, whistling birds, are also made beautiful. Between the flights there are also a lot of nice animations in the slot machine. These slow down the game properly. With the turbo-mode you put these extra animations out. If you have a somewhat older computer, that is even a necessity, otherwise the whole trade is constantly stuck. It is all about your odds. Of those chances you can not get up at Betsoft unfortunately. There is not enough control on the Betsoft slot machines and in the past it has already been proven that not every Betsoft slot machine plays the game fairly. The variance of Birds is somewhat higher than average. It is quite difficult to really win something on this slot machine. You should especially have the Wild symbols for nice payouts.