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4 of a king

Play 4 Of A King Pokie Machine Online

With the 4 Of A King pokie machine, casino flair comes up on your PC or smartphone. You will experience the fascination of gambling in a vintage look and at the same time the advantages and amenities of the 4 Of A King pokie. Back in the 50s, the creators created an original atmosphere for long-term gaming fun. In addition, this Endorphina pokie machine provides a comparatively small number of symbols for a clear gaming experience. With a little luck you can also win something profitable, because you can win up to 1000 times your bet. At the same time, Pokies Portal sweetens the gaming experience for new customers by doubling their deposit. All you have left to do is get close to the 5 reels with up to 10 paylines.

How to Redeem the 4 Of A King Bonus

For the new customer bonus or 4 Of A King bonus at Pokies Portal you only have to make a deposit of up to 250 Dollar. Each deposit up to this amount will be doubled. With the 4 Of A King bonus, for example, you start with a deposit of 100 Dollar with 200 Dollar. The maximum amount that will be added to your account is 250 Dollar. If you deposit 77 Dollar or more, you will also receive 20 free spins for the Starburst pokie game for 6 days. These free games are free of charge. That means you can keep what you win. All you have to do is use up 20 free spins on each of the 6 days and win real money.

Play 4 Of A King at Pokies Portal with Real Money

Playing 4 Of A King with real money is not a big challenge. Nevertheless, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the game procedures, rules and features before playing.

Determine the stake before starting the game. You will find the “Total Bet” button on the left below the game screen. Use the up and down arrows to change the bet amount. The bet you set always applies to all paylines. Change the number of lines. The selection button for setting the game lines is located at the far right under the screen with the game symbols of the 4 Of A King Casino pokie machine.

Once the stake and the number of paylines have been set, the game is ready to begin. To do this, click on the “Spin” button. Now you can see how the reels spin. After spinning, the reels stop one at a time from left to right. A win is musically highlighted in the 50’s charm and displayed in the middle above the game screen.

How to Use the Buttons

In order to avoid having to click the “Spin” button all the time during a long evening of play, the 4 Of A King pokie machine, like all other Endorphina pokie machines, has an option to automate the spinning process. To do this, click on the “Auto” button next to the “Spin” button. The left edge of the “Auto” button will now be highlighted. In addition, the number of completed spins is displayed in the middle of the button.

In addition to the basic game, the 4 Of A King Casino pokie also has a risk game. You have access to this game after each win. This is indicated by the two buttons “Take Risk” and “Take Win”, which appear on the lower right side of the 4 Of A King pokie game screen. By clicking on “Take Win” you take the game win and return to the basic game. Clicking on “Take Risk” opens a new game screen or more precisely the card risk game.

The Risk Game

In the 4 Of A King Casino pokie machine risk game, you will see 5 cards you know from poker or other card games. The card on the outside left is face-up. The cards to the right of it are face down. The face-up card belongs to the dealer. You now have the option of uncovering one of the four face down cards by clicking on the card of your choice. In order to win in the risk game, the value of your card must be higher than that of the dealer.

Example: If the dealer has a 10, you need a Jack, Queen, King, Ace or Joker. The Joker is the most valuable card that only you can draw. If you win, your winnings are doubled. You can play again and double the amount you have won. Up to 10 times. If you lose a round, the entire winnings earned up to that point will be lost.

The best thing to do is to try this extra feature first by playing 4 Of A King online for free.

Play the 4 Of A King Pokie Demo Online for Free at Pokies Portal

At Pokies Portal you can not only play 4 Of A King for free online. You can test and try a variety of pokie games like Sparks, Wild Swarm, Excalibur, Viking Clash, etc. This has the advantage of allowing you to test game features more closely and view details of the game before playing 4 Of A King for real money. There is no risk of losing real money. With the 4 Of A King pokie demo version you have enough credit for your trial rounds. When the play money is used up, you will automatically receive new play credits. Alternatively, you can reload the pokies page. This promises endless fun. The only drawback is that you can only win real money if you play 4 Of A King with real money.

5 Best Tips and Tricks for 4 Of A King

If you now want 4 Of A King tricks that will sweeten your gaming mood with big game winnings, we have to tell you that there are no 4 Of A King tips that will allow you to do this. It’s up to you to decide whether you win on a spin or not. This is determined by random number generators. These generators are not influenced by any 4 Of A King tricks. 4 Of A King Tips are intended to help you decide what to look out for when playing with a pokie machine. Although there are always websites that present 4 Of A King tricks, you will not achieve success with them. On the other hand there are 4 Of A King Tips from us, which should help you to enjoy long lasting fun:

  1. Don’t immediately choose a high or even the maximum stake. If the 4 Of A King pokie machine doesn’t work out so well, it can quickly become frustrating when the real money melts away under your feet. Don’t be tempted by the prospect of high winnings, choose a wager that is reasonable.
  2. You don’t have to take a risk from the start. Try the pokie game by playing online for free at Pokies Portal 4 Of A King. This will give you the experience you need. For example, you can make different bets or take a closer look at the rules of the game and winning symbols. If you know the game, you’ll have more fun.
  3. Don’t lose sight of the fun you’ve gained. The fun must always be in the center, because the joy of the game provides long-term play pleasure. Of course, you’ll have to take money losses every now and then, but if you don’t lose the desire, you’ll be able to enjoy winning again. At some point, you will certainly also be able to enjoy a big win that will give you a lot of fun.
  4. Take a break. Especially if you lose your good mood. Since there are no 4 Of A King tricks that give you constantly profitable moments, there won’t always be pleasant moments. If you have a streak of bad luck or are bored, try another pokie game at Pokies Portal or dedicate yourself to other things.
  5. Do not overdraw your account and do not play with stakes that put you in a difficult financial position. Hoping for big winnings may be tempting, but don’t take unnecessary financial risks. Only bet amounts that you can easily bear in the event of a loss.

General Information about 4 Of A King

Visually the 4 Of A King pokie impresses with its vintage charm. A video pokie that is based on the 50s. Not only the detailed graphics, but also the background music and the sound effects that take you back in time when you win a game. Graphic effects such as the playing cards that are revealed in the right winning combination also provide a great entertainment and gaming atmosphere.

The icons on the 4 Of A King Casino pokie machine promote an intuitive and easy to understand game. About the four card colors that appear face down on the reels. Behind them are kings who bring in different winnings. The 4 Of A King pokie with symbols such as the casino employee behind the roulette table, the friendly dealer or the happy couple, who have won a lucrative prize, ensures lucrative winnings. If five of the happy couple’s symbols appear on a payline, you will receive 1000 times your bet. That’s 10,000 Dollar per payline. In the case of a full screen, a full 100,000 Dollar.

A reels from very special play symbol is the Casino PlayMark. When this symbol appears, it spreads and acts as a wild symbol. This gives you the chance to win big money.

To enjoy the fun, when you play 4 Of A King with real money, you don’t have to take a lot of money into your hands. Even for a minimum bet of 0.01 cents, you can spin and win up to 100 Dollar per spin. If you want to take more risk, you can do so with a maximum bet of 100 Dollar.

The payout ratio of 96% is a good average. This value does not refer to individual players, but is the annual average value of all machine players and rounds. This means you can also have a payout ratio of 300% or 50% in the worst case.


The 4 Of A King pokie machine conveys a charm that will captivate vintage fans. But not only the detailed graphics and music are a highlight. Also the chances of winning can be seen with up to 1,000 times your stake. In addition on the roles spreading wild symbol. Just try out the game risk-free by playing 4 Of A King online for free and read our 4 OF A King Tips. The clear number of symbols makes the game easy to understand. And don’t forget Pokies Portal’s 4 OF A King bonus, which doubles your deposit. So 4 Of A King pokie machine from Endorphina is twice the fun right from the start