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Beauty fruity

Beauty Fruity Pokie Game by Wazdan

Beauty Fruity pokie is a new pokie machine from Wazdan, which at first glance looks a bit like it is from a past decade. Somehow it is a fruit pokie, but a pretty blonde plays the leading role. It doesn’t look very modern, but lucrative profits are possible.

Curious Mixture of Fruit and Pretty Blonde

Wazdan has created a pokie machine that at first sight seems almost a little bizarre. The focus is clearly on a pretty blonde, who accompanies the game in a tight bikini and also appears as a valuable symbol on the reels. To be on the safe side, we checked once again whether this is really a new game or whether Wazdan has reanimated a classic from the 1980s.

But the answer is clear: Wazdan has created a new game, using various classic examples. This is especially clear on the playing field and the symbols on the reels. The 3×3 playing field is typical for the simple pokies, which were very popular in the early days of the pokie machine age. Even today there are still many gambling fans who are looking for these simple pokie machines. On the reels there are various fruits, for example melons, grapes, lemons and plums.

There is also a cocktail and a chocolate bar. Visually, the game does not look as if it has been developed in the last few months either. Don’t get it wrong: The graphics are impeccable, but the retro style is a bit irritating, because Wazdan is actually a game manufacturer that is known for innovative pokie machines with many new features. But it’s worth staying on the ball, because Beauty Fruity pokie also has more than just the classic three reels.

The Symbols, Bonus and Free Spins

As usual in the nine pokies, it is necessary to get at least four of the same symbols. There are no pay lines. For the evaluation simply count all the same symbols. The maximum win is when the pretty blonde appears nine times on the board. But there are also bonus rounds. If the pretty lady appears on the middle three squares, Love Bonus Spins are activated. In this special free spins, the blonde is blocked on the reels, so very lucrative winnings can be made. When three Tutti Frutti symbols appear on the middle three squares, the Tutti Frutti Bonus is activated. Again there are nine free spins and this time the winnings in the free spins are tripled. Due to the lucrative free spins it is indeed possible to win very high winnings at Beauty Fruity pokie.

Due to the whole design and the funny symbols the pokie machine has a high entertainment value, at least for people who can do something with irony. If you take the pokie machine too seriously, you will probably get stress, because the propagated image of women may not be quite up to date anymore. But an online pokie does not necessarily have to be politically correct. What is important is that the game is fun and attractive winnings are possible.

A Very Special Kind of Fruit Pokie Machine

With Beauty Fruity pokie, Wazdan has created a pokie machine that can cause a stir. The game is deliberately designed to be a little provocative, even though the surface looks very relaxed. But whether female casino visitors will like this pokie machine as much as male ones, can at least be doubted.

But maybe it is simply important to look at the whole thing in a relaxed way. pokies are for entertainment and are not intended to stimulate big discussions. In addition, there are many video games, for example GTA 5, in which half-naked women also appear and where nobody complains. Times have changed, but that doesn’t mean that a manufacturer like Wazdan has to give up irony and sarcasm. With the Beauty Fruity pokie pokie machine, it is clear that the whole thing is not serious.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the soundtrack isn’t at the highest level. The tootling gets a bit annoying after a while. But even the soundtrack makes it clear that this is a retro-pokie, because nowadays music wouldn’t have a chance to even get close to the charts. One thing the gambling fans who play the Beauty Fruity pokie should not forget: In essence, it is a successful pokie machine with fruits, which is completely in the tradition of the classics.


You have to compliment Wazdan on how you manage to add a whole new twist to the ever-present fruit pokie with Beauty Fruity pokie. This is perhaps the greatest achievement of the game designers responsible for this pokie.